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DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Machine - Black, $199 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi seems to have this machine on sale for $199 again. Aware of the TGGC deal here, but this should be more widely accessible for others without the membership.

Got one myself recently and can confirm it makes pretty decent coffee. Enjoy :)

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    Can also confirm this is a decent machine and nice and compact. Hubby only has espresso shots but we got over the wastage of using 3-4 pods a day.

    • We have been using this for almost an year and its great. Upgraded from a Pod machine due to environmental waste. The Machine is quick to heat up and makes great coffee for the price.

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    What pods can be used in this?

    Thinking of getting this for mum's place so she can use the pods and we can use the proper coffee when we visit. But I had a previous delonghi and wasn't too impressed with the coffee it made so not sure what to do. It does seem like a perfect solution though.

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      You can actually use ESSE pods so neg voter should retract their vote

      (though I would recommend freshly ground, keep pods for emergencies when you run out of coffee beans)

      • Where do you get ESSE pods? I havent seen them at woolies or coles.

        • I think you have to buy them from Harvey Norman

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    You can use E.S.E pods with this machine:

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      wtf? why would you? surely you would just buy a pod machine if you want to use pods. seems that there is a product out there for everything.

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        because i'd like to give my elderly mother the option of 'better coffee' than instant (i.e. pod) but when we all visit we prefer the manual coffee machine. We've had a manual coffee machine in her place for 10 yrs and she was always too scared to use it in case she broke it. lol. We now need a replacement and this is a potential solution but not sure if the pods are or nto

        • You could get a pod machine for her, and use that manual machine when you're there :)

        • If you are only going to use pods, then I would consider a Aldi capsule / Nespresso machine.
          Reason being getting ESE pods can be limiting, whereas Nespresso / Aldi style ones are available in more places.

    • oh so it is a specific type. i googled ESE pods, and a variety came up so wasn't sure if it was a specific one, as it appears to be. thanks

  • how is this compared to Sumbeam/Breville of similar price range?

    • The Breville Bambino Plus can be had for $100-130 more when on sale and does better milk frothing, gives you a bit more control and has a larger water reservoir.

      Comparison here:

    • I've been using the Sunbeam Mini Barista every day for the past year, and it seems decent. The frother works, and it makes coffee. Most important thing is which beans you use in my opinion.

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    Cheap and good. Buy and unpressurized basket and you are laughing

    • Where do you get those from?

    • Can you provide link to a basket that fits.

      I've had one for 3 years and the single basket plays up (need to pretty much scrub after each use) so now using half of the double basket (just rinse).

    • +1

      "51mm basket" in ebay or Amazon will get you what you're after. I got a "MagiDeal" one. Though these are generally "two cup" capacity so quite deep, which means the black plastic insert in the portafilter needs to come out, or be cut back to fit it in. A little hacksaw sorted that out for me.

      More info here

    • I never knew you could buy one. This will make a huge difference in the coffee and crema. I always hated the pressurized cup, especially when you put finer ground coffee, it can barely pass the water through.

    • What does it mean by unpressurized basket? Sorry, new to coffee machines. wanting to move over from a pod machine.

      • The basket of this Dedica machine has one single tiny hole in the centre, the size of a needle tip, which creates pressure when the coffee flows through.

        • thanks!

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    My daughter has a Smeg retro one is exactly the same as this except for the external look (all the same buttons and functions), just hope that she didn't pay $529 which is what it goes for at TGG (

    Not a bad machine, easy to easy use even for me the instant coffee drinker. May buy this DeLonghi one and put it in the cupboard for when she moves out.

    • And when this was on sale a couple of years ago it was just over $100 on Amazon.

    • I guess you're paying for the design and label

  • +10

    I changed over the steam wand for a standard one, the Rancilio Silvia one ( - makes MUCH better microfoam now. Wasn't really that difficult, a little general knowledge only. I followed this if anyone wants to try it:

    Feel free to give me a yell if you want to know anything else.

    • Do you have to put back the hose bit? Couldn't see all the steps when putting back together.

      • As in inside?
        Everything goes back like it was inside.

    • Thanks for your tips on this. Do you reckon replacing the wand would void the entire warranty of the machine? Were there any "void if removed" type of stickers that you found during the dissemably process?

      • In Australia they can really only deny a warranty claim if they prove that what was done was the potential cause of the failure - BUT as you're going inside and opening it all up the would say not dice.

  • Need a separate grinder?

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      Only if you like freshly ground coffee, otherwise you can get ground coffee, or even use pods.
      I grabbed one of these, and will get a separate matching grinder once it's on special.

    • +1

      Yes but we use our Thermomix to grind coffee, a food processor or decent blender may also do the job.

      • +6

        Huh? A Thermomix doesn't burr grind, it pulverises. Worst option for manual espresso.

        • Yeah this is a terrible thing to use as a coffee grinder.

          Breville Smart Grinder Pro is the 'affordable' option for this job imo.

        • +1

          You dont have to put it on for that long lol otherwise yes you will get coffee dust. Plenty of people do "grind' coffee in the thermomix. Not saying it's the best option but it works…

          I don't actually drink the coffee, hubby does.

          • +5

            @sarahbrisbane: Why do you hate your husband?

          • @sarahbrisbane: Are you putting that in an espresso machine? I'd think you wouldn't get the best extraction with all the uneven-sized ground coffee particles resulting from not using a burr grinder. But if you like the taste that's what matters in the end.

  • Metal colour look nicer

  • How would this compare to the aldi coffee machine on a cost per coffee basis? And would it be significantly superior to the aldi pods?

    • +1

      Grinding coffee or using pre-ground coffee is cheaper than ALDI, and if you get good quality beans, taste is far better.
      Source:my experience with ALDI pods VS grinding

    • +1

      Check how much each pod contains - 7-12g?

      1kg of coffee beans at Aldi is ~$12 (when I last bought) - can produce X pods you're using at the price of Y per pod.

      Pods vs beans?

      You should also invest in a grinder - fresher than pre-ground.

    • +4

      What's wrong with it? I love mine. Does an excellent job, looks pretty and takes up very little bench space.

      • +4

        Can confirm, mines bean going strong for years. Minimal bench space is great.

        • +1

          Exactly why I just bough one :D houses are getting smaller

        • +2

          Likewise for me. Had mine for almost 3 years, great little machine.

          • @Slot: I think I've had mine for 2 - got it from amazon for $130 I think. A good little machine that does its job well (2x a day for 2 years at least 1500 cups by now!) - but I still can't make as good a coffee as my friend's breville. For the price it's great.

      • +1

        The grip is low quality and the pressure is so bad on mine. Makes the most awful shite coffee you've every seen. Flimsy, milk frother is absolutely … bad… until you take the Panarello off, then it gets 50% better, but still not great. Urg. I'm spoilt with the BES870 maybe, I got this for the compact-ness. Keep in mind this is a 300$ product RRP but you can get the far superior Breville for sub 500 sometimes.

        I hate it. Someone buy it off me if you all love it so much ;)

        • Maybe take it back for a warranty claim. Nothing wrong with the pressure on mine

        • I agree the frother isn't up to the job. I use an Aldi milk frother instead. Other than that the machine makes very good coffee

  • +6

    Youtube Naked portafilter and unpressurized basket

    Got an aftermarket naked portafilter with unpressurized basket off ebay.

    paired with a smart grinder pro, takes 18g depending on grind settings with new basket. the portafilter that comes with the machine struggles with 14g for me.

    18g in, 60g out in 39 seconds, or 18g in 36g out in 19 seconds, no complaints.

    note: second hand EC680 instead of 685

    The steam wand can either do a rancilio swap or take out the silver tube and use cable tie to hold the tiny rubber nozzle in place. Does milk frothing fine but I only drink black so it could be annoying if you do milk with it daily.

    • What does it taste like when you run it for 39 seconds? In my limited espresso experience, I'd think it would be bitter by that point.

      • Erm. Ngl, I only got this machine and started playing with it for a month.

        Taste is so subjective… I lean towards darker roast and adjusted the grinds to suit my taste that I am comfortable with.

        Went through different grind size and dosage and am comfortable with this output.

        The video I linked to has a 59 second extraction time lol

  • Wow, I didn't know you can actually use pods on this one.

    I had one sitting in the cupboard collecting dust, might try using it with the pods as some suggested.

  • has anyone noticed when you switch to the milk frothing mode back to making a coffee, that it never heats up? you have to restart then unit?

    • +3

      you need to let the steam out for a bit and then wait a few mins to let the boiler cool down.

    • The machine might be too hot, check out this video.

      • Thanks for that. I didn't realise the water could be too hot. Always thought the blinking was just for heating.

    • +1

      Just let the steam out until it's totally empty. I do it into a cup of water. Machine comes back ready basically straight away.

      • +1

        second this

        1 - froth milk
        2 - switch back to coffee
        3 - buttons flash
        4 - put cup/container under steam wand
        5 - pull steam handle
        6 - goes through expelling steam/water for 15-20 secs then stops
        7 - put back steam handle
        8 - coffee now ready to go

        Basically - i think its just clearing out the wand

    • +2

      Make coffee first then stream the milk - you can do a shot with no coffee first and swish the water around the cup to heat it up

    • Yes I think this is mentioned in the manual - or at least I've noticed it happening when using it and trying to make multiple coffees - it can't go back to brewing after going to frothing mode. Weird feature, but that's how this works.

    • Besides running the steam, turning it off and then back on seems to do the trick

  • An FYI for anyone with one of these… froth the milk with the stupid bloody panarello off. Zip tie the rubber spout at the top if you have to.

    • +3

      Panarello wand works fine. Switch up to the hot milk setting after you have enough volume and angle it so the milk is swirling. You can probably go from 90% as good as a barista to 99% as good as a barista (assuming you have training) by doing the rancilo wand mod but it isn't really necessary. It is already leagues better than a table top milk frother like the aldi one.

      • Depends on what you think is good milk - There is virtually no chance of making microfoam with the panerallo on and it's very bad.

  • i have this machine and it is great however it is not pushing the coffee through the portafilter now it is just building up with water. Does this mean I have to put the pin through the hole? The descale light has not come on so I assume it isnt that.

    • +1

      Clean your basket. Use a needle or something and pock on the tiny hole at the bottom of the basket. I had the same problem

  • Thanks got 1, I used the suncorp rewards to get an additional $10 off. I did want to mention that i bought this machine for my parents over 3 years ago for $150 through an Amazon sale. Since then this is the cheapest I have seen it.

  • +1

    Don't waste your money using pods. Get a grinder - much cheaper, much nicer, much fresher. Takes the same amount of time.

    I bought one of these for my work office. Pressurised basket sucks, so I bought a single wall off amazon/ebay. Much better and the basket take more coffee.

  • I have the previous/gen model EC680 of this DeLonghi Dedica, and I'd say for the similar price I paid, it's a great compact machine that does not take alot of kitchen bench space. Only used on odd occasions, as I usually make a coffee at my work instead from a $700+ Sunbeam machine or $800 Breville, depending on which office I go to.

    Coffee taste is subjective, but for me the DeLonghi does not make a great coffee compared to $700+ Sunbeam. But considering it's $200, uses real coffee beans (have to buy a separate grinder) and being a compact machine, the coffee is OK and not too bad overall.
    The milk froth on this DeLonghi is very foamy when I make it to the correct temperature, rather than nicer creamy top you'd get from a more expensive Sunbeam at the same temperature. It could be just me, and not the machine, or the new model may have improved.

    • I also have a Sunbeam EM7000. This can make similar coffee if you ditch the pressurised basket and get a single wall. I never use the frother wand on either so I can't comment on how well that works.

  • Been waiting for this deal. Just picked one up, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Hi bought this machine around 4 months back.

    Mostly it is fine but I faced issue similar what is highlighted here. As a fix during warranty period, pump was replaced.

  • Does this machine have an OPV? Many thanks if anyone can confirm this!!!

    • +1

      No it does not

      • Thanks. What a pity.

  • I have a bulky Breville Duo Temp Pro… should I get this to save space?

  • Would it be worth going to this from a Lattissima One, notwithstanding the Lattissima is a pod only, while this also takes ground coffee?

  • Bought one of these recently to replace Nespresso machine and it's been really good. Don't really have anything to compare it to other than Nespresso machines, but it's definitely a marked improvement flavour wise over pods. There's also a certain satisfaction from grinding, dosing and tamping the coffee.

    However I did keep the "Aeroccino" milk frother as its very convenient and allows milk to be heated and aerated while I'm preparing coffee shot.

  • Not in the same price range but gotta ask the question anyway, how does it compare to Kmart one?

    • night and day.
      Delonghi is a real deal and will make you a great espresso.
      You will need to do some mods though (buy an unpressurised basket and remove the shroud from the frothing wand)

      • night and day.

        Do you have or have used the Kmart one?

        • no.
          I trust for that price you won't be able to assemble a quality unit with stable temp / pressure parameters.
          I tried similar machines in the past. Choice might praise this machine, but it does not convince me.
          here is another review
          this machine is known under Arielli, Swan, etc names outside AU

          I like build quality of DeLonghi, simplicity, temperature/pressure consistency and ability to dial in shots, which is all I need from the coffee machine. I was very impressed with what I got for $200

  • +2

    I have been experimenting with one of these recently, have added the rancilio steam wand from Amazon (delivery took about 1 week), and last week finally got the naked portafilter with unpressurised basket and 51mm tamper(which is too big) (aliexpress delivery took about 2 months).
    The improvement in espresso quality with new basket is significant.
    I would recommend a 49mm tamper, as the 51 jams in the basket.

    Portafilter with basket

    I have ordered this 49mm tamper

    Rancilio steam wand

    • +1

      Crikey you need to buy $95 worth of mods to make a decent coffee?

      • My thoughts exactly. Note, the machine also does not include a jar for warming milk.
        So total price 199+$x for jar +$95 for mods to make decent coffee.

        I would rather wait for the deal and buy breville duo temp pro which does not need all these mods

        • What is the cheapest price you can pick that up for and does it come with a jug?

          • @serpserpserp: Yes it does. Recently it was for $299 in BigW. Current its $329 if you can find stock. You can also use discounted wish cards to get further 5% off

  • Thanks for everyone's posts about mods. I already have an unpressurized basket. I need to mod the mod because the steam wand is atrocious.

    • @albot's post above has a good place to get the wand from, cheaper than amazon where I got my one (and Amazon seem out of stock atm)

  • +1

    New beans, dialed the grind in. 18g in the new basket, 35g out.
    Absolutely amazing looking shot, best coffee I had today.

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