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2x GC Tooth Mousse $35.90, 2x Recaldent Gum $40 Delivered @ HealthcareXpress


These products usually sold through dentists and just recently the manufacturer allows direct to consumer channel. I'm all in for promoting dental health as my relatives have issue with theirs, I guess I'm fighting the bad gene inheritance. Sharing these 2 products I personally use:

GC Tooth Mousse 2 for $35.90 delivered
This is the stuff dentists gave you at the end of your routine checkup. Basically to promote your teeth remineralization, works great for sensitive teeth. Bonus point that it tastes great :) (my pick is strawberry). Apply to your teeth and just leave it there, I do it at night before sleeping to ensure I'm not tempted to lick it clean. The active ingredient Recaldent/CPP-ACP was researched by the people from UniMelb. Here's from the horse's mouth, and plenty of research paper if you google around. Chemist Warehouse selling this for $25 each

Recaldent Chewing Gum 2 for $40 delivered
Using the same active ingredient CPP-ACP, but in a chewing gum. 112 Pellets per canister, mint flavour, sugar-free. Tub is bigger than normal chewing gum. I like the overall packaging as it has dual closing lid (full and small opening to dispense single pellet) and comes with a stack of wrapping papers for disposal, really neat. Made in Japan. Cheapest I could find online is $26.95 each.

Code can be used once per email address, and valid for purchases above $50 (before code). We also still stock 50 pcs TGA approved face masks for $37.42 delivered. Hope this helps someone.

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  • I really like recaldent gum. But $20 a bottle when I bought them for 600 yen (~$6) in Japan makes me baulk.

    • I didn’t know it was so cheap in Japan. Next time I go (who knows when that will be), I’ll stock up. Thanks.

    • Wow, $6 is great price in Japan.

      Do you have link to share, please?

      Thank you

      • I just wandered into a random pharmacy in Tokyo, and many years ago. 600y closer to $8 now I think. But available on Rakuten for around 600-800 yen, who also have periodic 8% off sales like right now. Or 10000y for 12! Tempted to try a forwarding service like FromJapan.

  • Thats a good price for tooth moose.

  • What's tooth mouse for?

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        No it's not used like regular toothpaste. It's for people who are prone to hypomineralisation (MIH)

        • My dentist told me wrong then….

          And he was the head of the QLD dental association, before he passed away.

    • Tooth cats like to chase them.

    • It's used as an adjunctive therapy for people who are at high risk of dental decay. Doesn't stop it if you already have a cavity but helps prevent a cavity from happening if you show early signs of getting cavities.

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    No Paypal??

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      We are new in retail, as you can see the website is not the best around. I'll suggest this for improvement

      • Thanks Just bought

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    Coincidentally, I actually purchased tooth mousse from this company some months ago, as they were the cheapest I could find online at the time including delivery. Paid $55.90 for 2 tubes.

    Delivery was very prompt (arrived within a few days) and I was happy with the purchase. $17.95 per tube after this discount is an excellent price and I have now made an order for 2 more.

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      Thank you for your support!

  • Finally a deal on this stuff! It's so expensive, but indispensable for kids' MIH

  • Good price for tooth mousse, thanks.

  • Which one is better, the Plus or the non Plus?

    • Go with the original unless your dentist recommend the Plus. The difference is just added fluoride, which if consumed too much might cause fluorosis

      • Can you get one normal and one plus??

        It doesn't seem to discount the order if I do this


        • Hi, yes there's no restriction in which product you buy. The coupon however can only be used per account.

  • OP.. you mention it is something at the end of a routine checkup.

    Does it have to be used then?

    My regular dentist isn't taking appointments due to Covid restrictions and lockdown .. so I was thinking this might be useful to help until I'm able to see them again.

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      Disclaimer that I'm not a dentist, hopefully someone more qualified can chime in. This could help on top of regular cleaning, I used to have sensitive teeth and it gets better after using this on a regular basis

      • Haha all good.

        Being an employee, thought I'd ask the question.

        I'll get some anyways… Now to decide on the flavour


    • I believe dentists tend to use a topical fluoride-based product at the end of their procedures. Tooth Mousse is a calcium-base product, with the 'plus' version containing added fluoride.

      • Go with the "original" for better remineralisation.

  • Does it help with dry mouth, receding gums?

    • Err… no. It's for teeth

    • It'll help with sensitivity (if you get it) from the receding gums but it won't prevent the gums from receding. Does nothing for dry mouth.

  • Good price on tooth mousse thanks OP!

  • Good price; Dentists charge $25-$30 for one tooth mousse. Purchased a couple. Thanks OP!

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    For anyone interested, here are some scientific articles. (no better than regular toothpaste for existing, minor cavities) (suggests it's beneficial for people that bleach teeth) (offers some evidence where demineralisation exists)

    Seems that more research is needed, but there may be benefits for people with enamel issue and braces, rather than for people looking to treat existing cavities. Obviously, cavities require professional attention.

    Oh…then there's this. (potentially good for wine tasters)

    I think it may be a worthwhile product for those that are looking to protect their teeth beyond toothpaste.

  • My dentist suggested the mousse after a clean/checkup. When he told me it costs $35, he said don't worry it's this price everywhere (without me asking) …this made me google it when i got back to my car and it was like around $25 everywhere haha.

    I haven't gone back to him since.

    • My dentist didn't even ask if I wanted it. Just told his assistant to give it to me.
      He's nice, but he certainly could make some money

    • Maybe a year ago it was quite difficult to find. Dentist recommended it for my kid, paid about $40 to him for the first tube.
      When it came time to buy another (at least a single tube lasts quite a long time, at least for little children) I managed to find it on Amazon for around $28 and eBay (was actually a UK seller who was cheapest) for around $25.

      More recently Chemist Warehouse stocks it normally ELP so no problems.

  • Does anyone know how long the GC Tooth Mousse lasts for / whether they expire?

    • Yes there's expiry date, generally a year but can be more

      • Thanks

  • Great deal, thanks OP. I had been buying the gum for about $35 a tub, delivered.

  • Thank you for sharing this offer.

    I suffer from severe tooth decay and need to use GC Tooth Mousse regularly.

    This offer only applies for purchases of 2 tubes for $35.90, could you advise, please:
    - how I could purchase 10 and still get the pro-rata'd discount, please?
    - if Strawberry and Tutti-Frutti are out-of-stock, can I get a rain check ie buy now and get delivery when back in stock?

    This is solely for my personal use.

    Thank you.

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      Hi, unfortunately the code is for single use only. I'll update again if we're running another promotion in future. I'm pretty sure you can do a backorder, best to ring our customer care directly if it's out of stock. Best of luck!

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    Are you guys related to HSH?

  • Oh Japan, there was a mini notebook in my gum for me.

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