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400TC 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet - Queen $25 / King $27 @ Kmart (Nationwide)


Hey Team!

After years on the search for the best cost:quality bed sheets I think I've completed my study. Tried Sheridan, Ettitude (rubbish), Target and countless others and surprisingly, I've ended up with Kmart as my go to.

These sheets are 100% cotton (don't waste your time with 'cotton blend'). The whole thread count thing is a bit of a sham, especially for a lot of non reputable sellers. The Kmart 400TC here seems like a smoother and better quality sheet than a lot of the '1000TC' sheets I've used. And most importantly they're only 25 bucks. For comparison sake even the king size version of this is only $2 more, at $27 here. Incredible value.

There are a bunch of colours:





If you're not in a Kmart area, free shipping kicks in at $45. In that case I suggest getting either two of the sheets or combining the sheet with two of the same style 400TC 100% cotton pillow slips.

This deal is in the same vein as Dominos Pizza's $5 value range and the beloved $150 Boost yearly deal (RIP), just because they're RRP, doesn't mean it is not a bargain.

Just wanted to share, since my little family find these sheets perfect and they're comparatively so much cheaper and better than others. Hope it helps someone :)

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  • doing gods work…

  • just because they're RRP, doesn't mean it is not a bargain

    I'm pretty sure the posting guidelines say otherwise. Needs to be moved to discussion dude.

    • I think if OzB came up with a different category for this sort of bargain, then that would be helpful. People could still vote one it, understanding it is still full RRP but a cracking good deal. Kmart brand Brita-style water filters are an example for me vs https://www.kmart.com.au/product/water-filter-cartridges---3...

      • I agree. Great idea.

      • I read reviews that the Kmart/target water filters don't filter the water as well as a Brita. Something to do with the microns of the filter or something. How do you find the taste after you use it compared to tap?

        • They work fine for us & the water tastes the same using Brita or Kmart. Takes the chlorine taste out, which is sometimes strong

    • Not really. Its bargain compared to othger competitors just like the examples op gave in his post.

    • Yet someone is always posting crap like Borderlands keys and XBL free game of the month "deals"…

      • Those are fine. What shits me is all the individual deal posts from Colesworth catalogues which is redundant. Also the hypocrisy of banning firearm and vaping deals because of moral panic yet alcohol deals are posted daily.

        No-one should get to decide what is and isn't a bargain for everyone. That's the vote system is for.

        • Not that I like it, but the vaping ban was created from a vote a few years ago.

          • @kahn: For things like firearms and vape tools i.e. not child friendly. Assuming the admins don't want those things on the front page, maybe there could be forum topics for ozbargainers that are interested in those deals? Not sure where that fits with the rules.

            Long term deals seems to be an under-utilized feature here. There's so many ozbargain favorites of certain items that either are almost always cheap that you don't realise until you read comments of another deal saying " that's not a deal because X is always cheaper and better".

    • +3 votes

      Then by that logic, sheets with $1000 rrp down to $500 which are worse than these deserve to front page of this website and this doesn't?

    • Which guidelines say otherwise? We have always kept these posts published for the community to decide.

      I don't think a store selling an item for $1.85, down from $3.70 should be allowed to post, but a store that sells that item $1.85 all the time can't. Similarly, having a poor quality item or poor price be allowed to post because it was discounted (as mentioned above), whilst a better quality/cheaper item not be allowed because it's always that price. Items can also be of interest to the community whilst not being discounted due to availability or other factors and that's fine.

      We should judge a deal on it's own worth and the users will decide whether it's a good deal or not via the voting system and comments, whether that be good or bad.

      From deal posting guidelines:

      Summarise briefly why it is a bargain - why did you buy it or consider it worth sharing? How does the price compare to elsewhere? Can you comment from personal experience on the quality of the product?

      I'd also mention it's not a moderators job to decide if a deal is good or not, it's okay if there is a bad deal, the community will decide and call it out and vote as such. It doesn't mean it's spam or we should then expect moderators to remove it, if no guidelines are broken.


  • If someone finds essentially the same item for sale at 1/3 of the price elsewhere, then it's a bargain. Thumbs up from me!

  • I get it's not necessarily a bargain by discount but thanks anyway OP! I'll definitely pick some up in store next time.

  • I want a flat sheet to go with my fitted sheet though :(
    I can't just be having a fitted sheet.

    • haha we have a linen cupboard full of unused flat sheets.

    • who uses a flat sheet honestly? just use two fitted sheets if you need another layer?

      • I like to use them as a summer blanket of sorts.
        When i'm old..er… and have grandchildren, i want to tuck them in with the non-fitted sheet so tight they can barely breathe. Just like my Nan did.

      • +6 votes

        I've always had a fitted on the mattress and a flat top sheet between me and the doona. It's easier to wash sheets than a doona.

        • You still have to wash the doona if you have it between yourself and the doona….

        • Another reason is quilt cover costs almost twice the price of a flat sheet since it needs to cover both sides. You can get a great top sheet with a mediocre quilt cover to cut down some cost. The ozbargain way of sleeping!

  • it's a bargain!

  • From my observation Kmart sheets are made in countries other than the one obvious

  • Can anyone explain to me how is this a good deal? I don't get it

    • +1 vote

      It's not, it's the normal everyday price you can always buy them for.

    • +5 votes

      Read the description again.

    • When you need some fitted sheets for your bed, and you're wondering where you could get the best possible sheets for the money based on someone's research / testing / review.

  • Why buy a fitted sheet without the matching flat sheet?

  • Does Kmart not sell a normal non fitted sheet in this style?

    I can't seem to find them on the website.

  • What would be the equivalent for quilts and blanket covers? Can't just buy the sheets on their own 😅

  • would the 500TC set be similar to this?

    • Based on the description, the main difference would be the 400TC feels smoother because it is sateen vs the 500TC which is not. I could also be totally wrong, but might be worth checking out in store.

    • I've had a lot of sheets and always found the Sateen sheets to feel hotter and 'thinner' than non sateen sheets of similar thread count, though the sheet isn't really thinner. Just a feeling.

      Non sateen sheets feel more dense, perhaps due to more friction? I feel they breathe better, so while feeling warm i feel they have less of a hotspot.

      Sounds stupid, english lacks words, i'm leaving.

  • Definitely helpful! Thank you!

  • I bought Wake In Cloud set from Amazon. Even though it's advertised as 1000TC, the sheets are really thin. However, it feels as smooth as silk. Currently my favourite set

    Set Includes
    1x Flat sheet
    1x Fitted sheet
    2x Pillowcases

    I bought the King set for $19.99

  • It might not be a bargain per the definitions but this was super useful for me and I really appreciate it OP!

  • Metro delivery charge: $10 (Metro Melbourne)

  • OP how do to these compare to the bamboo cotton blends from Kmart or Target?