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Up to 82% off Suitcases & Luggage: Delsey 55/68/70/76/77/82cm Fr $48/$75/$57/$63/$81/$72, SAMSONITE 55cm/$98.70 @ David Jones


Depends on the color/style, most are C and C only and a few are available for shipping, while stocks last.

Spend $50 shipped.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    VARRO 55CM SMALL SUITCASE is around $170 elsewhere.

    Extremely inflated RRP, it weighs around 2.7kgs. I have no idea if that's light.

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      No it’s not when on board luggage maximum is 7kgs inc hand luggage. you want to aim for 2.2kg and < every gram counts.

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        I agree with Sal78 - the lighter the better for hand-luggage (as long as you never have to check it in). The stronger the better for hold-luggage (I have seen too many bag disasters). The DJ site doesn't seem to put the weight in the description - make sure you check elsewhere.

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        Every gram costs!

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        Firelite or lite shock are probably only models i'd choose from the samsonites

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    Amazing deal but is it even worth buying considering international travel is redundant for the time being, possibility until mid 2021 or even 2022

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      Better check the expiry date of these items then.

      • I'm talking about opportunity cost of buying something that isn't going to be used for some time, collecting dust and eating up space in your home. Might only be small but as an ozbargainer, every cent counts!

        • Buy now save later

          • @itstuan: Hi Tuan! Not sure if you remember me from the OMC days. Hope you've been well!

            • @unco: Hey Jaz, yeah of course man, its been a long time. I've been well. Haven't heard much from you (apart from the game livestream) since you got knocked up :P

  • All the items I have clicked on are only available for click and collect. No shipping option

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      Delsey 55cm black or blue one can be shipped if add $10 shipping cost.

      • Seems very hit and miss, as the red and another blue in the 55cm you have to click and collect.

        I could have just been unlucky but most items I selected could only be click and collect

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        2.8kgs is too heavy

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          Agreed, 2.8kg is way too heavy for a carry on bag, its almost 40% of your weight limit.

          I did a lot of research a few years back and the "SAMSONITE COSMOLITE 3 55CM SUITCASE" was the lightest carryon I could find from a good brand at only 1.7kg with a decent 36L capacity.

          For comparison the "SAMSONITE LITE CUBE 55CM SUITCASE" is 2.2kg with a 36.5L capacity. And the "AMERICAN TOURISTER LINEX 55CM SUITCASE" is 2.7kg with a 39L capacity. The "ANTLER JUNO 2 55CM SUITCASE" is 2.5kg with a 40L capacity.

          Some carry-on luggage can expand, which sounds good, but it usually then doesn't fit within the size standards and you may have to check it and pay through the nose (ask me how I know. Damn you Jetstar!)

  • Is the Varro a good suitcase?

    Happy to buy it, it's available in SA at a number of locations.

    It would be handy for interstate travel, but international wise it's not looking good for a long time.

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    Awesome, got the 70cm Delsey Belmont delivered :) Thanks OP!

    • Hope you read the reviews before buying!

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        Just read it now, should be fine, I got another Delsey at home (too big) and really like their quality, so for $57 I thought "can't go wrong"

      • I can't find too many reviews on these online?

      • Bought one before reading the reviews, now might need to cancel the Belmont order

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          Saw a few reviews saying they do not honour their warranty. It's both true and false, it's near impossible to contact Delsey directly to process a warranty claim (tried various avenues without any reply) but if you go to a repairer that has an agreement with Delsey they will assess it and put the claim forward to Delsey on your behalf.

          So essentially, they'll assess the damage and repair it then bill Delsey rather than you.

          Unsure on where I found them, but The Repair Place in Forest Hill (VIC) were amazing to deal with in fixing a corner insert that came loose.

          • @Innately Incognito: Thanks mate,
            At least it is something, just checked a few around my area. The closest is in Sydney CBD or Mascot.
            Let see if DJ's honors the price

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    Great find, ordered 2 suitcases. Stoked with the price! Thanks OP

  • Was hoping they would have aluminium luggage heavily discounted but no luck.

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    Thanks OP, I’m very happy with the price. Scored a Delsey Belmont 70cm for $57

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    What is the use case of this product? Asking from Victoria.

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      I believe it’s used a cat litter tray that you can wheel out of the lounge after a fresh stool

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      you line them up and use them as social distancing guides. the 76cm size works the best for this - 76x 2 ~1.5m

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    What am I doing wrong, I see everything at full price? *edit I scrolled down lol

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      Filter price low-high

  • Looks like not all items are on sale, mainly older/heavier luggage cases … I have this 81cm 2.8kg Samsonite

    DJ's have it advertised for $965

    I paid $480 delivered … it's been the same price for a year?

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    Most the sale items I looked at are only available for click and collect and that's currently not available for Victorians.

    However, they are happy to deliver their full price Samsonite's for free :P (e.g.

  • Great find OP, looks like I'm a bit too late though. Else it would be great for my ancient artefact collection.

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    WTF is up with Luggage and their RRPs? Do they think we are fools?

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      Unfortunately, I do see a LOT of people buying luggage at full price when I used to work in retail. The ozbargain community may be frugal but there are a lot of people who are time-poor and don't care as long as they get it.


    Available for $180 Elsewhere!.

  • yikes, imagine american tourister/samsonites sales revenue since covid….

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    I can’t see any discounts from the main link.. Can you add links to individual notable products in the description?

    • Sort by lowest price to highest. It looks like most are gone

      • Gone in 3 hours.. that’s quick.

        • Ozbargained

  • Good price. I've always wanted a small spinner suitcase, but can't decide between hard or soft case.

  • Awesome deal OP, ordered

  • Ordered 4, thanks OP.

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    Can't order.. Most of them seem to be out of stock!

  • Out of interest, what model was the 55cm Delsey for $48?

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      • Oh nice! For $48 I was expecting a cheap soft-side one…that's a bargain!

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    Can't wait to buy this so I can not travel anywhere.

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    Got a $75 68cm and a $81 77cm softside Montmartre Air 2.0 to replace a pair of Antler Litestream Mega Trolleys that we have had for many years. The Antlers are still OK after a lot of use/abuse but are starting to show a few signs of wear, so they will go into the "loan" pool where I don't care if they get destroyed by a baggage handler somewhere when used by friends/family (replacing another loan pair of rolling duffles that have copious amounts of duct tape reinforcing multiple minor tears). I've always been a big fan of the rolling duffles in the past as they are easier to pack into car boots and into overhead racks on trains but age has finally caught up with us and a four wheel spinner with it's upright orientation is more practical than having to bend down to pick up the duffle handle all the time as you shuffle through airports/stations.

    I had never really considered the brand before but the new Delseys appear to be good quality. I would think they are comparable to an equivalent Antler or Samsonite. I wouldn't pay the RRP of $379 and $419 (what ozbargainer would?), but at 80% off I think they are good value. You can fit one inside the other for storage at home. They have a 5 year warranty though in practical terms that is more like three years as I doubt we will be using them during the next two years.

    One positive aspect is that the interior lining is detachable and washable The only downside with them is that they have two external pockets that I never use, but external pockets seem to be standard with most softside bags . They can be secured by putting a lock through the two zip pulls (which wasn't obvious from the photographs). That creates a snag point for conveyor belts, but it wouldn't be too bad depending on the size of your lock. My alternate solution is to use a zip tie to secure the two zip pulls. Much less of a snag point, but you can still see if someone has been fiddling with the bag. If someone is that desperate to have my dirty undies, good luck to them.

    Thanks to Save50 for the pickup!