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[eBay Plus] DJI Mavic Air 2 $1199 (OOS), Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo $1599 (OOS), DJI OM4 $188.81 Delivered @ Camera House eBay


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  • This is quite a decent price.

    I'm trying to patiently hold out for the Mavic 3 Pro 😅.

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      I'm holding out for the Mavic 4 Ultra Pro

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        I am holding out for the Mavic 5 Elite Pro

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          I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night

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          I'm holding out for the Mavic 6 Pro Max Ultra Plus

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          I'm holding out for the Mavic 7 Pro Max Ultra Elite Plus

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        I'm holding out until Bunnings has another ripper sale.

        • Yeah. Shame I missed out on that.

        • Bunnings price beat?

          • @Rocket: More bunnings pricing error than price beat.

    • Tempting..but my wallet says no.😭

  • I would say it would reduce a little more in price when the Mavic 3 is out which isnt too far off.
    Really trying to be a good OzBargainer & wait for the price drop but otherwise, $1599 is a great price!

    • You think the Mavic 3 would drop the price of the Air? I could see it dropping the price of the Mavic 2, but the Air has a different target market.

      So tempted to pick this up.. might be a good time to upgrade drones before CASA enforces drone registration/fees. You might have an easier time selling the old one

      • The original Air didn't drop much in price when Mavic 2 Pro was released.

      • What is CASA changing with the regulations? Also wouldnt Mavic just push an update to apply the any regulations to older models?

        • I'm pretty sure it's becomining mandatory to register the drones with CASA and there may be an annual registration fee. I just meant it may be a good time to upgrade and sell the old drone as there may not be as much buyers once there are more hurdles to jump.

          • @RickyBaker: They've been talking about that for ages but I think it's not official yet

            • @lgacb08: Got an email last week from CASA regarding it. I think it goes live in January

    • From what I heard, Mavic 3 isn't going to drop until "Trump is Gone" due to the US/China conflict at the moment… They've already blocked US govt departments from buying chinese drones.

      Could mean Mavic 3 is 4years away??

  • The deal I was waiting for

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    A little bit more.. under $1500 for the Mavic Air 2 Flymore.. and yeah.. I'll do it. lol

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    I have the Air and am considering upgrading.. a few things that stand out as quite nice:

    1) battery life hugely improved
    2) new controller suits larger phones - I have trouble with my P30 and the current DJI controller
    3) this model is meant to be much quieter as the gen 1 Air is very loud (significantly louder than the Mavic 2)

    • I upgraded from the Air to the Air 2 and it was definitely worth it.

      The new controller is great but now after seeing other drone pilots using the iPad Mini, I would love to move up from the iPhone 11 Pro - it's a totally different experience. Not sure how easy it is to get an iPad in the MA2 remote - might be better now since release (which is when I last looked) with the introduction of third party brackets etc, but something to keep in mind and/or investigate prior to purchase if you ever want to use a tablet.

      You'll love the upgrade!

      • Is there much of a dynamic range increase? That's one reason I'm considering upgrading. For some reason I thought Mavic Air 2 did 10bit 4:2:2, but just realised it doesn't. Doesn't matter much if it has better Dynamic Range overall

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      One thing to note, the Mavic Air 2 doesn't have side sensors for some reason, while the Air 1 did. Just got to keep that in mind when doing circling shots

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        The Air 1 didn't have side sensors, only front and rear (I had one). You're probably confusing it with the Pro 2

        • You are right, sorry about that!

    • Only complaints are to do with DJI Fly. No more Tap to Fly atm and active track is limited to 30FPS. The original air had tap to fly and 2.7k/60FPS didn’t bother active track. Hoping for DJI Fly updated that address this.

  • other listings for $1,799 - $300 = $1,499

    They are apparently DJI official reseller


    The only thing is that they have 2 listings, one is damaged box, but both listings are the same price.
    I have messaged them and asked, I am expecting damaged box to be cheaper.

    • interesting.. I'd be really tempted to pick one up

    • Code doesn't work for this seller unfortunately, otherwise I'd be all over that

      • +1

        Good point. It doesn't!

  • No mavic mini flymore combo deals??

  • Awesome deal. Been waiting for this to pop-up. Thanks OB!

  • That's a really good price on the MA2 Fly More Combo. I paid $1700 from Retravision a few months back. Doubt you'll see it much cheaper for a while.

  • Drone only OOS

  • Have owned a few drones and recently got this one. Highly recommend best all-round (semi-pro) drone. The controls seems to be smoothest out of them all. Only gripe is no side sensors.

    • How is the dynamic range of Mavic Air 2 compared to Air 1?

      • It does have a bigger sensor and online reviews will have the details. The difference that stood out for me immediately was the battery life and better controls (I like the more robust remote).

  • +1

    After much deliberation, i bought one. Cheers!

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    I've owned a Mavic 2 Zoom for just over a year. Put a lot of money into that drone, from ND filters, a skin, etc before finally selling it last month. I would say to anyone thinking of getting a drone to firstly check where you can fly it (people are sheriff's in enforcing the drone laws) and will you take it up often. Of course, to each his own, just my 2 cents.

  • Showing as sold out

  • Thinking of getting one of these for videography ….. do they have a built in 4K camera or do you need to strap your iPhone to them ?

    • Yes, built in.

    • +5

      That’s right the drone has no camera but you can attach DSLRs with the supplied velcro in the fly more package……..

      • can I also duct tape a gimbal under it to stabilize my footage?

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    "This seller is currently away, and isn't processing orders at this time. You can add this item to your watch list to purchase later."

    • Yeah same, they finally had me convinced to waste the money too lol. Guess I'll stick to the Air 1 for now…

  • I have a Mavic Pro and was wondering if anyone has upgraded from a Mavic Pro to the Mavic Air 2 and thinks its worthwhile doing so. Obviously this has a better camera, a bit longer flight time however it also has the basic controller over the Mavic Pro's Pro controller. Thank in advance for any comments.

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    Grateful these are sold out.

    Saves me an argument with the missus.

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    Isn't DJI a Chinese company? where are the people who threw CCP in for every Chinese brand?

    • You can have that claim to fame for this one.

  • The price is showing up as $239, the $188 is the DJOsmo 3

  • Found this deal on eBay also:


    Slightly cheaper than the $1599, it is shipped from UK though, not sure on the Oz warranty?

    • Won't you have to pay import tax for that being its from the UK?

      • Not sure honestly. Anyone?.

  • Just ordered mavic 2 fly more. Couple more in stock

  • DJI OM4 last one, hurry!

    • Gooonneee!!

      • there's still one, mate!!!

        • Not according to the link.

          This item is no longer available.

          DJI OM4 Smartphone Gimbal

  • More Mavic 2 fly more stock - got one

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