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Seagate Firecuda 520 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD $160 Delivered @ Centre Com


One of the fastest SSD on the market at this price.
5000R/2500W-MB/S, 3D TLC NAND, 5 Years Warranty

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  • Would ebay beat this price?

  • About twice the price of the A2000 doesn't seem too bad considering its twice as fast.
    Anyone buying this bear in mind only X570 and B550 motherboards actually support PCIE 4.

    • I know the read/write speeds are much higher on this, but is the difference between the two actually noticeable?

      Was about to buy the 1tb A2000 when I decided to double check there wasn't any deals here first.

      • Definitely not lol. Only practical use for something like this is some kind of film maker/video producer that is regularly transferring massive files.
        For normal use, there wouldn't even be much noticeable difference to a SATA SSD. For the price, A2000 is a great deal, so I wouldn't hesitate!

    • For B550, Only 1 NVMe m.2 slot is capable of PCIe gen 4. And, with no external I/O capable of flooding it, if you are serious about PCIe gen 4, go X570.

      B550 is kind of like an un-blocked B450 on the storage side (as AMD locked B450 and X470 in BIOS to prevent them from supporting PCIe gen 4). The PCIe gen 4 support on B550 is through the CPU, not the chipset. AMD… sigh…. so you are not really that much better than intel after all. B550 does support PCIe gen 4 GPU (again, via CPU lanes).

      • Thanks for the extra info!

        • Have a look at the reviews for the Asus TUF gaming x570 board. For what appears to be the cheapest of the X570 boards, it seems to be fairly impressive when paired with a 3000 series Ryzen.
          Currently the ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus is $254.29 on Amazon AU with prime

  • How does this compared to WD black ?

    • Beats every single benchmark where PCIe gen 4 can take advantage, including 4K random write. BUT, 4K random read QD1 only beats WD black slightly, unable to beat the best TLC PCIe gen 3 though and still completely outclassed by Intel Optane.

      4K random read QD1 is generally what most general user can actually feel the difference in the day to day use. That means it won't load apps and games faster. Maybe next gen games might change. So while this SSD tops so many benchmarks (as 4K random read QD1 is only just 1), if you are asking the question, you don't have the usage to take advantage of it.

      Not a good idea to jump into PCIe gen 4 SSDs right now, as Samsung will be releasing theirs. So will WD and Crucial. It will so be interesting to see PS5 and XB series X's SSDs. But, if you have the cash and must complete a X570 based built right now, this SSD supports PCIe gen 4.

  • Where is everyone that flames me for talking about gen4 storage?

  • It would be much better to just buy 2 cheaper nvme ssds and put them in raid 0, much better value compared to a pcie gen 4. If you can get the kingston A2000 500GB for $80 with 2200 read and 2000 write, put 2 of them in raid 0 you get 1TB, 4400 read, 4000 write for $160.