This was posted 9 years 11 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1500 Microsoft Points (Xbox Live) $19 Harvey Norman is back


Normally $25 from Dick Smith, JB Hi Fi and $30 from EB. Couldn't find a expiry date.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    It is alWays there for one month now. So maybe a dupe.

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      Nah the it went back to $25 once it expired and now it's back

  • Is this enough for the 2 GTA 4 DLCs? How many points are they?

    • The Lost and Damned - 800msp
      The Ballad of Gay Tony - 1600msp

      • That is extremely annoying!! 1600msp??

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          MSP are annoying.

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          Oddly enough the US Microsoft points actually come in 1600 cards not 1500 cards. Might be another Australian gaming scandal… Once more we get the shitty end of the deal…

        • I used to be annoyed at this… but if you ongoingly buy points, then it works out fine.

          It's only annoying if you want 2 x 800 point games and nothing else ever again. You can always buy an extra 500 points directly through MS and buy an additional 400 point game.

    • Can't you buy the complete edition of the game cheaper than these DLC, at least from the UK.

  • Good spot.

  • Hopefully the permanent price… Please, Mr Harvey?

  • Saw it at that price last weekend. Thought it must have been the normal price. No sale signs.

  • Nice! If I needed the pts I'd go grab some.

  • The 1600 vs 1500 point anomaly must be some weird imperial vs metric thing. Those crazy yanks…

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    Thanks guys. This way I can get some DLC for Forza4!

  • This price = 78 points per dollar
    From Microsoft = 60 points per dollar

    • You've done the maths wrong. You divided the points by the price value and not the other way around.

      Through HN, each point costs 1.26 cents
      Through MS, each point costs 1.65 cents

      1500 points through MS equates to $24.75.

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        Both ways are correct steveau. The way it's listed in ThePistonHead's post, a higher number is better.

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          I stand correctly, apologies. I read the comment a little too early in the morning.

  • I pretty sure thats the regular HN price. This is what I have always paid. They are even barcoded with that price on them in my experience, not a temporary label.

  • Looks like the price has gone up to $21?

    • Even at $21, it is cheaper than just about every single retailer. 2 x 1500 MS Points = $42 for 3000 MS Points, which is STILL cheaper than what HN are selling their 3000 MS Point redeemable codes for.

      It is extremely difficult to find 1500 MSP at my local HN store. I've been there 3 times over the last 4 weeks and they have been sold out ever since.

  • Just went to HN and they were sold out ($19 they have on the system, I got them to check).

    Went to JB HIFI and asked them to price match and they said no worries. So go nuts.

    • i tryed to price match at my local big w and dick smith and they could not do it.
      the manager at big w actually said yes and i paid it with eftpos and the money cam up but it cam up with some error or something and even though i paid for it they had to give me back my money and i could not get it at that price.

  • Jb price matched for me too

    • Do JB give you a card with a peeloff back or is it one of those cards stuck to a hanger activated at the Point of Sale.
      The reason DSE and Big W apparently can't price match these things is because they can't over-ride the activation at the PoS unless they themselves have a promo coded in themselves…
      My local DSE said they're "working on it", been 6 months, doubt it'll ever happen.

      • It was stuck to a hanger, and activated at POS.

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          +1, Card on cardboard. Im off to get another today so I can checkout Catwoman in Arkham City. meow!

  • Adelaide city job store can only match 21$, not 19$