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Romoss 20000mAh 3-Input, Dual-Output, Digital Display Power Bank $16.09 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Good deal, coupon code takes off $7 in checkout
Free delivery for prime
Free if non prime if >$39
There’s other models of the powerbank there too
Can also add some cables and get a couple of $ off them

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hi OP, The link you've provided is for 1000mAh not 20000

    • Sorry about that, just use the drop down menu to select whatever model you like. There’s a few there

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    Faster Charging
    Advanced charging technology to ensure the fastest possible charge up to 2.1 A. (Does not support Quick Charge 3.0)


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      Bought the 10000 one for $9.49 anyway, just to throw in the car or work locker incase I really need it

      • +22

        Car is an excellent place to keep it during summer if you hate said car

        • +1

          ONE two three, KABOOM?!?

        • +1

          Microwave is also a good alternative


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        Don't keep a battery pack in the car unless it's always kept in the shade.

        • Especially these Lithium Ion Polymer (pouch) packs. 18650 ones are okay if you don't get the recycled ones

  • What's the difference between this one and the one the was on sale a few days ago https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B07TYW7YZ4?psc=1&ref=ppx_p... ?

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      USB Type-C Output.

      • Also, power direct…Meaning you can charge laptop or other similar devices.

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          18W USB-C output won't be enough to power/charge most laptop.

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          Don't look at the marketing jargon. Just look at the output power. Voltage must match. Wattage not so much. Worst case you can turn the laptop off and charge an hour for 20min use in a pinch.

          The OP post max 9V so not enough to charge most laptops. Macbooks range from 16.5v - 20v. Switch requires 15v to start charging.

      • Thanks for the info

      • They both have type-c output. Only difference is the fit+ outlet and PD.

        • $16 Model in this Deal has no USB-C output!
          USB-C only for input.
          Description & photos show 3 input, 2 output (both normal USB).

  • Romoss' quality control and warranty services are non-existent. Will never ever buy their gear again.


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      At this price you've got to have low expectations unfortunately

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      In that case, please neg the deal to warn others.

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      So far i have bought 4 varieties romoss power banks, 2 left in the car through summer and still going well…

      • I hope you have comprehensive car insurance.

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    Is the last photo deceptive or is this thing really that big?

    • Photos on amazon and ebay are often photoshopped. Always read the description to know actual size.
      “Small as an iPhone X: Super compact size of 5.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches makes it easy to hold in hand or fit perfectly in your pocket or purse.“

      • I didn't know an iPhone X was an inch thick.

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    Didn't need it so I bought one.

    • +2

      Welcome to the club

    • Buy first think later

      • The ozbargain ethos.

      • Dont tell the wife

  • Do I need one?
    Did I buy?

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      My Prime membership expired last week, which prevented me from buying this. So today I saved money

      • +1

        You gonna miss The Boys season 2, starting today. :D

        • +1

          Do you what, I've been a prime member for several months at a time and I always forget that I have access to their prime videos.

    • @CThomas The story of my life!!! :D

  • I believe there is no quick charge?

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      There isn't.

    • Fast charge only, considering its a portable charger it makes little real world difference. Even if its done charging, you're still carrying the charger.

      • It could if there's limited time to charge in between large travel legs.

        • In my experience using battery banks over the years I found it made very little difference in most scenarios, the only real standout is the higher powered units (60-100watt) used to charge devices like laptops that might make a meaningful difference.

  • Thanks op! got one

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    Can’t see it for $16 is it sold out?

  • This model is now OOS. Reported.
    Link goes to a different dearer model!

  • Price seems to be back up to $34.99

    • No, it's a different dearer model with USB-C output etc.

  • Got one, thanks

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      not right and I am not sure when they told you not to take on the plane if it's >5000mAh

      I took two mi 20000mAh in the same carry on luggage with Singapore Airlines and Qantas (this is was last year March)

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        Same. Flew a number of airlines with two 20000mAh powerbanks in my carry on. No issues.

        • Must be some domestic airports as I had to give up mine in Gladstone on the way out.

  • I got mine today. At first I thought it arrived broken because it wouldn't charge anything and it didn't seem to be charging itself. But I had to leave it plugged in to be charged for a minute or so and it showed 0% charge on the screen.

    Do these usually come with 0% charge?

    • Mine came with 72% of the out box.

      • Did you buy yours from this deal? My box was sealed with plastic and also the box had a large sticker on it that you needed to cut to open the box, so I don't think mine was used.

        It has been charging for 5 hours 47 minutes and is now up to 85% charge. Once it gets to 100% I will test it out.

        • This deal. Same packing. The build date on the side is 11/2019

          • @dealsucker: Something is definitely wrong with mine.

            It went from-
            0% to 85% charge took 5 hours 47 minutes
            85% to 90% took another 1 hour 40 minutes
            90% to 92% took another 2 hours

            I stopped charging it at 92% because it didn't seem to be charging any more. I'm testing it now to see how long it takes to charge my phone.

            My build date is 2019-09-16

            • @videoman: The charging after 90% is really slow. Mine's charging since afternoon and stuck at 98%. Turn the power off and then back on.

    • Mine came at 0% too

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