Bamboo or Egyptian cotton sheets?

Years ago I bought a bamboo sheet set and hated it. They went hard and super course in no time at all, but I keep seeing glowing reviews on how great bamboo is. I need new sheets, I'm baulking a bit at how much Sheridan Egyptian cotton is, and I'm wondering if I just got a really lousy pair of bamboo sheets the first time.
Any comments on how you've found bamboo appreciated, and did they get better or worse with age (mine went downhill fast).
Any recommendations for super comfortable sheets available in Australia appreciated. My current sets are Sheridan Adkins 700tc cotton, pretty good but expensive, and there is also for slightly less money Sheridan Egyptian cotton 600tc, but again around the $200 a set mark. Would prefer something a little cheaper if possible.
All comments welcome.


  • we love our Ettitude bamboo sheet set so much that we're at the point of when we wash it, we don't put a new set on our bed and just wait for our bamboo set to dry so we don't bother with our other sets anymore

    We've only had it 3 months though and it's been washed fortnightly. It's still amazing. We follow the wash instructions carefullly like use the right soap, water temp, wash/dry it in by itself only use the delicate settings on our dryer.

    We recently stayed at a 5 star hotel and their sheets was no where as good as ours.

  • We have bamboo, I think we got them from Noosa bedding and beyond.

  • Super budget, but I've always been happy with the Target cotton 1000 thread count ones. They go on sale reasonably frequently so they're among the cheapest cotton sheets out there, I can't remember how much, maybe $50 or $60? Among the other cheap pure cotton ones, I find that KMart and IKEA ones seem to wear out faster.

    • +1 for the Target 1000 thread count cotton sheets, 6 years later and they're still soft as ever and for the price can't really complain.

    • I found the Target cotton 1000 thread count very heavy and hot in summer compared to the good quality sheets.

    • who negged you . let me fix it .

  • Bamboo for us but that's just a personal preference aka my wife's preference

  • I hate bamboo towels but absolutely love bamboo bed sheets. I got mine from Pure Zone, they are great so far.

  • Someone previously recommended these.

  • I bought some 1200TC cotton sheets 11years ago. They've been great and only started wearing out this year.
    They are very heavy which is usually ok but occasionally too hot in mid summer

    I started looking online and after hearing all the good things like softness, durability, coolness in summer and environmental Impact I purchased a 1000TC 65%,Bamboo sheets from mydeal.l for around $50 to try.

    They're quite soft and much more lightweight and so far (only a few months sorry) they're holding up fine.

    I'm happy enough I've started looking for some pure bamboo sheets.

    If anyone has recommendations for these at a t reasonably price happy to hear them

  • Have used the ettitude pillowcovers for 2 years and they are holding up great. Recently got PureZone sheets which are also great but haven't used them for long. Definitely prefer bamboo over cotton.

  • I'm swinging a bit towards bamboo, the only thing is that I've heard they can be very like lightweight satin and move around a lot on the bed. Is this right or wrong? Everyone who has bought quality bamboo seems to adore it.

  • I'm not a fan of bamboo sheets. They slide around at night and bunch up then you have to tuck them back under the mattress each morning. Very first world problem! Bought some from Ettitude but returned them for a refund after a week with their "satisfaction guarantee". Sticking with Sheridan 1000TC Egyptian cotton.

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    Bamboo sheets be likely not as you imagine.

  • I use bamboo sheets in the warmer months, they're lighter than my usual sheets and a lot more comfy for warm weather. Mine are a few years old now but showing no sign of wear - I have two sets that I alternate through October to April.

  • Bought a set of bamboo sheets from Adairs and they went hard and a bit coarse over about a year. Other bamboo sets from Ettitude however have stayed beautiful (follow washing instructions) but we found they tend to sleep a little warm, so actually better for winter. For summer, high thread count cotton is too stuffy for us and we actually prefer a 50/50 cotton/polyester fabric (pretty sure a lot of hotels use this type) as it sleeps cooler. Haven't tried them yet but I've also read linen sheets actually soften over time if you care for them properly, and they're very breathable too. Proper linen (French? Belgian? something like that) is pricey though!