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Free: Simon Banks Editable Day Planner 2020 (Digital Download) by NthSydney Council


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How are you feeling?

It’s no secret that this pandemic has the potential to have a profound effect on your mental health, and it’s certainly been a roller coaster of a few months.

But despite all the uncertainty, what we have each day is just that – a new day. So, we were delighted when we came across this charming day planner with a twist, and we wanted to share it with our NTH SYDNEY followers.

How to use this:

The top 2/3 is intended for the start of the day and the bottom 1/3 is for reflection at the end of the day.

For some extra context on what the different squares mean:

  • One big thing: What’s more important than anything? Smile? Send that proposal? Breathe? Call your sister?
  • Health - Exercise/movement/food/meditation or whatever you need that day.
  • Just for me - Spoil yourself! Walk? Coffee? Create? Get a massage? Do it!
  • Send love to - Who needs to get your good vibes?
  • Ideas - We get these all day. Write them down!
  • Blank square - For whatever you need that I missed
  • Wins: Big, small or in between – they are all important (and don’t ignore this one)

You will find A3/A4 sizes to print and versions with different font size and color to suit your needs and how much you like to write.

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  • +4 votes

    Simon Banks Editable Day Planner 2020

    Can you get it pre-printed with:

    • Wear mask
    • Walk for one hour
    • Go to supermarket within 5km

    This would save me some time.

  • +1 vote

    Interesting layout. It's kind of like.. a kanban board?


    I can't seem to see any qualifications on the site.


  • +5 votes

    for a sec, i read this as 'edible day planner'…dunno what i was expecting but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't disappointed when i realised it wasn't!


      I think I will get some edibles for a nice walk around McMahons Point


    Maybe the term digital should be used in the title.


    How much was it before it went free?