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Ryobi 18V ONE+ (Tools Only): 3 Speed Impact Driver $114 (Was $149) & More @ Bunnings


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  • Would jump on some of these but still can't pay using my gift cards until the stores open up again.

    • I don't get why their online cannot accept gift card or why they couldn't process them over the phone. seems a bit out dated to me.

      • It's because of the way their gift cards work I believe - they are scanned as items in the POS to reduce the value, whereas most gift cards are essentially EFTPOS cards that are a method of payment. I worked next to the lady who managed the Bunnings gift cards nationally at head office (I was doing some work as an external contractor) who said they were one of the only businesses in Australia that did it this way.

        • hahaha I see…. even then wouldn't they be able to put the barcode number in manually? All the scanner does is convert the barcode to numbers and put it in the line after all 😁

          • @OpayuOnam: They might be able to manually, but they don't. Maybe because it means you still have the physical card, might be some issues with that. I guess if you only accept in person, you can ensure they are taken off the customer immediately.

            • @pdtmathieson: I get that if these cards were physical but all my cards are e-gift, either company provided "gifts" (hate it when they do that) or gift cards purchased from credit card points… Anyways this is one of those they don't because they don't… minor inconvenience in the big scheme of things. I'm still very grateful to my local Bunnings team as they have been working really hard over the last few weeks to ensure people still get what they need.

    • Aren't gift cards backed by a merchant, so can't you use them as a 'mastercard' credit card or something. I know other 'shopping center' gift cards have been able to be used that way in the past.

      • Yes that is true, but they still operate as a payment card, just a limited one. It still goes through EFTPOS machine rather than the Point of Sale, like the Bunnings ones do.

        If you get an EFTPOS Gift Card, it can be used like a pre-paid credit card anywhere.

    • where to get discounted gift cards for bunnings? max i found was 2% off

  • Is the impact driver and drill driver brushless?

    • I've got this impact driver, and it's a beast. I use it everywhere and I've just recently constructed dozens of IKEA items in a new house.

      • +7 votes

        Impact driver seems like overkill for ikea furniture

        • Blaspheme!

          i use mine on everything, Ikea kitchen build, assembling,disassembling stuff, driving screws (:O) and brushing my teath. the single most used tool in my shed.

      • I wondering whether it would strip screws if using it for the likes of IKEA furniture? Can you reduce the torque to a low setting similar to the clutch on a drill driver?

  • The glue gun seems like a good price and handy to have

    • I've got it, it's very good, especially at this price.

      • yep, i ordered one for drive and collect.

      • I got the small Bosch glue pen from that boxlots deal ages back. It's "ok" and definitely handy for quick heat up, but it's pretty messy to use. i.e. the whole claim glue being retracted back is just a blatant lie, regardless if the trigger is pressed is or not.

        Is this any better in that regard?

    • I bought the Ozito cordless glue gun 3 years ago at Bunnings for $29 and up to now it has never failed me, works like a charm.

  • Thanks. Got the glue gun,

  • Glue gun came to $46

  • These discounts are due to the new models coming shortly. They have been out in the US for a few months, so we would expect to see them here before christmas.
    Some of these deals are totally still worth it, like the hot glue gun (how much can you change on a new model!) but for things like the drills or impact wrench, I would hold on for the new HP range.

  • My husband recently just bought one at a higher price.

  • @thanhthanh78 Naughty boy!

  • Thanks mate, bought a glue gun.

  • I need a drop saw… wish they were on sale

  • Damn just bought the stapler at full price a few weeks ago

  • Would it be worth waiting for a good deal on the brushless models?

  • I use glue a fair bit in woodworking (usually epoxy or PVA), and i've used plenty of silicone, sikaflex and the like around the house. Never owned or used a hot glue gun. What are they good for?

    • I think they're more for crafts. Personally I use them on circuit boards for securing wires in place (eg. when installing a mod chip on a gaming console).

    • They're good at playing hide and seek when you decide that you will finally use it after you couldn't resist a ozbargain deal

    • Arts and craft, small hobby electronics. Gluing down wires, LED strips that sort of thing.

      Not a particularly great adhesive, I find it's more for just tacking things together. Generally there's far better options if you want something industrious and permanent.

    • Its a great non-permant adhesive, can hold cables and stuff in place, i use them occasionally in my 3d printing projects and stuff. Can be used in arts and crafts with paper, cardboard etc. But they also start at a couple of bucks from target, this is just a very fancy lithium battery taking cordless version.

    • I found the (profanity) around with plugging it in and dealing with hot glue more hassle than it's worth. The one benefit is in crafts when you want something to stick immediately but don't really need super strength. Other than that if yo're used to regular glue just stick with that.

      • Yeah don't know why everyone didn't go straight to this point - the benefit is that it sticks immediately to hold things in place. It's not the best long term glue, but for fiddly things that you need to stay straight away, nothing like it.

    • Handy in woodworking too when you want to hold pieces together for whatever reason and break them apart later

  • I wonder if a stapler might come in handy one day?

    • Why would you consider buying a $130 stapler on the off chance it might come in handy one day? If your use is that infrequent go buy a manual staple gun for <$10

    • If it's that sort of usage may as well wait for next time Aldi run their nailer/stapler Special Buy. At least you get a nail gun out of it too. For about the same price as just this skin even if you don't have a battery.

      • i got plenty of ryobi and dewalt lol … i plan on installing underfloor insulation when the weather gets warmer, i think i need a stapler for that.

    • If you have a compressor, the black ridge SCA stapler is a great quality, cheap entry into power stapling. useful for attaching fabrics to timber when you need a quick, strong fix. I picked one up on clearance at around $30 a couple years ago and it has paid for itself in saved time when recovering dining chairs, attaching shadecloth to garden bed covers and other misc uses. Also the compressed air versions have an extremely satisfying THUD when they go off, worth $30 for that alone :D

      edit: it was a previous version of this stapler : Blackridge Air Stapler 12.8mm

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP.

    I wonder if this is the fathers day equivalent deal? I think it was last year when Bunnings was competing with Ryobi vs Mitre 10's Bosch range. The $99 blower with the 5Ah battery was a really good deal, I wonder if we would see anything similar this year..

  • Any sale with battery?

  • Was in USA beginning of the year. Purchased the impact with 5ah battery for $100usd.

  • can you use the glue gun to reattach handle that broke off from mixer tap?

  • While these are good prices I find myself scared to go into the battery/one brand ecosystem.

    Seems like plugs are a thing of the past for most power tools that aren't used by heavy duty tradies.

    • Roybi so far has made all battery the same fit - so you can use any of their range and the battery fits. It's also a DIY/handy man range.

      The tradies brand (makita, aeg, dewalt etc) - my understanding from the past is they have changed battery fit so some tools require different batteries, but adapters do exist. Not sure if they have changed this but I went with Roybi given I just do occasional DIY. Have a few corded ones depending on the item/tasks

  • Still waiting on the router to be on for $84 like it was last Fathers day. Oh well, I can only hope.

  • Bunnings usually have a good return policy for non used items?

  • Is the actual battery on sale too?

    • I think theres the battery+charger combo for $149,
      and two (gold) batteries for $199

      checkout the father's day deal

  • Recommended glue sticks to suit the glue gun?

    • I bought a couple of packs of Surebonder DT-2010 from Amazon when shipping was free from the US (Prime deal at the time).

      They're heaps better than the Ryobi/cheap sticks.

      The Ryobi glue gun is great, especially at that price.

  • Grabbed the drill/driver.

    Now I can put my old blue Ryobi to rest. Those things were a pain…

  • Any deals on multitool?

  • How does the Ryobi Impact Driver compare to the Aldi Xfinity one? Wish I'd bought the Aldi 5 pack deal in August

  • Would buy the glue gun if I didn't already have a $20 one from eBay. Have had it for a couple of years, still works great. An absolutely amazing tool to have. It's something that I didn't know I needed, but once I got it, I've used it quite a bit.

  • Isn't this drill driver same as the one posted here? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-2-0ah-drill-driver...

  • I got his impact driver because of this deal then returned immediately.
    It makes a really annoying high pitch (beep) noise when used, especially when rotating slowly.
    I couldn't stand it.

    The brushless version or the cheaper 1 speed version, also ryobi, or for the matter any other impact driver or drill driver I know don't make that noise.

    • There's no switch… so how does the 3 speed work?
      The more you press the trigger the faster it goes? How is this model 3 speed?

      • There is a switch. It's on the top for 1 to 3

      • There's a switch at the back with 1-2-3 (it's opposite to the screw end, it's not at the top of the tool). Also you control the speed with the trigger.
        So the way you control the speed is similar to a 2 speed drill.

  • Looks like prices have gone up again…