Is This a Legit Bernina 130 Sewing Machine?

Hi all,

I've recently gotten myself into sewing while being stuck overseas. Looking to buy my first machine and came across this second hand Bernina 130 in Vietnam for about $150. Without any knowledge of where to look, I have no idea if this is a deal or not. Please give me your two cents just by looking at photos attached? Could this be a fake machine? Thank you in advance for ANY inputs!


  • Máy là hàng nội địa NHẬT sx tại châu Âu được bảo hành 12 tháng / Machine is a Japanese domestic product in Europe with 12 months warranty

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  • Spotlight frequently have sales on sewing machines of up to 50% off (sometimes more), with local service and warranty.

    • "I've recently gotten myself into sewing while being stuck overseas."

      Sounds like OP is stuck overseas…

      • Fair enough, I didn't read it that the OP was still overseas, but you're probably right. I guess that explains why the OP is looking at a machine in Vietnam :-)

  • Here's some information about the Bernina 130:

    It seems that it's over 20 years old, and you'd have to wonder what kind of life it's had. Was it a personal/hobby machine, or was it worked hard in a business?

    The advert makes me think that the seller might have a sewing machine business. Why not ring the seller and talk about the machine, or maybe other machines that they might have.

    • You’re absolutely spot on. Thank you for looking it up! I might even drop by the shop to see how the machine runs. If it doesn’t work out I’ll just pick up a Brother or smth Japanese. Cheers mate

  • Thank you all for commenting! Yes. Stuck overseas. Yes, the seller is a business and I understand what the ad says. But I can’t really ask a seller whether the item they’re selling is fake or not. Hence I’m hoping for a Bernina expert to advice? 😬

    Idk, the photos are a bit weird because there is no relationship between Bernina and Riccar I can look up online.

    Reason why I’m interested in an old Bernina is the workmanship and the Swiss quality. They don’t make machines like this anymore. For $150, maybe it’s too good to be true?

    Cheers everyone!

  • Here's a bit of information about Riccar the company:

    Neither page explains why a Bernina machine might also have a Riccar logo, though.

    There's a photo of the Bernina 130 with a Riccar logo on this page, though:

    • Kind sir! You are a legend! People like you make me miss Melbourne more! Thank you!

      Yeah all of this doesn’t clear up the logo at all. I mean if it does run smooth then what’s $150 eh!