12 month contract - Best deals for gift card or re-selling phone

Currently on a Telstra $65 plan. Contract ran out last month and I am happy to take on a new 12 month contract around $60-$80 a month, with or without phone. Prefer to stick with Telstra or Optus.

I was waiting for a JB $500 gift card offer if you sign up for 12 mths on a $65 Telstra plan but I haven't seen these in a while. I know I have to port out of Telstra before I can re-contract. Other option is buy a phone with a contract and sell it on ebay.

Anyone seen any good deals out there? I am in VIC Metro so deal has to be accessible online.

edit: I don't need a new phone. I am happy with my Samsung S10 so I mostly want to take on a contract for the monetary benefits. I don't see a point in paying $65 a month (as I do now) and get nothing but a phone plan out of it. eg. I am happy to pay $400 for a phone and take out a 12 mth contract if I can sell it for $900 and make $500 profit. Covers my phone bill for the year =)

I don't use much data. 10GB a month is plenty for me. I just want unlimited calls and texts.

This is a good example of what I am looking for but hopefully a deal around $65 a month. I can resell the phone and make enough a of profit to subsidise my phone plan for the year =)


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    Question OP do you usually use all the data that come with those plans from Telstra n Optus? If not, perhaps look to other providers? Boost are always popular here and uses the full Telstra network. Woolies mobile isn't too bad either.

    Other option is buy a phone with a contract and sell it on ebay.

    Are you looking in upgrading your device? Won't make much sense adding in Device repayments over 12, 24 or 36 months if you plan to sell the phone, you'll be loosing money from the sale (considering ebay & paypal fees are pretty high)

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      Danny is right! Get Boost or similar, contracts are rip off 90% of the times.

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      OP was referring largely to JB Hi-Fi Telstra 12mth deals where you get either a voucher upfront or a new phone or a voucher towards a new device.
      It looks like OP wants the voucher or the device value on resale to offset the plan.

      65*12=$780 - less $500 gift card $280 - ~$280 a year with i think it was 60gb a month (i don't think you will get this with boost and to your point it's about data usage).

      I don't think it is going to happen OP


      Are these the replacement plans?

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        yes. that is what I am looking for but $99 a month now for $500 gift card.. sheesh…

    • No, I am not looking to upgrade phone. Just looking for a way to subsidise my monthly phone bill either through a gift card or by reselling a phone for profit.

      • looks like they caught up with people reselling the device to offset the monthly plan.. good ol' days..

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    It looks like OP wants the voucher or the device value on resale to offset the plan.

    Ah yes I didn't read it properly. Even so I think if someone doesn't fully use the data fully from a plan then it is a waste. But if the OP and others do use the 50-70GB of the data each month then it is worth it I guess.

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    pretty sure being in vic metro counts you out of all the jb hifi/good guys/harvey norman type deals, since they require you to be in store, you you've basically got no options aside from downgrading your plan to a lower tier one.

    Instead you should use this time to lower your monthly cost and deal with the "30 day port out rules" Recommend you port out to a low cost MVNO that uses vodafone like kogan or tpg.

    Understand that you would prefer to stick to optus/telstra, but the best deals are nearly always port in only, so you want to keep your options open. Hopefully retail starts to open up again in melbourne close to christmas, and there may be some good deals around that time.

    • Ok. I am guessing you specifically said Vodafone network because if I want to sign up with Telstra/ Optus on one of the JB Hifi / Good Guys deals, I cannot already be on the that network (even via a MVNO)? So I can't port to Boost for example, and then try to take on one of the JB Hi Fi+Telstra deals (and port back)?

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        Yep exactly.

        Harvey norman also sometimes have excellent optus deals, especially around christmas, but require port in also. Hence i suggest going with vodafone temporarily as you keep your options open.

        Boost/belong are excluded for the jb deals, unsure about other telstra MVNO's like Aldi.

        Though; you need to consider how much data you really need. The current trend with these mobile network resellers (jb/hn/gg) is that the value is eroding.

        E.g. currently you get a $500 GC with the $99 plan at JB, which even if you deduct full face value of the GC is $57 a month; if you don't need the 150gb you can probably do a lot better.

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