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[PC] Steam - Tabletop Simulator 50% off ($14.47 for one or $42.47 for 4 Pack) @ Steam


Just a quick re-post of a popular lockdown deal.

Another 50% off deal on Tabletop Simulator, this time including the 4 pack too. Offer ends in 32 hours.

Play board games online or offline with Tabletop Simulator.

Tabletop Simulator is provided via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A free Steam account is required.

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  • Has anyone hosted a poker night using this? Would be a great COVID catchup tool..

    • Haven't hosted a poker night with this before. But I will say you need everyone to be pretty good with gaming and computers to make a game work through tabletop simulator. So don't expect your non-gaming mates to play this with you.
      Otherwise, just about every game works perfectly well as long as everyone knows how to use the game.

      • Yeah we're all experienced steam users, I'm sure more than one of my mates will figure out how to flip the table.

    • It depends how computer literate you are, if you've played games before it's pretty easy. Do I think my parents could figure it out? Probably not. But if you've got an Xbox or a computer that you play games on, and are willing to put in 5-10 minutes figuring out the controls it's very easy.

    • Not poker specifically, but I’ve done some board/card game sessions on it several times this year. Combined with some voice chat, it’s actually really good.

  • Perfect. Now I just need 3 friends.

  • Included games: Backgammon, Cards, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Custom Board, Dice, Dominoes, Go, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mahjong, Pachisi, Piecepack, Poker, Reversi, RPG Kit, Sandbox, Solitaire, and Tablet.

    • There are mods on the workshop for pretty much any boardgame you can imagine. User created so varying levels of quality and completeness.

      I try to stick to games I own the physical copy of, or that someone who's playing owns, but that's a personal choice.

      As for learning, even though I'm pretty good with computers and boardgames I tend to stick to playing games where everyone knows how to play the actual game. Then you're just learning the tts interface for it.