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McDonald's Monopoly [2020] - 1 in 5 Instant Win + Collect and Win



Closing Date 25/10/2020


Description Over $532 Million in prizes (refer to table below)
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $532.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Number of Purchases
Entry Methods App, In Person
Prerequisites Purchase

The Monopoly Game at Macca’s is in full swing, with $532 million dollars’ worth of prizes and a 1 in 5 chance to win instantly.
Head into your local Macca’s, buy any ticketed item, and you could peel your way to millions of amazing prizes.

There are four (4) types of Tickets:
a. “Instant Win” Tickets;
b. “Collect to Win” Tickets;
c. “Chance Card” Tickets; and
d. “Chance Card Code” Tickets.

iOS App
Android App

Food Item Number of tickets
Any 16 oz cold cup medium beverage from the soda fountain and thick shakes (not including frozen beverages) (“Medium Cups”) 1
Any 22 oz cold cup large beverage from the soda fountain and thick shakes (not including frozen beverages) (“Large Cups”) 2
Medium Fries 1
Large Fries 2
Chicken McNuggets® 10 pack 1
Chicken McNuggets® 20 pack 2
McFlurry 2
Classic Angus, BBQ Bacon Angus, Chicken Deluxe, BBQ Chicken and Spicy Chicken Clubhouse 1
Hotcakes 2
Hash brown 1
Any large McCafé hot beverage: Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, Vienna, Latte, Flavoured lattes (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla), Mocha, Flavoured Mochas (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla), Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea, Tea 2
Any medium McCafé hot beverage: Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, Vienna, Latte, Flavoured lattes (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla), Mocha, Flavoured Mochas (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla), Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea, Tea 1
Any chicken salad 2
INSTANT WIN FOOD PRIZES RRP # of prizes Total Value
MCCHICKEN OR QUARTER POUNDER $ 6.75 1,445,337 $ 9,756,024.00
BIG MAC OR MCCHICKEN $ 6.50 1,445,337 $ 9,394,690.00
B&E MCMUFFIN OR S&E MCMUFFIN $ 4.75 1,084,002 $ 5,149,009.00
CHEESEBUR GER OR SAUSAGE MCMUFFIN $ 4.05 2,890,671 $ 11,707,217.00
SML SUNDAE OR APPLE PIE $ 3.70 5,058,671 $ 18,717,083.00
SML MCCAFE COFFEE/TEA OR SOFT DRINK $ 4.00 6,504,007 $ 26,016,028.00
SML SOFT DRINK OR FROZEN DRINK $ 2.80 7,588,009 $ 21,246,425.00
SML FRIES OR FRUIT BAG $ 2.40 10,117,345 $ 24,281,628.00
$2K ALEXA SMART HOME PACKAGE $ 2,000.00 10 $ 20,000.00
SHADOWLANDS GAMING SETUP $ 5,891.95 10 $ 58,919.50
FREE FUEL FOR A YEAR WITH BP $ 3,650.00 2 $ 7,300.00
$2,500 FLIGHT CENTRE GIFT CARD $ 2,500.00 16 $ 40,000.00
$10,000 REDBALLOON GIFT VOUCHER $ 10,000.00 1 $ 10,000.00
$2,500 PREPAID VISA CARD $ 2,500.00 10 $ 25,000.00
12-MONTHS FREE PARKING $ 8,100.00 5 $ 40,500.00
VOLKSWAGEN TCROSS CAR $ 43,098.75 3 $ 129,296.25
$1,000 PREPAID VISA GIFT CARD $ 1,000.00 12 $ 12,000.00
$1,000 MOVIE GIFT CARD $ 1,000.00 3 $ 3,000.00
$1,000 PREPAID VISA CARD $ 1,000.00 15 $ 15,000.00
$1,000 OZSALE SHOPPING EVOUCHER $ 1,000.00 14 $ 14,000.00
SONY ENTERTAINMENT PACK $ 2,237.95 10 $ 22,379.50
PLAYSTATION PACKAGE $ 1,148.90 15 $ 17,233.50
$1,000 TO SPEND AT TICKETEK $ 1,000.00 3 $ 3,000.00
$75 TO SPEND AT CITY BEACH $ 75.00 100 $ 7,500.00
$500 OZSALE SHOPPING EVOUCHER $ 500.00 50 $ 25,000.00
$500 THE ICONIC EGIFT CARD $ 500.00 50 $ 25,000.00
$200 TO SPEND AT TICKETEK $ 200.00 100 $ 20,000.00
ECHO SHOW 5 SMART SPEAKER $ 129.00 50 $ 6,450.00
ULTIMATE BAHCO GARDENING KIT $ 935.40 55 $ 51,447.00
GOURMET GIFT HAMPER $ 150.00 150 $ 22,500.00
$500 BP GIFT CARD $ 500.00 18 $ 9,000.00
$100 BP GIFT CARD $ 100.00 70 $ 7,000.00
7 DAY CAR RENTAL WITH EUROPCAR $ 500.00 2 $ 1,000.00
2 FREE GOLD CLASS TICKETS $ 86.00 50 $ 4,300.00
HASBRO ULTIMATE GAMES PACK - PACKAGE 2 $ 112.97 184 $ 20,786.48
HASBRO ULTIMATE GAMES PACK - PACKAGE 1 $ 146.96 184 $ 27,040.64
$146.96 184 $27,040.64 MONOPOLY BOARD GAME A144 HASBRO'S MONOPOLY SORE LOSERS $ 39.99 184 $ 7,358.16
$200 PREPAID VISA CARD $ 200.00 100 $ 20,000.00
JAMIS TRAIL X A2 MOUNTAIN BIKE $ 798.95 10 $ 7,989.50
1-MONTH FREE PARKING $ 675.00 25 $ 16,875.00
CHAR-BROIL 4 BRN INFRARED BBQ $ 999.00 12 $ 11,988.00
CHAR-BROIL 2 BRN INFRARED BBQ $ 699.00 10 $ 6,990.00
OKLAHOMA JOE'S TABLETOP GRILL $ 399.00 15 $ 5,985.00
SONY DSCWX800 HIGH-ZOOM CAMERA $ 649.00 10 $ 6,490.00
PLAYSTATION 4 PRO 1TB CONSOLE $ 599.95 20 $ 11,999.00
SONY SRS-XB33 WIRELESS SPEAKER $ 299.00 20 $ 5,980.00
NINTENDO SWITCH & GAMES BUNDLE $ 728.00 20 $ 14,560.00
UBISOFT GAME BUNDLE $ 259.00 50 $ 12,950.00
YAMAHA KEYTAR $ 699.99 8 $ 5,599.92
YAMAHA ELECTRIC GUITAR AND AMP $ 349.99 8 $ 2,799.92
YORK FITNESS C410 EXERCISE BIKE $ 699.00 10 $ 6,990.00
$500 CREDIT TO USE ON UBER EATS $ 500.00 20 $ 10,000.00
$250 CREDIT TO USE ON UBER EATS $ 250.00 40 $ 10,000.00
12 AUDIOBOOKS FROM AUDIBLE $ 197.40 100 $ 19,740.00
$20 AMAZON NEW CUSTOMER PROMO CODE $ 20.00 100,000 $ 2,000,000.00
DIGITAL MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION $ 19.99 100,000 $ 1,999,000.00
BLIZZARD DIGITAL GOODIES $ 5.32 250,000 $ 1,330,000.00
$10 BLOOMEX VOUCHER $ 10.00 40,000 $ 400,000.00
15% BLOOMEX DISCOUNT CODE $ 5.00 200,000 $ 1,000,000.00
$10 OFF $40+ SPEND AT CITY BEACH $ 10.00 50,000 $ 500,000.00
$20 OFF A EUROPCAR RENTAL $ 20.00 300,000 $ 6,000,000.00
FREE MOVIE TICKET $ 23.00 10,000 $ 230,000.00
GARAGE 3 MONTH PREMIUM PASS $ 14.95 500,000 $ 7,475,000.00
$50 REDBALLOON GIFT VOUCHER $ 50.00 125 $ 6,250.00
$10 REDBALLOON GIFT VOUCHER $ 10.00 750,000 $ 7,500,000.00
$5 REDBALLOON GIFT VOUCHER $ 5.00 750,000 $ 3,750,000.00
FREE ADMISSION OFFER $ 25.00 3,800,000 $ 95,000,000.00
FREE HOBBY SESSION $ 20.00 3,800,000 $ 76,000,000.00
RETAIL $ VOUCHER $ 22.50 4,585,000 $ 103,162,500.00
$50 OZSALE SHOPPING EVOUCHER $ 50.00 100 $ 5,000.00
$10 OZSALE SHOPPING EVOUCHER $ 10.00 125,000 $ 1,250,000.00
FREE NIGHT/WEEKEND PARKING $ 20.00 100,000 $ 2,000,000.00
$50 OFF A $200+ SPEND AT THE ICONIC $ 50.00 500,000 $ 25,000,000.00
$10 OFF A $20+ SPEND AT UBISOFT STORE $ 10.00 400,000 $ 4,000,000.00
$50 BP GIFT CARD $ 50.00 120 $ 6,000.00
45 DAY ANIMELAB SUBSCRIPTION $ 15.98 1,000,000 $ 15,980,000.00
$25 CREDIT TO USE ON UBER EATS $ 25.00 800 $ 20,000.00
2-MONTH AUDIBLE MEMBERSHIP $ 32.90 1,000,000 $ 32,900,000.00
COLLECT TO WIN PRIZE Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties (Expected rares in bold) Colour of Tickets Value of Each Max No. of Prizes Total Max Value
ULTIMATE GARDENING PACK Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street GREEN $ 936.40 15 $ 14,046.00
YEAR OF FREE FUEL Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street ORANGE $ 3,650.00 3 $ 10,950.00
TRIP TO BLIZZARD HQ The Angel Islington, Euston Road, Pentonville Road BLUE $ 7,000.00 3 $ 21,000.00
YEAR OF CAR RENTAL Marylebone Station, Kings Cross Station, Liverpool St Station, Fenchurch St Station STATIONS $ 20,000.00 1 $ 20,000.00
FLOWERS FOR A YEAR Pall Mall, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue , PURPLE $ 2,500.00 5 $ 12,500.00
$5,000 TRAVEL GIFT CARD Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Piccadilly YELLOW $ 5,000.00 4 $ 20,000.00
VOLKSWAGEN T-CROSS Park Lane, Mayfair NAVY $ 43,098.75 3 $129,296.25
$1,000 ONLINE SHOP VOUCHER The Strand,Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square RED $ 1,000.00 6 $ 6,000.00
PREMIUM BBQ Old Kent Road, Whitechapel Road BROWN $ 999.00 8 $ 7,992.00

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closed Comments

  • 16oz and 22oz cups of soda? Has someone in McD's legal dept. just cut and pasted the terms and conditions from the US promotion?

  • McMillions. Jerome Jacobson is going to do it all over again.

  • Great, can use the St George offer to get 2 tickets for $1 by getting a large fries.

  • +2 votes

    Is there a list of rare properties?

  • Got a free McChicken just by opening the app which was nice (chance card win)

  • (profanity) love maccas monopoly. I put on a few kegs every year because of it.

  • Got the 3 month garage pass with the free chance card…

    Has anyone done the real world thing?

    • Ah dang forgot to check it out on my walk earlier. Will try out tomorrow morning and hopefully get something! How does it work- is it something like Pokemon go?

      • You just have to be in the area, then move your camera around for items being in the air. Location spoofers work as well.

    • Yep done it and after 3/5 AR encounters all chance cards and it said play again tomorrow, i thought it would let me do all 5/5 AR encounters then stop me.

      Pretty much like Pokémon GO except just get to the red spots on the real world map and when you get in range it will say "You've entered a Monopoly zone" and then it will go into AR mode.

      Then you do some moving and looking around to bring up the chance card which you will tap and hold on it and capture it.

      Finally it just goes back into normal mini game mode which you play and win like normal.

      • Thanks for the explanation, will have to try it out later.

      • Tried this morning but says it's temporarily closed due to restrictions. Unsure if it's because it detects I'm in VIC?

      • I found out the next day you can also go to the Macca's logo on the map and that will be a real world AR Monopoly zone, the red spots do not change as well as the store logos so you can plan your route around you and what is the most convenient.

        Looks like you can collect up to 3 free real world AR chance cards then that's the daily limit between 5am and 8pm.

        The 0/5 in AR mode is the chest of collected and claimed cards so once you fill it up you get another free chance card.

        So far I'm liking the new way of getting a free chance card this time around.

  • So you don't get tickets from buying big macs or similar?

  • $19,990,000.00 worth of magazines to be won, so generous 🤣🤣🤣

    $15,980,000.00 worth of anime 🤣🤣🤣


  • Noob question. How do the Collect To Win prizes work? I've got the Flight Centre Voucher. Now what?

    • You have to collect all of the same set of streets to get the prize

      • Thanks, I started reading the long T&Cs and found it.
        is the $532 million figure actually true then? Or just a marketing gimmick? I've just won a small sundae so far. Last time around Feb, I got many Big Macs and McChickens.

        This time - we need to be in a zone to be able to play, unlike the previous times.

  • Has anyone else been having troubles using the app? Keeps telling me that it is down for maintenance.

  • Anyone notice someone’s already claimed a car this early in the comp…

  • Anyone knows if collecting the monopoly pieces (shoe, dog, ship etc.) in the real world AR do anything?

  • So far from 5 tickets I've won a McChicken/Quarter Pounder, small coffee, small drink/frozen and a free hobby session.
    Probably the first time I've got more than 1 in 5 wins lol

  • Anyone having issues using the Amazon $10 off on min $39 spend promo code? I have selected products sold my Amazon AU or amazon.com.au but it keeps saying “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase“

    • New Amazon account?

      In 2018 the Amazon vouchers could be used with existing accounts but since last year they're meant for new accounts but some people reported success by talking to Amazon support iirc.

      • Yeah I am using a new account.

        The T&C seems to also say it’s applicable for new and existing accounts:
        “This unique promotional code entities any new or existing customer of amazon.com.au who has not previously signed in to the Amazon App (Australia store) to $10 off your purchase of over $39 of “eligible items” on amazon.com.au. “Eligible items” for the purposes of these terms and conditions refers to any item sold by Amazon AU on amazon.com.au but excludes products sold by third party sellers (including Amazon US and even if fulfilled by Amazon AU); digital purchases such as e-books; subscriptions such as Prime and Audible; gift cards; and postage or delivery rates (<strong>Eligible Items</strong>). This promotion can only be redeemed once per customer (even if they obtain multiple unique codes), only on Eligible Items and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The promotional code will expire on 31/03/2021.”

        • Not sure then, might have to contact support.

          • @sss333: Ok many thanks.

            • +3 votes

              @ilovefullprice: I think they've really porked this one up this year. It's meant to be $10 for purchases over $39, but the code will not work on purchases under $79, no matter what I try purchase, it comes up with voucher not able to be used. The moment I add items over $79 from Amazon AU it comes up with the code has already been redeemed but offers me $20 promotional credit. So I'm thinking while the voucher it sends to your email says $10 over $39 it's actually $20 over $79 and possibly can still be used with an existing account

              Edit: It's new customers only according to the TC's on MaccasPlay, but it's $20 off $79 as mentioned

              1. This unique promotional code entitles you to $20 off your purchase of over $79 of “eligible items”
              on amazon.com.au. “Eligible items” for the purposes of these terms and conditions refers to any
              item sold by Amazon AU on amazon.com.au but excludes products sold by third party sellers
              (including Amazon US and even if fulfilled by Amazon AU); digital purchases such as e-books;
              subscriptions such as Prime and Audible; gift cards; and postage or delivery rates (Eligible Items).
              This promotional code can only be redeemed once per customer (even if they obtain multiple
              unique codes), only on Eligible Items and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
              2. The promotional code will expire on 31/03/2021
              3. The amazon.com.au Promotional Code Terms and Conditions
              (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/display.html?node...) apply to the
              redemption of this unique promotional code along with amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and
              Sale (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/display.html?ie=U...).

              • @MBix: I actually email Amazon about this. They asked me to send them the T&Cs received from email saying $10 off for over $39 spend and the items I was purchasing. They checked all this and told me there was a system issue with the promo code. So they told me to make my purchase and they would manually refund the $10.

  • Does anyone know what the $50 fashion voucher get you.
    Is it the spend$200 at Iconic save $50 ?

  • I won the following Instant Non-Food Prizes so far:

    Not much of a win. The Retail $ voucher redemption - each option has a minimum spend, so not much of a really good win. I see so many other great and tempting Instant Non-Food Prizes. Anyone here has won any of those $1000 / $2500 Prepaid Visa Cards? I agree they'd be very rare. Even the $100 Visa Card vouchers are only total 200 in number.

  • I don't like maccas much but I do participate, have only been twice so far this year and don't want to end up at maccas every few days because I do love competitions lol

    I've won small coffee / drinks, sundae, retail voucher and admission offer.

    Have never won anything big.

    Sucks real world not applicable in Vic

  • Won a Retail $ Voucher and a Hobby Session…

  • Does Maccas reveal who won the big prizes (car, etc.) ?

    • Yeah, if you look in the full T&C's you'll find out.
      From memory prizes (and winners) over $250 will be published in The Australian

      Edit: found it for you

      Each winner of a prize valued at over $250.00 will be published in The Australian on 18 December
      2020 (including Second Chance Draw winners but excluding unclaimed prize winners). Each
      winner drawn in the Unclaimed Prize Draw of a prize valued at over $250.00 will be published in
      The Australian on 29 March 2021.

  • Merged from Monopoly at Maccas

    hi all, anyone worked out the best way to get the maximum number of Monopoly tickets with the least amount of spend, my opinion is that you need to order a large Hamburger meal and you will get the most bang for buck, anyone with ideas would be great to hear

    • Are you looking to eat a meal or gain tickets?

      A large Classic Angus meal will get you 5 tickets for $12.80 (may vary per store/franchisee by about 50c either way) which is $2.56 per ticket
      Getting the "Monopoly classic bundle" through the app, it's 7 tickets for $17.25 which is $2.53

      The cheapest method is $2.30 per hash brown will get you a ticket. Medium drinks get you one ticket but are $3.45.

      • good stuff, when you register a new account you get a free medium coffee so 1 ticket for $1, and currently you also get to choose med fries or coffee for $1 so 2 x $1 coffees with a ticket

      • Is the angus meal any good?

        • I quite like it. It's a nice change of pace from my usual Quarter Pounder. Plus you get like an eighth of more meat or something.

          Angus = 1/3rd a pound and Quarter pounder = 1/4th of a pound (obvs)

          • @SnowDragon: Okay so I got the angus meal and their shake machine was broken so I got mccafe drink instead which had no tickets. And althgouh the angus burger was okay, the big chunks of lettuce were a nice touch, it didn't taste any better than a quarter pounder. Maybe a little bit worse.

            And the worst part, all I won with my tickets was a $20 digital magazine voucher for womens interest magazines, and a small coffee.

      • $2.30 for HashBrown?!?!

        It used to be $1 lol.

    • So far I think it's better to get a large fries for $3.55 for 2 tickets, essentially $1.78 per ticket.

      Another one is $10.50 pancake brekkie bundle, 5+1 (app only) tickets, so about $1.75 per ticket.

    • Cheapest is to hang around the restaurant and pick up unwanted tickets from other people's food. It helps if you have no shame.

  • What's the best value for items per ticket so far?

    • sometimes on mymaccas you can get a large thickshake for $1, so 50c per ticket but need to check periodically

  • hint: may need more than 1 account

    Any good to choose from, or is it just one magazine?

    Also, I see a lot of comments asking about tickets. Are the chances of winning the same if playing Real World Monopoly? Also, I usually don't buy much at Maccas, I just take the Large Thickshake or Soft Serve. Does the app work purely on chance or there are some algorithms which decide on what to give?

    • The app would have to work on the same chances as the physical tickets. Basically Maccas is obliged to give tickets away for free, otherwise it's deemed as gambling.

  • I've definitely been winning more than 1 in 5, but the prizes are high in quantity and low in value. Lots of small fries and small drinks awarded. Community Chest usually (but not always) wins something better, like a Big Mac or Amazon voucher.

    • same, a little sick of fries so I go for the fruit bag, or can change to yoghurt drink for the kids

  • Is the $20 Amazon voucher separate from fthe Retail $ voucher (A179) this year?

  • I've noticed the prizes are getting consistently worse last few days. Nothing bad small fries or coke or coffee.

  • Got 7 properties. 3 of which are Pentonville Road. Anybody else getting multiples of one property?

    Also the only instant prizes I have got are the small fries / fruit bowl ones. Two of those.

    And of course these are not really prizes but more like booby prizes. The cost price to McDonald’s of these would be about 30 cents. And people aren’t going to go in to a McDonalds store just to redeem a small fries. They will order something else, probably a burger and maybe a drink as well with it. And the profit on these will far exceed the cost price of the small fries. They know this full well, so rather than costing them money it will actually make them money.

    • I've got 11 properties with 4 Whitechapels and 3 Angel Islingtons so not just you ahaha
      As for food a few small fries and small drink.

      • +2 votes

        Same here. I've got all properties now, many of them multiple, excluding the "Rare" ones mentioned in the OP. Total collected properties = 38.

        Although the OP doesn't mention so, I think Marlborough Street is also a Rare Property. I'm yet to get it.
        YEAR OF FREE FUEL Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street

        I've been playing daily - 3 times a day from the start. Have got 20 Instant Win food prizes, and 5 Instant Win Non-Food Prizes:

        $10 REDBALLOON GIFT VOUCHER $ 10.00
        RETAIL $ VOUCHER $ 22.50

  • large hamburger meal, $2 large thickshake on app, and bonus ticket over $10 spent on app, 7 tickets for $10.40 i think this is the best Return on investment

  • Won a cheeseburger after spending over $90

  • I won TRIP TO BLIZZCON on a Chance Card … now its showing in Stash but i dont know what to do ? How do i redeem it ? Someone can guide please … my head isnspinning after reading thise long confusing T&Cs etc.

    • That is insane, congratulations!

      When you click on it in stash, it should open up a page with instructions.

    • Uhh I hate to burst your bubble, but I think you just got one of the three properties required.

      You need these three: The Angel Islington, Euston Road, Pentonville Road

      • One rare card from each "Collect to Win" prize is pending for me. Been playing since day-1.
        Has anyone here on OzB been able to get it actually?

        • good question, I hope they publicise when someone wins a major prize

        • Nothing, one year the store I was at was giving out 50 tickets with each purchase in the last week of the promotion. So a soft serve cone = 50 tickets. You don't even have to eat it.

          Just got a bunch of food prizes.

  • Anyone noticed the Syd stores running out of the large box fries with stickers on them? Not happy when I got my large box with no stickers on ‘em :(