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Jabra Elite 65T $149 + Delivery or Free C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent wireless Ear buds, not the cheapest but still a great price.

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  • $148 at Amazon

  • $137 on Good Guys Commercial for anyone that has access.

  • The 65Ts should be this price now anyway. I have these, Elite 75T, Bose Soundsport Free, and Soundpeats truengine 3 SE.

    I find that the 65Ts are very treble heavy and not as balanced as 75Ts. I would recommend the Soundpeats truengine 3 SE over all of the above.

  • can anyone recommend wireless earbuds that are good value/bang for buck?

    edit. I have jaybird runs but have lost the charger and a replacement one is 100 bucks. not sure whether to get a new set or purchase the charger.

    • Read my post above. Highly recommended the Soundpeats Truengine 3 SE (if they're in stock)

      • you got a link to where bro?

      • What are the microphones on them like? Working from home means having headsets all day and the current ones I use are over-the-hear and heavy.

        • They're suprisingly good. My friends said they can hear me better with the Soundpeats than 65T (especially in noisy environments like gym). I would suggest looking at some mic test reviews on YouTube before making the purchase. Gamesky, El Jefe have some good reviews.

          • @dealsforlife: How do they go for staying firm in the ear?

            My "go to" for the gym now is Jaybird X3s which fit securely. Ive got some galaxy buds and they bounce around in my ear and doing feel particularly secure.

            How about bass?

            • @Calcifer: They come with S, M and L eartips but also come with Comply Foam tips out of the box. These fit really well and isolate sound. The bass is punchy and tight. All genres sound good on them.

    • https://www.scarbir.com/truewireless

      Good review of many different wireless buds. Covers sound quality etc but also mic quality for calls.

  • I bought the Jabra 75t and it has been an absolute nightmare.

    • There are problems with the microphones and people complain that they can't hear me properly.
    • The buds will sometimes randomly disconnect from my phone while I'm on a call (so I can't hear people and they can't hear me) and then randomly reconnect again after around 5 seconds.
    • The left ear bud will sometimes randomly switch off, and only the right bud stays functioning. I then have to put the left bud in the case for a few seconds to reset it, before it'll start working again.

    Overall, I would recommend spending the money on a better brand like the Apple Airpods or the Samsung buds.

    I think Jabra, being a relatively small company doesn't have the capacity to design and build a truly good product.

    • I own the Elite 65T and I have never had any of the above problems so it might just be an issue with it being a different model.

    • I own the 65T Active and the 75T Active. The 65T works perfectly on my phone and mac. The 75T constantly cuts in and out on the mac making them unusable with that device. The charging case just stopped working after a month. The left ear bud stops randomly. I think they rushed the product out.

    • Do you have the Jabra Sound+ app installed?
      Have you checked firmware updates?
      They might just need a reset and repair.

    • I have the 75t and they've been brilliant. I've never experienced any of these issues and connection is rock solid with my Android phone and MacBook.
      Like @thedriver said, I would also recommend installing the Jabra Sound+ app and going through the firmware updates. If that doesn't solve the issue, maybe try the warranty route?

  • Active 65t here. I bought it in last December, no any issue so far.

  • After I lost my original pair of 65t, I bought a new pair. Super solid, so good I rebought them.

  • Is anyone using these with Windows 10 and Teams?

    I've tried other bluetooth headsets and have had issues with Teams

  • I've got one, not worth it. The cheaper Chinese ones perform equal or better than this. I have a few of them. See https://www.scarbir.com/truewireless

  • i'm using galaxy buds ATM, when i go for a run i pair with my watch to listen songs. But i noticed when ever there is a wind or breeze i get disturbance in connection. I tried with multiple watches (Samsung and LG watches) but no luck. Is this common with all Bluetooth ear buds?

  • My 65t's where pretty good for the last year but recently when I put them in the case they turn on instead of off. Very frustrating.