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AWITW Music Bundle 10 - US$3 (~A$4.15) Minimum @ Groupees


It's that time again for a new AWITW music bundle on Groupees. AWITW is a very prolific French electronic artist who's music is mainly synthwave but he branches off into a lot of different styles of electronic music. As always the first two tiers are the new stuff since his last bundle and the highest tier contains his previous bundle AWITW 9 which in turns contains his 8th bundle which contains his 7th and so on.

So you're essentially getting ten bundles worth of music well over 120 albums, EP's and singles and 10% of your payment will be donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $3 minimum you get:

Atlantica (album)
Rapide Et Furieux (single)
Paradise FM (EP)
Lone Wolf (album)
Insanity (EP)
Walk Alone (single)
California (single)
Merry Christmas (single)
Lambeau Feat Bos MG x Stain (Prod. AWITW) (single)
Back In Town (single)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Oceanic Exposure (EP)
Temptations (EP)
Timeless (album)
Nostalgia (album)
Tales of Isolation (EP)
April (EP)
Cooper's Dream (single)
Angelo Theme (single)
Roads (album)

For $7 minimum you also get:

AWITW Bundle 9

The first two bonuses have already been unlocked once sales pass $1,000 you will also get:

Lumia/La Maison Dieu Remix (single)
Sonic The Hedgehog - Bridge Zone (AWITW Edit) (single)

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  • Thought it said AMITW and got excited.

    Did a quick Google and AWITW seems to be very unknown. That's a LOT of music released in under 2 years… the music equivalent of shovelware?

    I don't want to accuse OP of spam, but I'm not sure this is really a bargain.

  • Look I get it you're bored on a Saturday night and you decided to try trolling one of my posts. Practically everything you said about AWITW was wrong and for your information I make virtually all of the music & comics posts on here so I think unlike yourself I'm in a better space to judge what is what on here given my couple of hundred posts and couple of hundred likes over the years.

    Here is my post for the last AWITW bundle in April, 7 likes and 2 people leaving thank you comments:


  • Huh the album art of one of AWITWs albums reminded me I never finished watching Planetes…

  • Good for some background music on youtube videos….