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Secret Hitler Board Game w/ X1 Small Bag $35.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ JCFUNAU via Amazon AU


Have herd great reviews about this game so decided to grab it given it's at a reasonable price including delivery (locally ~$55) on amazon.

About the game (from their site):
Secret Hitler is a social deduction game for 5-10 people about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler.

Players are secretly divided into two teams: the liberals, who have a majority, and the fascists, who are hidden to everyone but each other. If the liberals can learn to trust each other, they have enough votes to control the elections and save the day. But the fascists will say whatever it takes to get elected, advance their agenda, and win the game.

The standard edition is identical to the edition of Secret Hitler that shipped to Kickstarter backers in 2016, including foil inlays on the boards and wooden placards for the Chancellor and President.

Good Review:

Got mine Earlier this week and it all appears to be legit. Keen to how others went.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +16

    Great game, I'd just be a bit wary of the seller given that they only have 5 reviews on Amazon and 1 is a negative for the free bag not arriving.

    I mean frankly who cares about the bag, it's more about whether you get a legitimate game instead of a knock-off.

    • +2

      Yup true. but since it's filled by Amazon it should be ok if you have any issues they do good customer service.

    • -17

      You sound like one of those garbage dogs that ripped me off 7 years in a row, yeah you know who. Fact is selling the greatest garbage of all time, no shady deals here, we only want greatest honest Aussies of all time. Feel the power.

      • +6

        R U OK?

      • Ladies and gentlemen's. Cocaine is a hellva drug. Mmm'kay?

        • +4

          Slapstickz: "See, I never just did things just to do them. Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden start crazy rambling rant about garbage dogs and ripping me off for 7 years in a row like it’s something to do? Come on. I had a little more sense than that.

          Yeah, I remember posting a crazy rambling rant at vash5 on ozbargain."

          • -3

            @mrhashish: And would you like me to expose you here and right now

            • @Slapstickz: Now you're responding to a different person's joking reference to a skit from the Dave Chapelle show about Rick James' cocaine-fuelled hyjinx. again.. what are you on about?

        • +1

          Reminds me of Homers Post Card to Marge..

          Maybe it's the beer talking, Marge. But you've got a butt that won't quit. They've got these big chewy pretzels here (undecipherable slurring) five dollars?! Get outta here!

      • The person you're responding too is flagging the deal as a potential scam.. not encouraging people to buy it. How is he a scammer? What are you on about? You sound more than a little unhinged.

      • This comment reminded me of the quote from Gabby Leibovich, the founder of Catch Group (Catch of the Day)

        "I like to call it selling them shit they don't need at prices they can't resist"

        Back in the day, I succumbed to many of those mystery deals from Catch of the Day! Now I look back and think what an idiot I am for buying 'literally random rubbish'

        • comment removed (wrong reply)
    • How does the game work, the liberals all know who each other are, but can't they just deduce that everyone who is not a liberal is a fascist?

      • +1

        Liberals only have majority, but don't know who is a liberal and who is a fascist

  • +3

    Recommendation please:

    My Partner and I regularly play chess, however I want to start playing a game where we become really invested, and leave it set up on the dining table and play it over a few days. Obviously has to be 2 player.

    • What other board games do you have? What kind do you guys like/want to try? This will help with any recommendations.

      • Literally scrabble and monopoly. But I have seen games like Nemesis on reddit that seem interesting (whilst super complicated) that get me intrigued. Should note neither of us are into horror so Nemesis isn't the best example however gives an idea of what i'm talking about, something with a game of thrones vibe would be great

        • +11

          Ok cool.. so ill give you a list of games that are classics and are popular as part of an introduction to breaking out of the norm. These are the ones I was introduced to and really enjoy playing still.

          1. Ticket To Ride - I purchased the European edition (has some newer game mechanics I like over the original)
          2. Small World - Lots a replayability and also quite popular in our group
          3. Settlers of Catan 5th Edition - Probably better with 3x people but 2 will work too

          Note: The links are just as a reference, you will be able to find better prices when shopping around.

          • +6

            @vash5: Good recommendations but Settlers is gonna be crap with 2 people.

            I'll throw Patchwork in there.

            • +1

              @coxymla: Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Doable but not ideal based on how the game works.

              Cheers for the feedback :)

              Never herd of patchwork.. Will need to suss it out.

          • +4

            @vash5: Can I be the one to say Settlers of Catan had dated and is pretty rubbish?

            I think Pandemic should be replaced with it on this list as it is a coop game that can be done with 2 people.

            • @appxl: Yeah you can say that but I cant say I feel the same way.

              It's always been a positive experience among my friends and I think if your getting into euro style board games it's a gentle introduction with good game/social mechanics.

              If you have been playing board games for many years with a much larger experience base then yeah, I could see how Settlers wouldn't tickle your fancy in the same way.

              • @vash5: I haven't been playing heaps of games, I prefer the more social interacting ones (Obscurio is great), and I used to love Catan. But after playing it as a gateway, and then getting back into it after playing more modern board games, it just feels dated and kinda pointless. Like the way to win via victory points doesn't make you feel like you achieved anything.

                It's not a bad game - I just feel myself that it hasn't aged well and feels like a board game from the 90s. There are so many other and more fun introductory board games out there now, that I don't feel it's the greatest introductory game anymore.

          • @vash5: Would add Pandemic to the list as well. Only ever play it with 4 player but recon would work quite well with 2 as well.

        • +1

          I'll throw in Terraforming Mars as well. While it's hecka fun with more people it's certainly very playable with only two. My son and I have had a couple of really good sessions this way.

          • +2

            @Chazzozz: I'll also throw Spirit Island in the mix. A great co-op game that two people can play.

    • Warhammer. Will take over your dining table and expand into the living room.
      Its a long term investment and you will spend a lot of time painting and setting up the board. Looking for rare figures/releases etc

      • +2

        Hmmm I think we might need to ease into it, not sure I could see my partner playing it hah

      • LOL.. that's one steep dive from cheese to Warhammer :P But yes, takes ages and can be quite fun when your not arguing about rules and Line of sight :P

    • +7

      Pandemic Legacy

      • Does this work with only 2 players though?

        • +2

          Very much so

    • +4

      Here are couple of games i own that are great 2 player games, and easy to start with:
      * Carcassonne - Probably my favourite game, plays great 2 player but slightly better at 3-4.
      * Hanabi - Co-op game. Can be played 2-5 player but i think 2 is the best, really logical game and the more you play with 1 person the better it gets.
      * Jaipur - Little more luck involved in this game but a couple of simple rules that can create surprising strategic complexity.
      * Patchwork - Very satisfying filling in your rug and maximising your points, get a Tetris vibe.

    • +3

      You could look into a game called Gloomhaven.

      It might be a bit full-on, but it would tick every box that you're talking about. It's a cooperative, roleplaying and turn-based tactics game that has an ongoing, persistent campaign and a fantasy-type story to it that you gradually discover. It would work great with 2 players and gets a lot of people invested in it.

      If you enjoy chess, you might enjoy the gameplay of Gloomhaven for similar reasons - lots of tactical thinking, decision-making and planning (but cooperatively instead of competitively).

      • +1

        this might be the only suggestion (other than mine further down where I also suggest Gloomhaven ;) ) that takes into account the "become really invested, and leave it set up on the dining table and play it over a few days." factor.

        @Archaleas most of the suggestions here are great games, but they're gateway games, quick to setup and teach, play in about an hour, good for showing people there's more board games out there than Clue and Monopoly. Not what it sounds like you're looking for IMO.

      • Maybe they should start with Gloomhaven : Jaws of The Lion first.

        Chess to Gloomhaven original seems like a comically huge leap

        • Jesus, watched a YouTube "gloomhaven explained in 3 minutes". Partner and I were pissing ourselves trying to follow it.

          • @Archaleas: yeah it's a very huge leap, i honestly dont recommend it

          • @Archaleas: Hah shit, 3 minutes to explain Gloomhaven? That Youtuber sure set himself a helluva task. It probably takes a few hours to get the hang of, but yeah it’s pretty complex at first.

    • +1

      Hive is quite a simple abstract strategy game. If you like chess you will very likely enjoy this. The games can go for a long time though unlikely more than an hour.
      Something like gloomhaven could be good though is quite deep to jump into. Goes for about 50 hours I believe, across multiple little chapters. There is a lite version coming out in September that is meant to be a good sample and stepping stone to the full version.
      There is also pandemic legacy 0 coming in September. Maybe try regular pandemic first, which I find very enjoyable two players.
      The above two are cooperative.
      Have you tried risk?

    • +1

      set up for a few days you're probably looking at stuff like Twilight Imperium, Gloomhaven or 7th Continent.

      would also recommend Twilight Struggle and Spirit Island.

    • +2

      Castles of Burgundy is a fantastic 2 player strategy game.

      7 Wonders Duel is another fantastic 2 player game.

      Patchwork is a great game if you’re just getting your heads around alternative board games.

      • These are all excellent suggestions

    • Santorini is an excellent 2-player game.

    • +1

      As yesterdaysnews mentioned Risk below, and you mentioned GoT-themed, you may have fun with:
      We picked one up, paid only a few dollars less (that seller gone), it can sit on your table for days if you like to strategize, but dice luck can be a cruel mistress if you don't like to leave things to chance
      The draw cards are well-referenced to the GoT world, which adds some fun

      • Going to look up some game play but that looks like a good one to put on the list

        • There are 2 "modes" - "skirmish" and normal, we just ignored Skirmish (couldn't be bothered reading the extra rules, though there are decent video reviews/guides if you like).
          EDIT: I may have been thinking of GoT Monopoly when I mentioned Draw cards, sorry ;/ (that is also novel if you like GoT, but you need to sub in 1 or 2 fake players (to pay rent but not buy property)to keep the revenue stream up)

    • +1

      It has to be Risk. Even with just two people, you can be like Kramer and Newman from that episode of Seinfeld. Get the one with the plastic canons and army men, not the one with cardboard ones.

      Also Scrabble is the kind of game that gets set up for a while.

      • Haha was literally thinking of Kramer on the train with Risk

    • The best two player game I've played so far is 7 Wonders Duel

      I'd agree with another one someone else has said : Patchwork, though I'd recommend 7 Wonders duel more since it's meatier

      If you'd like a 3D, simpler chess: get Santorini

      Do not get Catan, that is all. I can't say much about Small world. I'm not sure how good Ticket to ride is with just 2 players:

      7 Wonders Duel and Patchwork are games made for only 2 players. Those other 3 (Catan, Small World, TTR) are not. Games that isn't made for only 2 players tend to suck or have extra rules introduced when you only play with 2.

    • I think you'll really like Santorini.
      It's similar to chess, but simpler, yet still just as complex.
      You can also set it up on the dining table, and is also very visually appealing.
      It's also made for two players, unlike other suggestions, but also has a 4 player variant.

    • +2

      People knocking Catan should be ignored, it's quite clearly the best gateway game and will provide hundreds of hours of fun for 2-4 players. Good balance of chance and skill, a good amount of personal interaction/negotiation, scope for co-operation and betrayal. There are lots of more complex and maybe better balanced games but IMHO Catan is still the best entry point and the pros and cons of those other games are largely understood by reference to it.

      Risk is also a good next step, although again plenty of people will knock it. It has a good mechanic where the more you extend your forces the more thinly spread and vulnerable to counter attack they become.

      • We love Catan! And with the extensions it's even more fun!

    • Absolutely recommend Exit. It's like an escape room one has to deduct info to get clues.
      We got given the 8th game in the series and it took several weeks and we still could not get it right. Definately suggest to start with the first game… Not sure if the link is for the first one but you get the idea…

    • Based on the additional information above I can suggest:

      • Carcassonne - board game classic and excellent at 2 players, plays in 45 minutes
      • Patchwork - clever puzzle, one of the best 2 player only games, plays in 30 minutes
      • Wingspan - board/card game based on powers from collecting different birds in your habitat, 2 players 60-90 minutes
      • Onitama - chess-like 2 player game with a twist
  • No way I'd trust an unknown seller at $20 less than other resellers

    • Filled by Amazon so customer service will have you covered if you have any issues.

    • I've never refunded anything from Amazon because I've never had anything that I could be bothered going to the post office over. But aren't refunds meant to be easy? And other than a delay in shipping what could go wrong.

    • I did exactly that for secret Hitler late last year off Amazon. it was 100% legit (compared it to a mates who got it at gameworld plus also looked at YouTube videos of fakes)

      • Got mine earlier this week and it looks legit. Finish feels premium all round and checked on YT just like yours.

    • Can confirm it's real :)

  • +2

    Finally, something to entertain me after I finish watching the news

  • +4

    It’s such a great game with mates. Best with 7 people from what I recall.

    • +1

      Good tip, thanks for sharing :)

    • Damn, will only be able to invite seven of my good friends to come over and play. It's going to take some time to narrow down a list of candidates.

  • +2

    There's a lot of counterfeit versions of this game around.

    • +1

      True, though you can print your own copy for free from their website anyway, well other than ink/paper costs etc.

  • +1

    As a lonely locked down Melburnian, does anyone have any recommendations for solo board games that don’t cost a ridiculous amount? A lot of the more interesting ones mentioned online are in excess of $100…

    • +1

      A good gateway game that can be played with people or solo is Pandemic.

    • +3

      probs better if you start a forum topic

    • Technically not a game but something I have been doing that's been a fun challenge is learning how to memorise a deck or cards.

      Have been working on just colours for now. Best time was around 5min to recall entire deck.. I was able to recall front to back and reverse order. More times you do it the easier it gets. There is a system of course. Happy to share if your interested.

      As for your initial request.. Don't really have any experience with solo games other than computer/console games.

    • +2

      I'd suggest exploring some Print and Play options and then committing to a mechanic you like.

      Spirit island, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Exit, Unlock, Wingspan, Isle of Cats, Mage Knight, Marvel Champions could all scratch your itch for soloplay depending what you enjoy.


    • +2

      Please note. The first post (#1 - is 200th and #200 is 1st).

      here is the annual BGG tread on best solo games. I cant speak to it myself as I only like Gloomhaven solo and thats pretty exy.
      BUT the cheaper easier to start Jaws of the Lion is coming out and should be about $65-70

      That would be a great start.

      I do hear fantastic things about Marvel Champions for a solo gamer. It is fairly affordable if you want to just get the base set ($70ish?). They get you on all the add on expansions (like DLCs)

      Game Brain podcast has a series on Solo gaming which is quite good:

    • +2

      Get a steam account and buy tabletop simulator. You can get a package deal for a few licences and send them to your friends. People have replicated pretty muich every game out there on tabletop simulator. You can arrange a time for everyone to be online set up a game and a zoom call at the same time. I'm in melbourne too and we've played a few sessions with friends and ex-colleagues.

      • +1

        good idea, although trying to avoid even more screen time!

    • +1

      Hey! I have some recommendations. Do you have a printer? If you do, I would recommend print and play games. See shut up and sit down print and play games.

  • +1

    Thanks for the recommendations guys.

    • Any time :)

  • +5

    Very likely to be a counterfeit product (they're all over Aliexpress too).

    Why not check out the free printable version from the designers themselves?

  • This game sounds very similar to other games I've played - similar to Mafia

    • +2

      it basically is, but with a system that doesn't require a moderator.

    • +2


      • +2

        Sounds like something Hitler would say

    • It’s the same basic principle as Mafia (hidden roles) but has much more information to go off. In Mafia you’re really just pointing and shooting wildly most of the time.

  • Damn so tempted but afraid it might be a fake.

    How would one tell?

    • +2

      Quality of box. Spelling mistakes. Quality of card stock.

  • +5

    My family played the game for 6 years and they didn't enjoy it much.

    • +2

      The game has only been out four years, or am I missing something here?

      • It was a secret version.

      • +8

        His family played it between 1939 and 1945

  • Really great game! Would recommend. I am interested in buying it as well, but has anyone purchased from these guys before and be able to tell us they're legit :O

  • I probably should have read the comments before buying what might have been the last one :O At least it's protected by Prime or Amazon or whatever, the question now is - how do you tell if it's counterfeit?

    • +7

      If it's real, the delivery driver should give you a nazi salute when he drops it off.

  • I bought from Amazon seller smartpress late last year for $39. I half expected it to be a knockoff at that price, but it was 100% legit.

    Very impressed

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