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[Kindle] Free Box eBook Set - Minecraft Diary of Skeleton Steve The Noob Years - Full Season Three- $0 at Amazon AUS & US Stores


The FULL SEASON THREE Box Set of The Noob Years (6 Episodes)

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S3E1 The Glitch
S3E2 The Sleeping City
S3E3 Survival Island
S3E4 Clearing the Caves
S3E5 Silverfish Problems
S3E6 The Spider Mines

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  • Thanks , I suppose the kids reading something is better than them not reading at all

    • Very true. The books should be well-edited so they should at least experience good spelling and grammar. Maybe you can steer them gradually to things more useful to their futures, such as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

      Whilom ther was dwellynge at Oxenford
      A riche gnof, that gestes heeld to bord
      And of his craft he was a carpenter
      With hym ther was dwellynge a poure scoler
      Hadde lerned art, but al his fantasye
      Was turned for to lerne astrologye
      And koude a certeyn of conclusiouns
      To demen by interrogaciouns
      If that men asked hym, in certein houres
      Whan that men sholde have droghte or elles shoures
      Or if men asked hym what sholde bifalle
      Of every thyng;

      • There was some flack around the Treehouse books that my kids were reading because they're dumbed down, cartoonish, too many pictures etc. My son with ADHD is now devouring Harry Potter and my daughter with dyslexia won't' stop reading manga.

        It's more important that something instils a passion for reading. Force feeding Chaucer would have made 'em choke! :)

        • Totally agree. The wimpy kids series got my kids addicted, limiting alternatives to reading probably helped too

  • Thanks, my 10-year-old can read these while he's taking a break from Thomas Aquinas.

  • I read Diary of a Creeper series to my daughter and she loves them (she's 7). If this is anything similar, she'll love it.

  • AU link seems to have expired. Saying $7.91 for me.

  • AU doesnt work anymore.