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Philips Airfryer XXL HD9650/93 - $459 ($409 after Philips Cashback) w/ Free Shipping @ Appliances Online


Philips XXL Airfryer, usually $499. Currently $459 at Appliances Online, plus $50 cash back from Philips. So it’s $409 total.

I believe the markdown started either last night or today, but there are apparently less than 10 units remaining.

Philips cashback offer ends on 6/9/20, so you have to make a purchase before then. But you have until 4/10/20 to make the claim.
See details on cash back offer here: https://www.philips.com.au/c-w/promotions/fathers-day-cash-b...

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    That's a lot of money for an air fryer when I can get one from Kmart or Woolworths I for a fraction of the price. Why is this so expensive?

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      Are they the same size.?

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      Quality of materials? Design of interior floor of tray to direct airflow efficiently?

      My first Phillips is about 4 years old now.

      For those of you who haven't owned an air fryer yet, or possibly those of you who don't cook anything but chips in them… The problem with these nifty drawer-style air fryers is that if you use your air fryer a lot, it collects a coating of GUNK (aerosol'd oil?) in its innards above the drawer that after a while kinda, well, smells and reminds you that you're cooking your food in an appliance that may not be all that clean inside, aside from the parts you can directly see.

      So, IMHO, it's not really necessary to buy quality that'll last for 10 years because they don't make it possible to clean the interior above the heating coil that faces down toward the basket (Imagine buying an oven that can't be cleaned and you'll understand how ridiculous this is.)

      I really, really prefer the Philips, as I trust its non-stick coating not to flake off and poison me and its plastic bits not to infuse plastic fumes into my food. But the limited lifespan due to the inability to fully clean its innards makes me lean towards a cheaper clone I can just treat as a disposable item with a 1-2 year useful life, despite my annoyance at having to toss a still-working appliance because I don't feel it's clean to the standard I like (which isn't all that high… wanting to wipe down an oven's interior annually isn't THAT white-glovey).

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        I think if you mainly use it for frozen chips and pies etc than the cheaper models from Kmart etc can do the job. The main difference to me for this or the oven style model is how efficient the Philips cooks, I bought the following cheaper version of Breveille Air Fryer oven and while I am happy with it (2000 watts so stronger than the Kmart 3 in 1 ) as it has many benefits over the Phillips but when it come to making crackling pork, saving in time in cooking I think Philips has the advantage. The thing about my Breveille which I don't like is the preheating required, it will auto preheat 5 mins before the air fryer function really kicks in, it will start the preheating again if after the first set cooking time expired and you need to cook for longer even the oven is still hot, very annoying ! Also, despite I always turn it right up to the max of 220 degrees (Philips only requires 180 degree), the food don't come out as golden as the Philips. E.g, a batch of chips in the Phillips probably requires only 8 mins, but the same batch requires 15 or so mins from the oven style air fryer. The crackle of the pork skin does not come out as fluffy and crisp as using a Phillips. Having said that, if you want an air fryer with versatility, I still think the oven style is a better buy for long term use. I think mine is the cheap version of the more expensive Breveille Smart Oven (2200 watts?) but for the price I paid ($239) and the usability I am very happy with the purchase, I already bought 2 and when I need to buy another for a relative it is out of stock and I have been watching for over 2 weeks now, not sure if Target is bringing it back but if they do, I highly recommend it.


    • I agree. I currently own a couple of Kmart units, one 5.3l and one 3.2l. All up they cost me $158. Even if I was to replace them in 2-3 years, it would still be cheaper than buying one of these. Having had a Philips one in the past (when the cheaper ones weren't so prevalent), I honestly can't see any reason for the huge price tag.

      • Do you see any difference in the quality of the cooking results with the Kmart ones vs the Phillips? Do they take longer to cook? Are they as good at "crisping" things? (I'm tempted to just go out and buy one this morning.)

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          No difference at all. Sometimes you need to pause half way through the cook and give the basket a shake to ensure even cooking. Reheated left over chips or pizza are better than when 'fresh'. Checkout the 'Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia' facebook page if you want to see what people do with it. Roast pork, roast chicken, taco boats with various fillings are pretty common.

          • @wombat1955: So, in other words, people do the same thing with it as they do with the Phillips.

            The 5.3L one is $89. I think I'll give it a go.

            • @NWLikeShopping: I am tempted to buy the Kmart drawer type but decided against it when I saw it is 1800W against Philips 2225W, I think this is why the Philips is more efficient in its cooking results.
              Would really like to know if this Kmart one is just as good as the Philips and prove I am wrong, I want to buy the Kmart one just to do roast pork and chicken but worry about the result not as good as a Philips and also does it requires preheating ??

              • @sistermay: As I mentioned above, check out the 'Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia' facebook page and you will see what people people have cooked. It really is pretty amazing.

              • @sistermay: I noticed that, too… but have researched enough to know that 1800W is pretty high compared to other air fryers that come in at 1000W, 1400W, 1500W, 1750W.

                I believe the older Phillips ones like mine have a lower wattage than 2250, because some time in the past couple years Phillips started advertising their air fryers as "faster coking" than the older ones. The Phillips "Daily Collection" model is apparently still 1425W.

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                  @NWLikeShopping: Yes, that's why when you need intense high heat cooking like crackling pork, don't think any air fryers in the market can match Philips' results of thejir newer models (2225W) .

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                    @sistermay: Assuming that they don't match the Philips doesn't make it so. Actually using one would show you how well the cheaper ones make crackling. I've done it myself a number of times.

  • I want to know too? What magic does it have that others ones don't?

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      A Mercedes and a Falcon do the same thing but one does it better. This is what I have found with the Philips.
      PS: Im not knocking the falcon as I own one and love it to, but I would prefer a Mercedes.

    • Design, build and materials, size (the height is actually allot smaller), capacity and aesthetic if you care about that, keep warm function. I actually really like the slide out tray as opposed to having a bench space to place this on. Owned both

      • Got it. Do feel like it's overpriced by at least 50% still?

        • For named brands, there is always a price diffetential. If you need something that works well and does the thing is supposed to do, just get the Anko. If you're the kind of person that would swapll out the appliances in your kitchen and shove in a uniform Smeg range, then get the Philips

  • Interested in an older Phillips HD9630 XXL at a better price point?

    This one, https://www.catch.com.au/product/philips-hd9630-airfryer-xxl..., is $397 at Catch.com.au. Combine with the 15% off Catch GC's via Paypal, and get it for $337. Not as good as Myer's $299 offer back in July, but a decent price for a larger authentic Phillips air fryer.

  • How easy are air fryers to clean?

    Silly question but when you’re cooking frozen foods (chips, pies, dim sims, etc), how do you know which temperature to cook at? My sister bought an air fryer 2 years ago (can’t remember the brand but it’s not philips or anything) and it doesn’t include the 'frozen chips option' or whatever the other cooking options are. I don’t have one, so I wouldn’t know.

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      The baskets are really easy to clean, but they will build up gunk if you don't do it after each cook. Frozen foods in general are the easiest. I never use the presets and usually just put them in at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

    • I recently bought the mistral from woolies. I am now concerned about the inside, specifically where the coil sits. It's near impossible to clean that part and you bet stuff will start building up there. If you watch videos of people trying to clean their Philips airfyer on youtube, it seems like those people never clean the basket let alone the inside and then they show a shot of the coil and it's horrifying.

      • You could say the same about the state of some peoples ovens.

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          That is true. I live in a rental so I actually do clean my oven after every use. My parents' oven… phew. I naively tried to clean it with regular products and gave up.

      • i tend to chuck the drawer/basket and tray from the mistral in the dishwasher after every use… havent thought to check near the coil/fan.

        • turn the machine upside down for easy access to the roof of the interior.

  • you cook chips in deep fryer at 180c, and that is with oil making contact, so with just hot air, heat transfer is less than oil , so not sure if "too hot" is an issue in these air fryers for chips.

    • Frozen chips already have oil on them. If you make your own, you would lightly spray them with some oil before air frying them. 180c for 15 minutes fo frozen chips and they are very similar to what you get out of the deep fryer.

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