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4x 14" Wheel Covers $1.99 (+ $7.95 S&H or Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto on eBay


So tempting… (even though my car's wheels are 19" XD)

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  • SCA Wheel Covers - Ascent, Silver, 14in, Set of 4
    ๐Ÿ˜ƒ LOL, nice blink blink

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    $1.99, maybe nice n cheap for a wall decor๐Ÿ˜…

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      Transformers cosplay

  • Unbelievable

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      It is indeed a wheely good deal

      • I was waiting for someone to get 'round to this joke.

  • Awesome deal, I have a Honda Jazz which fits, but shipping is $8. How to not pay shipping?

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      free Click and collect

    • $2 per hubcap. Still a good deal

    • Honda Jazz has had standard 15" for many generations now. It would have to be very old to still be using 14" wheels.

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    14โ€ perfect for my grampโ€™s wheelbarrow

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    they look very similar to the stock mazda 6 wheels.

  • How many kW will these add to my car?

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      More power than you can handle

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    These are a nightmare. Not the looks, but the amount of honeys that stop me on the street to grab my number cause my car looks like fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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      ikr. I asked my gf to check them out on the sca website. Now she's pregnant.

    • Your car HVDFLU?

  • They see me rollin'

    • They hatin'

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    Good for an old car like a 90s Camry or Corolla (nearly all of them will have at-least one missing wheel cover). Or alternatively, add some bling to your trailer or caravan.

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    Thanks OP, this will go well with my 17" alloys!

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    These are gonna look sick when I do my burn outs on Main St. Nininininininininn

    • Fully sick cuzzzz, like, I swear to god, you put these on your hectic holden, all the girls will be yours!

    • Lol. Now I can't stop saying Nininininininininn

      • I know. You have to say it in a high pitched voice too.. ninininininn

  • i come across heaps of these on the side of the road for some reason….genuine VW, Mini, Toyota amongst the unbranded ones

  • Back in stock

  • Heaps on the road, as they just clip on. When you do a wide enough turn at force, they can finally detach.

  • The big question is what will happen first :
    1) they unclip and head off to a new life?
    2) summer 20/21 melts them or decomposes them?

  • Why would anyone buy a generic wheel cover? It's going to look stupid when it obviously doesn't match the other genuine wheel covers on your car. Of course, if your car is missing all 4 hubcaps, then it would make sense, but why would you be missing all 4 in the first place?

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      There are some neighbourhoods where that would be the norm if you park your car outside.

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      Factory covers will cost over $100 each, on an old car why bother?

      You buy the right generics the car can look OK.

  • Dang it, my car has 13" steelies ๐Ÿ˜”

    • Clean and sand them. I think steelies look better than cheap alloys or these

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        They got they oem hubcaps still, all are mint condition with no cracks. Gives it the good grampa look I'm going for ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ (93 laser)

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    dam missed another great buy. hopefully they're back in stock wheel soon

  • Perfect, bought 12. My corolla is so powerful I keep losing hubcaps when running 1/4 miles.

  • Available again

    • Hey Hamza,
      Maybe highlight the deal so others can see.

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    out of stock in all Brisbane, cant pick it up

    • Then just pay the $8 postage, $10 for new hubcaps are a good deal

    • There's been an unofficial set on the side of the road all week here lol.

  • the biggest mystery of 2020 so far is why the hell people are buying these

  • Refunded!

    • They cancelled your order?

      • Yes, I ordered one pair and received email-

        Thank you for your recent online order purchase with Supercheap Auto.

        Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfil one or more products from your EBay order

        • This is why we need to be able to change votes on OzBargain.

  • Cancelled here as well 5 days later.

  • back in stock but orders probably gonna be canceled, why do they cancel peoples orders because of no stock and then bring back stock on ebay!! ebay should give SCA a warning or shutdown their ebay account!

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