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Hush Puppies Mike - $19 + Delivery (Was $99.95) @ Hush Puppies


Seems like a decent deal for a good looking shoe.

Delivery is probably $9.95 Australia-wide.

Bonus 8% cashback from Shopback making it $27.43 delivered (shipping cost doesn't count). Cashrewards is slightly higher at 12%, but the code isn't listed on their site so it might not work.

Final sale, so can't be returned due to change of mind or for exchange.

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  • widefit tho

    • Just what I need…

      But "There was a problem with [my] order… Then, it wanted to Save my Visa card details…!

      After 2 attempts, I scrubbed it all away…

  • Great price, however I'm normally a size down with HP and the wide fit definitely throws me off in sizing.

  • Thank you OP!

    Just bought one.

  • +5

    I have a pair of these.
    Definitely worth the price. I'm a size down with HP.
    The shoes are light and comfortable, but the bottom is very thin so consider insoles. Just mentioning this because HP normally have comfortable insoles.
    But definitely worth it for this price if you want a decent looking shoe but won't be doing a lot of walking/standing in them.

    • +1

      Does size down mean you buy one size less than your normal ?

      I'm normally a 9.5 or 10 US - am tossing up b/w blue (9 only) or red (10 available)

      Update: Ordered 10 in red to play safe. Better slightly bigger than smaller I guess.
      Also got email from Cashrewards for $2.28 cashback.

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • Thanks, just got a pair. Used code: HONEY10 and got extra 10% off shoes. $36.05 including shipping.

    • +1

      The HELLOVIP code that I included in the deal takes $10 off, which would have taken it lower.

    • +3

      Isn't that less than the HELLOVIP code though ?

    • +2


    • +10

      I'm here to take your OzBargain card away from you due to reckless behaviour.

  • -3

    I've got a similar pair to these, i find them unwearable due to the flap at the back causing heaps of friction on my achilles

    • It doesn't invalidate this as a deal though.

      • +5

        "Issue with product" is a valid reason for a negative vote.

        • +4

          Fair enough, but "similar pair" suggests this isn't the same shoe model as the one they're having an issue with.

      • yes it does! It is a direct criticism of the product from someone who has previously used it.

        • +2

          previously used a "similar pair"

    • +1

      back flaps do cause friction ;)

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Took a gamble and ordered a size 10
    The Hush Puppies black dress shoes I'm wearing right now are a 10… so fingers crossed.

  • Cheers OP. Got one.

  • -2

    Shocking colour

  • HELLOVIP code has expired for me … new customers only?

    • NEW10 was to save me $10… only on Full Priced items… No Bargain there…

  • Cash rewards worked. $2.28 tracked.

  • HELLOVIP doesn't work for me on "Range" brown Hush Puppies

  • Thanks OP, just got one

  • "There was an error placing your order, please try again or contact customer support for assistance".
    It doesn't like that code unfortunately.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one.

  • Thankyou. Last size available just happened to be my size

    • And my order got cancelled and refunded.

  • Thanks. I think I might have bought the last pair available. It's now OOS.

  • Nice. I just got 2 pairs of Deacon: https://hushpuppies.com.au/mens/shop-all-mens/dress-shoes/de...

    Final sale - reduced from $169.95 to $49, and got free delivery, so came to $88 with the VIP coupon, and ShopBack will give back $7 making it just over $40 per pair.

    Thanks mate! I've been wearing these for work for the last 4-5 years (on my 3rd pair currently).

    Only UK sizes 8 and 11 left, so may suit someone else also

  • Anyone else's order got cancelled? Weird as I was able to order early on when they had plenty stock.

    • My one as well. I got refund in this morning but I haven't got a email for the cancellation from them.

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