This was posted 1 year 5 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPad Pro 2018/2020 11"/12.9" Keyboard Case with Trackpad $54.99 (Was $119.99) Delivered @ iXtra


*🤏Built-in slim Backlit Keyboard
*🖱️Large Trackpad
*🛡️Silicon Case with Pencil Slots
*🔋6 month Battery Life & Auto Sleep
*🌟High-Quality Guarantee
Not a bad alternative for Magic Keyboard #boostProductivity
for iPad pro 12.9
for iPad pro 11

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  • Look cheapw

    • +3

      The Apple keyboard is more than 10 times the cost. I bought it and it's really quite good. It feels very durable, like a steel plate wrapped in dense rubber. And the keys feel just as good as the old Apple Wired chiclet keyboard, which imo is the best typing keyboard ever made if you prefer chiclet. But for most people you'd probably feel better about having an extra $500 than a very premium iPad-only keyboard and mouse.

      • Damn I really don't need this but it sounds really good for the price

        • It's a bit cheaper if you have the 11 inch iPad.

    • If this deal fall in your budget (below $100)
      then to be frank, this ipad pro keyboard is basically the best product you can get in this price range.

      • Buyers beware

    • Just a warning to fellow Ozbargainers, I would recommend avoiding buying from this seller. They do not honour warranty claims.
      Purchased one of the Choetech Chargers they were advertising last year which broke down within 12 month. Emailed support as well as SMS. Dead silence for 2 month. Buyers beware.

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    Any recommendation for non pro version - ipad 7th Gen?
    i want to get one as a cover + keyboard for the kid home schooling - no need with Pen / backlight.


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      • Not hoping for this expensive version - its going use for home school, easier typing. Not going to use on lap too.

        If only the OP's one suitable for non-pro I would get it.

    • If you're just gonna be using it on a table, maybe a normal folio case + bluetooth keyboard could work? I find keyboard cases often aren't ideal for general/non typing use.
      Would still need a separate mouse in this case though.

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    any good one for iPad Air 3?

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      Logitech combo touch, costly but nice

  • What brand it is

  • +4

    i bought 11" case in previous deal, unfortunately i still don't own a ipad pro :(

    • I got a 2018 11" 64gb 4G with apple care plus and Apple folio case for $835 all up with express delivery during the week off eBay, was 11 months old as new, arrived overnight and sold my Air 3 64gb 4g for $800 same day, only paid $500 for it new off gumtree.
      The pro is so much better iPad. Bargains out there if you look.

      • Hope the heck you didn't post that deal here 😭

  • Can i use 11'' cases on 10.5 iPad pro(1st gen)?
    I messed up when 1st gen went on sale couple months ago and now i regret it. By no mean its bad or anything it just the limitation of not able to use apple pencil 2 or cheap/good folio is what making me think i didn't think it trough.

  • Thanks bought one

  • Bought one

  • Might be ok if on a desk all the time, that flap at the front when open looks annoying.

    • Yea poor design choice. Too long in the front

      • +2

        Too long in the front

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Half of the stock is gone, thanks for your support, and we are packing your order right now.

  • Want to buy one but op’s website is no older than a few months and no reviews. Anybody had experience with them as a seller?

    • Check my OzBargin post history, you will find some social prove there 😉

      • Just did, a few people asking on order statuses and one person even saying you don’t reply to any contact efforts.

        Sorry op not looking good! If i could purchase this through a platform with buyer protection i would.

        If anyone has experience with this seller let us know.

  • Hey OP, thanks for the post! Does this work in 2017 iPad pro 12.9? It's 2nd Gen

    • it only work with iPad pro without a physic home button

  • +1

    I ordered this yesterday for my 12.9 iPad and it was delivered to my door this morning before 8am. Typing on this now and its actually pretty good for the money. Sure the keys don’t feel as good as the Apple magic keyboard but they aren’t as bad as some cheap no name keyboards I had in the past and this is way cheaper. Trackpad also works surprisingly well. Happy with my purchase… thanks OP!

    • How is the trackpad and multitouch ? Also did you get tracking information

      • All seems to work quite well. Works pretty much as shown in the YouTube clip on their website. It comes with a small guide to show you all available gestures. I received tracking a few hours after ordering. Was sent via Sendle. I am in Sydney btw so shipping may be faster as I think it said it was sent from Hurstville in Sydney

        • how is your track pad scrolling? got mine today and using two fingers to scroll is very jumpy. And thinks I am pinching to zoom in safari.

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    Hi OP, got mine today, only took 1 day for delivery so thanks very much. The problem i have is the keyboard is actually a bit bowed, doesnt look like its damaged in transit as it it well protected however it is probably due to the design. Anyway, do you know how i can make it flat? Happy to send PM with a photo. Thanks

    • please send us a picture
      my phone number is 0451411202
      and we will arrange a replacement for you if there is flaw
      Thx for let us know

      • Done. Have sent an email with photos.


  • +1

    Hi OP,

    I've got mine today. It took 4 days to be delivered to Vic metro area. I like the USB-C port charger, no need to bring another cable for charging.
    The case can protect the iPad properly and nice texture. decent keyboard with customizable RGB. Not familiar with the iPad trackpad, maybe I need to change some settings and use it a little bit more. The keyboard needs to be switched on manually, unlike Logitech slim folio. probably need to change some settings.
    Hopefully the battery can last long.

    my first impression : good value for money at this price tag

    • Has yours got any bending like Botu suggested in this thread?

      • Nope, flat like a pancake

        • how is your track pad scrolling? got mine today and using two fingers to scroll is very jumpy. And thinks I am pinching to zoom in safari.

          • @zintill: Same. I find it often zooms when I try to scroll with 2 fingers.

            • @kdubs: That’s a shame :(, do you find that the trackpad does any ghost touches or is difficult to move around at random times? Really want to like this thing and hope mine is just faulty.

              • @zintill: No ghost touches.
                It works relatively well with most apps.
                Bit buggy with google chrome app but works safari fine.
                Not as nice as the Magic Trackpad though.

                • @kdubs: Thanks for your replys, are you on ipad os 13?

                  • @zintill: Yeah 13.6.1

                    I like the keyboard and the function keys. I have the apple folio keyboard though which I think I'll keep using most of the time. I find this case not as portable and not rigid enough, like when you want to use it on your lap. It's really only good on a desk.

  • Is the promotion still going? The promo code seems to be invalid.

    • yes it is still going

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