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[VIC] 6L Tubs of Premium Gelato $25 (RRP $48) - Free Delivery for Orders over $50 (Melbourne Metro Only) @ Zio Glens Mini Mart


Hi All

We are small ice cream manufacturer that is based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients (Fresh Australian Cream, Other Ingredients from all over the world) and taking care to produce the best quality products.

As most of our customers are in the Melbourne food service industry, Covid-19 has really kicked us in the teeth.

We are offering the following Gelato, which is served in a 6 Litre Tub, but is churned up, so the actual quantity is closer to 7.5 Litres.

The following flavors are available;

Gelato - Activated Charcol 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Black Sesame 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Bounty - 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Boysenberry Twist 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Bubblegum 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Chocolate Lello 6Lire Up
Gelato - Coconut Getato 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Coffee 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Durian 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Golden Time 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Green Tea Matcha 6 litre Up
Gelato - Hazelnut 6L UP
Gelato - Honeycomb 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Mint Chocolate Chip 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Pomegranate Sorbet 6 Litre
Gelato - Rainbow 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Rocher 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Rum Rasin 6 Litre
Gelato - Salted Caramel 6 Litre
Gelato - Tim Tams 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Tiramisu 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Unicorn 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Vanilla Bean 6 Litre Up
Gelato -Strawberry Cheesecake 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Blood Orange 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Coconut Ash 6LUP
Sorbet - Dark Chocolate Sorbet 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Fruits of the Forest 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Kombucha 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Lemon 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Lemon and Lime 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Mango Sorbet 6 Litre
Sorbet - Passionfruit Sorbet 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Raspberry Sorbet 6 Litre
Sorbet - Strawberry Sorbet 6 Litre Up

If you would like a flavour that is not listed on the website please call our office during business hours

Deliver to Melbourne & Suburbs

Pickup from Reservoir

Enquirers please call 03 9462 6422

EDIT - Guys the support has been amazing, please if you have any enquirers please call. Note because there are a large amount of deliveries we will endeavor to have these delivered by Friday week (4th of September 2020) If you order is urgent, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

**EDIT V2 - Guys we are pausing for the moment to make sure that everyone's orders are fulfilled properly - I will be back early next week hopefully with some more options **

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  • +2

    Is picking up Ice cream from Reservoir a valid Covid travel restriction excuse?

    • +5

      Within 5K its fine, Outside of that we must deliver

      • 12L is way too much for me to eat up Bukkake, do you sell smaller portion? Also how much is delivery if spending less than $50?

        Anyone in inner west want to share this?


  • +141

    Ok… Advertising gelato with that username is a bit concerning

    • +26

      most popular flavour

      • +5

        hahaha I guess it's one of the flavours you need to specifically call to receive

        • +7

          Don't think I can bring myself to buy this because of the username

      • It's the only flavour that is dropped off #___#

    • +4


    • +10

      They do state "Fresh Australian Cream".

    • +5

      What do you think the "Salted" in Salted Caramel comes from?

    • +2

      I wonder if it is COVID safe

    • +41

      I know, I should have made a new account

    • +3

      Yea, I'm not game.



    • I don't mind a "splash" of gelato

  • +5

    How big are the tubs? I need to check to see if I have room for 2 in the freezer

    • +4

      Hey mate

      15cm (h) x 27.5cm (w) x 38cm (l)

      Weight - 3.8 kilo

      • +1

        Any chance you can split the tubs into multiple smaller sizes?

        • +1

          If they are cardboard you could cut it in half and cover with glad wrap.

      • +1

        good luck, id buy some if closer

        quantity of 7.5L in your description, better to say thats the volume, could be misleading to some.

      • I'm struggling with the depth of 38cm in my freezer, can you 'rotate it for storage, so that it's standing up? Thus the 38cm is the height

        • Not ideal, maybe decant into smaller bowls

  • +1

    What's the best-before date? I'm thinking of buying 2 as we have dairy-intolerant people, but I'm worried we won't eat it quick enough.

    • +3

      they all have more than 12 months on them, different batch dates on each item though

    • I only spotted two sorbets and is the dark chocolate really dairy free?

      Edit: oops, four more at the bottom

  • +4

    6L of durian icecream - get in my belly

  • +6

    Would be good if the prices were inclusive of GST.

    Bit deceiving.

    • +11

      Pretty sure this it is also against the law if you are selling direct to consumers

      "When you present prices to your customers, you must state the total price of the good or service as a single figure, which is the minimum total cost that can be calculated. This should include any tax, duty, fee, levy or other additional charges (for example, GST or airport tax)."

    • +38

      My mistake, I have updated the store & will refund the difference to anyone who has already purchased

      • Good stuff.
        About to order 4 tubs.

        • Sorry mate

      • Thanks for acknowledging the error and updating :)
        Putting though an order

  • +3

    Gelato - Activated Charcol 6 Litre Up


    • +1

      It's known to cleanse your inside.

    • +1

      Ask Pete Evans

    • +2

      And why are the "Activated Charcol" and Black Sesame photos identical?

  • The price is quite good at ~$4 a litre. Shame I don't live in Melbourne though

    Also, the Boysenberry flavour isn't listed on your site

    • +30

      "Shame I don't live in Melbourne though"
      Haven't heard or read that in a while

    • its a 6L tub
      not 6L of ice cream

  • +1

    Blood Orange not on website. Is that out of stock?

    • +1

      No we have it in stock, send me a DM & I can organize it for you

      • what about dark chocolate sorbet? can't see it on site

  • could you please advise when is the best before date before I purchase? I am thinking buy black seasame and chocolate lello or green tea.

    • +8

      why does it matter if eating it all in one sitting?

      ….what? that's the plan right!

    • +1

      They all have different best before dates, but remaining shelf life is 12 months plus

      • ok thank you i'm going to measure my freezer now.

  • Will this fit in my freezer I wonder!

    edit: 15cm (h) x 27.5cm (w) x 38cm (l)

    • +4

      Just consume the contents prior to requiring a freezer. You are welcome.

  • -3
  • bit of a risk buying no-name brand gelato. can you say who usually stock? this look like catering supply which is generally not very good.

    • We supply gelato stores across Melbourne & Sydney, it is not commodity gelato

      • +3

        At the risk of sounding stupid, does "it is not commodity gelato" mean that it is not s**t gelato?

        • +3

          I think so

    • +1

      Not really. I can't say I've had a bad gelato.

  • Hi, how much sugar is there on average & are there any thickeners? I can only see the ingredients say fresh milk and some cream.


    • +1

      they all have different amounts but its usually around 14%

      • Thank you, I’m looking at buying the durian one, can you tell me more about the durian.


        I see you’ve already answered that below, thanks

      • Great, heaps less than any ice-cream

  • Has anyone tried this? are they any good?

  • Are the Sorbet's vegan?

    • yes

  • +8

    I purchased a green tea and black sesame gelato before all this covid stuff went down and found it was good value. The quality of the gelato is great. Will investigate if the freezer has space and might try some new flavours this time!

    • -2

      Great to know.

  • Salted Rainbow?

    • +1

      Might be a typo, rainbow is Bubblegum and Banana flavour

  • I’m hungry

  • +2

    I vote for calling Geelong Melbourne Metro. It is time. No reason, no reason.

    • Looks like it works for Geelong, not sure if it's meant to.

  • Hey mate,

    What flavours do you make the most of? Also are you able to mention where you normally sell your product? Export or domestically for icecream stores

  • +1

    One of the few times I wish I lived in Victoria lol, looks great

  • +1

    Greetings Bukkake, can I ask until when this deal is valid until? Many thanks.

    • +10

      "Greetings Bukkake". Haha

    • +3

      Next month or so

      • +1

        Yes! I need time to make room in my freezer for 12l of gelato.

      • Just to confirm, are you putting the prices back to $25 when things have settled down?

        • +1

          its only on the excess stock, I have some more that I will list in a couple of weeks but need to organise

          • @MilkMIlk: Okay, thank you. So the prices that are up are going to remain the same, the $25 ones are the excess stock, the $35 is for regular stock?

            • +1

              @Miss B: Correct

              • @MilkMIlk: Perfect, thank you, I noticed the $12.50 ones with 6 months shelf life too.

                • @Miss B: yes, that isnt as good as the other ice cream listed, which is why it is listed as ice cream rather than gelato

                  • @MilkMIlk: Noted, thanks for your help and I hope things are going better for you guys now.

  • +2

    ordered 2, adding to the Rona bod

  • @Bukkake, quick question for the durian gelato, does it use real durian or durian flavor?

    thank you

    • +2

      real durian

  • +2

    Hello, just wondering is the Bubblegum flavour vegetarian friendly? I know it usually contains marshmallows and they typically have animal gelatine

    • +2

      Hey mate, no marshmellows

      • Just want to confirm that it's only Melbourne and surrounding areas, so can't deliver to regional Victoria?

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