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[Android] Google Play Pass - 1 Month Free Trial, Then $7.99/Month or $49.99/ Year


Your pass to hundreds of amazing games and apps,

  • No ads and in-app purchases.
  • Monthly new titles added

Get started with a trial on us (new subscribers only), then just one low monthly price. Yearly subscription also available.

Its kind of a Store wihin Playstore for which you can get access without adds and in app purchases. Every thing is paid in Monthly or Yearly subscription.

Can be shared on 5 devices

Subscribe to Google Play Pass

When you subscribe to Google Play Pass, you’ll get hundreds of games and apps, without ads or in-app purchases. Play Pass won’t give you access to all of Google Play, just a selection of apps and games.

What you need
To buy a subscription to Google Play Pass, you’ll need to:

  1. Use a device with Android version 4.4 and above. Learn how to check your Android version.
  2. Have Google Play Store app version 16.6.25 and above.
  3. Be located in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
  4. Have a valid payment method. Learn how to add a payment method to Google Play.
  5. Have the same billing country and Google Play country. Learn how to change your Google Play country.
  6. Use a Google account. You can't subscribe to Play Pass with an account set up through your work or school.
  7. Be a family manager or able to create a family if you’d like to share Play Pass with your family.
    Important: If you’re a family manager, make sure to check all apps before you let any child in your family group install them.

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  • +3

    Already tried it for a month. Not a single app that I liked or wanted.

  • So what happens to the apps you install with Play Pass and then cancel your subscription before the free trial ends?

    • https://www.androidcentral.com/what-happens-your-apps-and-ga...

      Best answer: All the games and apps that you've downloaded as part of the Play Pass will revert to their paid or ad-supported status after the term of your subscription has ended. Google will preserve your save data and give you an opportunity to pay the one-time purchase price to retain each paid app, which allows you to keep the games you love. Meanwhile, free apps will remain available, although you will start to see ads and in-app purchases.

  • +1

    When most apps are only a few dollars, and you get to keep it after a month, there's no point in subscribing.

    • +2

      I'm more of a final fantasy on mobile kinda guy. There's something about squinting at a 3 inch screen, having trouble pressing the buttons and reading dialog that really brings those JRPG's to life!

  • Yeah, nuh…got it last month and never touched any of the very ordinary apps on offer. If it was across the board, then yes but with the crap that is on offer, then nuh.

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