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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $385, Ring Fit $95, Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ $499, Cyberpunk $65 @ eBay


Credit to Press start.

Ebay is rolling out some great deals to celebrate its 21st birthday. There’s four great deals which will be taking place on different days over the next few weeks. You’ll need to be an eBay Plus member in order to be able to access these deals. You can grab a free 30 day trial HERE.

You’ll be able to access all of the deals HERE, but we will also update the below product links below as get them. Obviously, you need to be prepared to get these deals.

Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – $499 ($250 off) - promo code PNOCO09 - Out of Stock

  • Saturday September 12th at 4pm (300 available)

Cyberpunk 2077 – $65 - Code PRPUC98

  • Monday September 21st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day).

Powerbeats Pro $199 Delivered

Expired -

Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Console with 8bit Mario Travel Case Bundle – $385 ($115 off) - promo PJZRD96

>- Tuesday September 1st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day). Drops at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
> Ring Fit Adventure – $95 - promo code PJZHK98

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    • will hit $1 in 999 months

  • Wtf, I wait a week for this deal, paypal takes forever to log in during checkout and I miss out…

    • Massive F there. Using PayPal's 'remember this device' saved it for me I think.

      • +1

        Yeah, I was in a panic because I was logged in beforehand and it logged me out right before the purchase. I was like wtf come on.

    • +2

      Gotta have it linked man, I didn't have to look at a single PayPal screen, just buy it now, enter code, 'confirm and pay' button

  • +3

    Wow I got one of the monitors didn't realise it would sell out that quick

  • +3

    Got one too. :) Was on the fence so long due to missed better deals, but this one tops it all.

  • +1

    thanks got one :)

  • +1

    Thanks got one!!

  • +5

    I'd be curious to know how many of the sales were OZB members.

  • How do you find the link? I have no idea how people find the link beforehand and have it handy

    • +1

      They read the comments, which in this case, accurately linked to the product ahead of time.

    • +4

      ozvictor found it due to some smart deductible reasoning on his part, in saying that I just refreshed the landing page and saw the link so I went through there.

      • I know how our legend found it and posted here. But isn’t there a formal way ebay is advertising it?

        • it's advertised in the deals page

    • $499 ($250 off) = $749 before discount

      There was only 1 listing on ebay that listed this monitor at $749

      • I thought so too. BUT, they could change price of another listing OR get a different discount for another listing to make it 499 🤷‍♂️

        • +1

          Yep, but so far worked for everything I tested. I guess eBay is encouraging the seller to not change the price?

          • @MagicMushroom: nice, well done with testing it with other products. eBay price jacks before a promo campaign anyway xD

  • +1

    Missed out by mere seconds thanks to Paypal; Of all the bloody times for them to insist on re-logging in…..

  • I am so dirty I missed out. I waited for this all week.

    • Anybody think theres any chance they release more at 5 or something?

      • Yeah I'm wondering that, but I suspect not. It does seem friggin quick for 300 to have sold though.

        Anyone else able to confirm if they sold the 300?

        • +3

          Sold quantity went from 414 before to 714 after, so all 300 gone

  • +4

    Sales at the Official Mi store spiked after this deal expired..going for $575 if anyone is keen…
    have a look at# of sales after 4pm

    • +3

      Yeah, that was my plan if I missed out.

    • +3

      There's extra 1-year warranty with Official Mi store. That should make up some $$

      • Oh really? Where's it say that out of interest, I can't see that mentioned.

        No doubting you, just want to make sure I'm buying the right one.

        Edit: Found it. You know what though, I suspect that might be wrong. Those details are from the official Xiaomi site whereby it does indeed mention 3 years, but I've not seen a single Aussie seller offering more than 2. I could be wrong of course…

        • +1

          I think you're right, official mi-store.com.au lists the warranty as 24 months under specs. Ahh well.

        • Got in touch with mi official store AU (mate of a mate) and confirmed 3 years warranty for the monitor

          • @randomdude14: hmm that's conflicting. Not doubting you but even the official website Xiaomi Australia also stated 24 months.

      • +1

        Nah…they only give 2 years warranty instead of 3 years. I think they forgot to edit the JPG or whatever files there on the listing. I asked them before hand because I was thinking about getting it from them to get extra one year warranty.

        • +2

          Damn. Guess the best someone can do is take a copy of the description and hope for the best if something goes wrong on the 3rd year.

    • Yeah, that was going to be my go to if I missed out on the $499 deal (which I did), it's a decent price.

    • Tempting. Tempted to get one. Not sure I've got the patience to wait for another deal

      • +1

        Especially if it goes the same way as this! ;p

    • Out of stock now, glad I jumped on one quickly. Still salty for missing out on the $499 deal though. lol

    • They too are now sold out

  • I got one, and suprisingly took my time adding payment details and still got it.

    • Yeah see, this makes even less sense as I'd even added mine beforehand. So really goes to show that Ebay's a piece of crap.

      Hey ho, here's hoping for a similar price reduction soon.

      Well done on getting one though!

  • +1

    I almost missed it trying Ctrl+C and V on my friend's Mac using a windows keyboard and nothing was happening! My heart was going 100 miles an hour until he suggested to put the code manually and still managed to get one :D

    • on mac it's command+c to copy

      • Yes and using his windows based keyboard I should have done Windows+C but only realised it after the sale was done. Luckily it wasn't sold out in 13 sec LoL

  • +4

    For anyone who missed out, $568.76 at ninja.buy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154024764652 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565368) - Free express shipping too, just picked one up for the gf.

    • +2

      Thanks. Decided to snap this up too. Happily pay the extra $68.76 to avoid the stress of waiting for another sale and then potentially missing out again!! :D

      It's done. Now I can relax.

      • +1

        Literally did the same thing for the same reason. Stress was real.

  • Got mine! Wasn’t the quickest….and thought I’d missed it……got it in the end….now the wait begins

  • Anyone else charged $503? I don't get it - it said $499 with postage but I've been charged $503…

    Actually - checked again. PayPal had been charged $499 but eBay still says $503 - don't know what's going on…

    • +1

      The Allphones receipt says there is a $4 delivery fee but it doesn't charge you.

      • +1

        Yep - thanks mate. Worked it out! Now just need it to arrive!

  • To those lucky enough to get one of the allphones Xiaomi, have any been shipped yet? If so, was it via Austpost or Startrack? With the crazy current VIC Austpost delays, I've emailed them asking which of these they are choosing and whether we could opt for Startrack, but not yet gotten a response. I've also been trying to call them all morning but their phone keeps ringing out.

    • +1

      whether we could opt for Startrack
      trying to call them all morning

      Wow. You really expect a mega premium white glove service for your basement bargain deal that already includes free express postage.

      • except it's not express because they haven't even posted it and it's been 4 days

    • +12

      According to my eBay purchase history, it hasn't shipped yet, even though it also says "arriving by Wednesday 16th September". We'll see!

    • I checked on the allphones website and the status is "Processing_Dropship" which is interesting…

      • +3

        Same. Somehow I doubt it's going to make it's earliest estimate of 'Tue, 15 Sep' heh.

      • +2

        +1 here.

        You'd think they would have had 300 in stock ready to go…

        Can't complain though given the price. Happy to wait for now.

        • +2

          I agree. Probably shouldn't have had "Orders will be dispatch same or next business day" on the listing however.

    • +1

      I just got a Startrack tracking number appear on my AusPost account. I'm guessing that's it because I'm not expecting anything else but it still says 'Processing' on the Allphones website though.

      • This is good to know.

        Hopefully they can pull together today & we'll have them by the end of the week.

      • how do you check your status on the allphones website when its ordered on ebay?

        • I just did a "forget password" on the Allphones website and it found the order.

    • Mine arrived today (Sydney), happy days

  • will you lose access to plus if you cancel before trial ends?

    • No :)

      • Thanks. eBay offered a $30 gift card if I stay.
        Guess $20 per year isn't too bad.

  • Posting from my new xiaomi. Arrived as advertised today on the 16th. The ozb orange on the webpage looks very different from my previous monitor. No need to do any further testing really - already worth with a more orangey orange.

    • Yours arrived today? Does your eBay order show as shipped?

      Mine isn't marked as shipped and I haven't received a tracking number, still says it should arrive today.

      • +4

        I didn't receive any tracking number - the order page on ebay just showed estimated delivery date of 16 Sept.

        I couldnt see any other "status" of my order.

        Still showing as estimated deliver date of 16th but probably because the system hasn't updated yet.

        • Well fingers crossed mine arrives today then :)

          • @shaolinbear: Mine is expected to arrive on the 24th, big oof as we all ordered within 2 mins of each other. Guess thats the negative in not living in a capital city :(

            • @Veni: Mine was via Startrack btw and I'm in Sydney metro.

              • @mchoodie: Ah that makes a lot of sense, enjoy it man!

    • +1

      What's your order status on Allphones?

    • Who did they use to ship to you?

    • Mine arrived today (Sydney)

  • How do you find the order status on Allphones?

    • +1

      I went to the Allphones website and tried clicking 'Forgot my password' and used the email address I used on Ebay. After resetting the password just login and click on 'My Orders' in your account.

      I may have already had an Allphones account before, but I don't think so.

      • +1

        you legend, it worked

        • Awesome. Is yours also "Processing_Dropship"?

          • @deva5610: yeah unfortunately

          • @deva5610: mine got delivered today. i emailed them and they actually sent me a link to the startrack dashboard

            • @ozrules: Ahh, nice. I contacted them on Ebay and was given a Startrack tracking number that doesn't work. Ha.

  • Mine should be coming today also according to the tracking. Better be because I don't have monitors anymore. Sold them to make space

    • ebay or allphones tracking?

      • Neither. Got the startracks tracking on my AusPost app.

        • Same got a startrack item in my auspost app planned for delivery today. In Victoria. Hopefully it is!

  • Surprisingly, I received the Xiaomi monitor today despite covid-19 delays so others should get theirs either today or tomorrow. Well played to Startrack for the fast delivery holy shit.

  • I got mine earlier today, I've set it up and am currently enjoying it. Anyone know of any online guides for the best settings for this monitor? I've set it up to where i'm happy with the picture, but I'd like to see what other people settings look like.

    I am noticing some flickering in games and apps, not sure what's going on there. It's set to 144hz @ 3440x1440 with freesync premium on in the monitor menu and gsync enable in nvidia settings.

    edit: Seems like a common issue.


  • +2

    Nice! Just got mine delivered. Delivered within 3 business days and exactly the ETA that was on ebay.

    FYI the allphones site says dropshipping and I never got a tracking notification.

    Thanks ozbargain and OP!!!!

    • Yeah apparently they got shipped by Ingram Micro not Allphones itself.

  • Just got mine too!

    • Startrack van has been and gone with no monitor for me :( fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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