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DJI Osmo Pocket $364.39 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Seems to be a great deal for a non-refurbished model.
Still retailling at $599 locally.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Saw these on special at my local Costco but I didn't catch the price so they might be clearing them aswell. WIll try and get the price today.

  • I didn't think they were even going to make Gen 2.

    • You're right, it seems all the information is highly speculative and a lot of clickbait. I'll remove the misleading info.

  • DJI warranty only applies for local products, so this would have the same warranty as a grey import i.e. none. Not sure if Amazon being the retailer changes anything.

    • True, it may be the case.
      However, Items sold by Amazon are covered by Amazon.

  • Missed sale of Dji Osmo action on July. really sad mate

  • Great little device, it's just got some design flaws such as the way you hold it. If not using a external mic, you have to be very careful that you don't cover the mic when you are filming.

    Secondly connecting it to your phone is rather cumbersome and makes the device quite difficult to work.

    Other than that, it's actual video quality is fantastic and produces some great content for those wanting to film out and about.

    I do feel this is more a travel cam though and something that is unlikely to be in any demand anytime soon.

  • Any deals on DJI mavic mini flymore combo? I also heard the connectivity issues whilst flying- losing connection?

  • $422 now

  • Curious if anyone has received theirs yet?
    Mine didn't leave the UK till the 17th and according to tracking hasnt arrived in Sydney yet

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      Still waiting on mine. Delivery date 30th of sept which is what is said when I originally ordered.

      • Mine says the same, just surprised as amazon are usually really quick at postage.
        This is easily the longest i've had to wait for an amazon prime order.

    • Mine is still saying "Package arrived at an Amazon facility. Dunfermline, Fife UK"

  • Still yet to receive my order. We’re very sorry your delivery is late. Most late packages arrive in a day. If you have not received your package by 5 October, you can come back here the next day for a refund.

    • Still no tracking update also. I called them today and they refunded me. I really wanted the osmo bit it seems they aren't going to turn up.

      • Same with mine, my tracking hasnt been updated since the 17th.

        Over the last month I've bought the expansion kit, the PGY Tech phone holder, 2 microSD cards and a generic accessories kit. Sucks cause now i'm locked into the eco system. Really wish i just bought a GoPro 9 now.

  • My order was just cancelled. Did anyone else get their order refunded too?