Is It Good to Buy 2nd Hand S34E790C Samsung 34 Inches Monitor for $400? or Buy New Xiaomi 34

I found a samsung S34E790C 34 inches monitor on facebook market place which looks good and asked for $400. Is it good price to put on this?
Or buy new xiaomi 34 inches at $500?
Appreciate your opinions on this.


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    yes it is good price to put on this

  • Do so at your own risk OP. You're potentially risking the lives of others.

    Does a bargain warrant leaving your house? Probably not. You're an adult, make your own decisions.

    • Thanks for the kind info…
      I decided that I will not pick up until lock down ends.
      Please don't put comments related to pick up and suggest me about the price for product is good or not. Otherwise i can buy xiaomi online.

      • Ignore everyone elses' advice and do what YOU want to do. Trying to ascertain value at what you already know is a bargain price point is a pretty null and meagre activity. Get the monitor you want, and forget about lockdown. Just wear a mask.

  • Honestly, I would probably go for the xiaomi at that price. I think it is worth spending a bit extra for the xiaomi. Especially considering the alternative doesn't cost much more and has better specs.

    I got the samsung 4 years ago brand new for $588 at MSY (pricing error though). At the start of the year I got another used one for $250 (had to spend about $15 of petrol to pick it up tho).

    I'm probably biased but I think it's a great monitor. I only realised this when I got it back home, but the used one had a faulty DP port. It only has 1 DP port, so I'm stuck with the HDMI ports. So maybe make sure all the ports are working