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Galax GeForce GTX 1660 1-Click OC 6GB Video Card $295.74 Delivered @ Austin Computers via Amazon AU


$55 (excluding shipping costs if you don't have prime) cheaper than the GTX 1660 Super deal shipped by Amazon UK from a previous post, for local stock aswell. Good card for 1080p gaming.

Seller is a bit sketchy as the only have two user ratings and the deal isn't posted on Austin Computer's actual website. Good thing is you have Amazon A-Z Guarantee to back you up if your item doesn't arrive or isn't the item advertised.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    864 items on their storefront so I'd guess it was the proper Austin Computers

    • Good point. I'm just saying it because I have had 3rd party amazon sellers try to scam me before. Good thing was I just contacted Amazon and got a full refund as per their guarantee.

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    $55 cheaper than the GTX 1660 Super

    for $55 extra, I'd rather get the Super

    • same here. I'm using a 1650super which is actually faster than the normal 1660…

      • is actually faster than the normal 1660

        you sound surprised by that…

      • I don't know where you heard that because it's not true.

          • @jv: That's comparing a GTX 1650 Super to the last-gen GTX 1060, Not the GTX 1660.

            Also, User benchmark is not the best site for comparing performance.

            • @Brofung:

              User benchmark is not the best site for comparing performance.

              which is?

              • @jv: Any number of independent reviewers, for instance, Hardware Unboxed. It's just that UserBenchmark has some noted biases, for instance, they tend to favour intel over AMD for their CPU performance comparisons.

                • @Brofung: Given we're not looking at a CPU here we should be fine then

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            @jv: userbenchmark's scores are derived from userbenchmark results, so all the data is user data. This includes runs where something was configured wrong. Like someone forgetting to turn on DOCP or XMP profile, forgetting to plug in a case fan or thermal paste, they do the run and then submit their flawed testing results which skews the benchmark scores.

            You can only get accurate results in a controlled test environment where full control of external variables are taken into account.

            For e.g you don't test a GTX 1660 in fully tricked out Ryzen 7 3700x with a nice modern mesh high-airflow case and conclude that it's much faster than a RX 570 that you tested in say, Core i7-4770k inside a Dell Optiplex 9020 with stock case fans. That just produces skewed results.

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              @scrimshaw: You just called out my rig haha. I've got a 3700x and 1660 super in a mesh case.

            • @scrimshaw: Wouldn't that randomness skew results in both directions 50/50 thus making the results perfectly reasonable?

    • That's absolutely valid, but some people are on a budget and $55 is extra money that some either can't or would rather not spend. The price to performance on both deals is pretty much equal since the 1660 super is anywhere from ~10 to ~15% better. Also keep in mind the GTX 1660 posted here is local stock and free shipping without prime.

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    Might as well get the 1650 super and save some $$$ for 1080p

  • I know this is not Nvidia related but what would be a step up from my current RX580 ROG 8gb? I would like to stay AMD due to my R5 and Freesync monitor.

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