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Thanks heaps, you've been really helpful! Appreciated. Gigabyte it is! :)
14/04/2015 - 15:51
Thanks for all your information... REALLY helpful! How does the $369 one compare to the next price up, the Acer Aspire for $389...
14/04/2015 - 10:12
Hi all, I'm looking for a budget laptop ($300 - $500) that will only be used to run an older version of Photoshop (CS3) and to surf the net...
14/04/2015 - 07:30
+1 for Chrysis 3 w/ a free pair of pants. Great deal.
27/01/2015 - 13:42
Decent price for Moto E as well, $139 after discount:...
25/01/2015 - 09:57
Didn't come with Kinect did it... this one does? But yes, they were better deals.
16/01/2015 - 17:38
The whole range is 50% off, not just the burgers. Great deal.
02/01/2015 - 15:58
$22.95 delivered via Dick Smith's eBay store:...
30/12/2014 - 18:10
Really great price for Sleeping Dogs, especially compared to retail where it has held its price ($78 most places).
24/12/2014 - 12:45
Makes this ( a fantastic price with the $50 Canon cashback +...
24/12/2014 - 12:39
Yeah, definitely. Worth a try (wasn't an option for me though).
09/12/2014 - 14:37
This didn't work for me last time. The worker said she would only accept an original copy.
09/12/2014 - 14:33
Wow didn't expect to wake up to such great news! Played PvZ a lot on Xbox 360, but couldn't justify buying it again on PS4. This is pefect.
07/12/2014 - 08:34
Lost Winds is amazing. Brings back nostalgic memories of the Wii.
29/11/2014 - 09:03
This was only $69 a week ago at JB and $55.20 with the coupon. Still a good deal now, but not as good.
28/11/2014 - 10:39
It looks like the coupon takes the money off the original price... so if the clearance price is already 40% lower than the original price,...
28/11/2014 - 09:16
Infamous: Second Son is $28 preowned, for anyone who's interested, as part of EB Game's Christmas Sale.
27/11/2014 - 21:54
Well aren't you just the positive ozbargainer :)
25/11/2014 - 15:47
Don't know why someone downvoted me, it wasn't expired when I posted that.
25/11/2014 - 13:42
That sucks. Next time just say you got the voucher that morning. The voucher doesn't have a date on it, unless you print out the entire...
18/11/2014 - 20:51
Ignore the whole '7 days' thing. The voucher has been the same barcode for months. There's no actual expiry of 7 days... it's just JB being...
18/11/2014 - 16:04
Can confirm that odrocs1987's uploaded image worked for me too. Thanks, and thanks also to the OP :)
18/11/2014 - 13:28
Same barcorde number and all, i.e. I can just print the image attached?
18/11/2014 - 10:19
EB don't price match pre-orders. They only price match on release day, which then nullifies the pre-order price. I guess you could get...
18/11/2014 - 09:21
Also, great price on Wolf Among Us. Xbox One/PS4 copies would be only $35.20.
18/11/2014 - 08:06
Shame about GTAV on PS4 being sold out... good for those with an Xbox One. Hopefully they'll get more stock soon.
18/11/2014 - 08:03
Sennheiser HD201 Headphones for $37 Via Harvey Norman ($32 with $5 off Email Voucher)
Harvey Norman sells the Sennheiser HD201 Headphones instore for $49.95 (RRP), as do most bricks and mortar stores, but online they sell...
05/11/2014 - 17:41
"If you are signing up as a new member of Catch of the Day via referral below, you will get a further $10 off the price." "$10 credit to...
02/11/2014 - 15:40