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[eBay Plus] Fitbit Charge 4 $149, Ring Door View Cam $119, Powerbeats Pro $199 Delivered @ eBay


Thursday 17 September 10am - Fitbit Charge 4 $149 (500 available, drops at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm) - promo code PRPOH95 Sold out

Friday 18 September 10am - Ring DoorView Cam $119 - promo code PRPSA06

Monday 21 September 10am - Powerbeats Pro $199 Code PRPOL94


Part of the eBay 21st Birthday Deal

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  • Just bought an Apple Watch Hermès, but why is this Fitbit so expensive?

    • Just bought an Apple Watch Hermès


    • The Fitbit has a huge bundle of sensors with a long battery life, it's pretty much targeted at tracking then feeding it to the app on your phone.

      Still, being Fitbit, it has rubbish support for nfc payments, parts of your data you can only get via paying for Fitbit Premium and it's ugly as hell with a terrible screen. If Xiaomi could sort out what features they put on what version of what device (and invest some time into their app, it's terrible compared to Garmin/Fitbit) they'd dominate the market.

      Or just buy the Huawei (cue "CHINA BAD!" posts) GT2e when it pops up as $200 on Amazon from Amazon UK. Has all the features, looks good and works. Dunno what the app on that is like though, I know for sure that Xi Jinpooh will know how much sleep I'm getting.

  • are these going to be sold out in minus 2 seconds?

  • I don't know mannn.. but these weren't as attractive as last years

  • Few weeks ago Ring Door View Cam was at $119 on Amazon

    • And with only 11 upvotes. eBay needs to do some research before they approve these deals

      • They're not here just to please us. Unfortunately there will still be a bunch if people who think it's s great deal.

        • Fair enough, but look at all those unsold deals. eBay should learn a lesson or two

      • The failure is the eBay Plus subscription. You now have to pay to get deals, deals which are arguably mediocre. When they do have large discounts on items, they limit the quantities to tiny amounts which essentially makes it a competition.

  • Ebay has been losing the market but Amazon is getting better in the market.

  • used charge 2 and charge 3, pretty happy with the product

    just ordered 4 (battery failure for my charge 2), thanks OP

    Agreed ebay plus is a waste of money tho

  • The ring door bell seems expensive than the 2020 version which is $149

  • Score! This morning I opened my eBay app to check a message and saw the Power Beats Pro for $199, purchased it straight away. I’ve never managed to get any of these limited eBay plus deals so I’m very happy with this.

    • I don't think the power beats pros were selling that great. It took a long time for the first drop to be sold out. Not sure why though.

      • Good news for me then. I did a quick eBay completed search and I’ll be able to sell them for $200 if I didn’t like them. I wear glasses so I hope they are still comfortable.