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So I recently came across that they make board games for solo play. As someone living alone in lockdowned Melbourne who is getting tired of screen time, I was thinking this might be something different to try. Most of the top ones when you google appear to be over $100 bucks or take forever to ship from overseas. So curious about games people might recommend. Games that could be played in bigger groups when we are allowed to gather again would also be good.

This breaks off from a discussion under the Secret Hitler deal (which is also a great game!).

From there I did see that Zman has published official rules to make some of their game solo - including pandemic (how apt).


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    I love solo board games.

    Just a couple of my favs are:
    Mansions of Madness
    Spirit Island

    Just recently purchased Folklore The Affliction which also has fantastic solo reviews.

    There are also great "card" games with just as much/or more depth than some board games:
    Arkham Horror LCG
    One Deck Dungeon

    Huge amount of resources here:

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    Lots of great solo board games, but you're right that many of them are expensive (as are most board games these days though). It really depends on what type of games you like.

    Some of my favourites:

    Gloomhaven (or it's cheaper version, Jaws of the Lion)
    Too Many Bones
    Robinson Crusoe
    Mansions of Madness
    Elder Sign
    Orchard (cheap, but has to ship from China)
    Arkham Horror: The Card Game
    Eldritch Horror
    Mansions of Madness
    Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
    Mage Knight (although I prefer Star Trek: Frontiers which is based on the same system)
    Terraforming Mars

    There's also Marvel Champions: The Card Game, but I don't have that one

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    Niece recently received Nova Luna board game; from 1 to 5 players. Interesting game play, strategy and spacial problem solving.

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    Exit The Game

    Basically an escape room board game that you can easily play by yourself. It's a one time use game that costs about 20 dollars and will last a few hours.

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    Somewhere between board game and puzzle:


    I love it and so do many of my family members.

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