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[eBook] Free - How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Was US$12.99) @ Amazon AU & US


Greetings everyone, this very popular book has gone free, a great pickup for anyone :)

4.6/5 Stars from 19,000 Reviews. From what I can tell, this has never been free before on Kindle unless I'm mistaken.

Amazon US Link

The iconic bestseller. The world's benchmark business and personal development book. This book will help you solve one of the biggest problems you face: how to get along with and influence people in your daily business and social contacts. Since it was first published in 1936, Dale Carnegie's all-time classic has been translated into almost every known language and continues to help millions of readers around the world.

How to Win Friends & Influence People can help you achieve these important goals: Get out of a mental rut, think new thoughts, acquire new visions, discover new ambitions; Make friends easily and quickly; Increase your popularity; Win people to your way of thinking; Increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things done; Handle complaints, avoid arguments; Become a better speaker and more entertaining conversationalist

As always, enjoy :)

Credit: HUKD

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  • US Link points to amazon.com.au as well…

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      Fixed lol, thanks :)

  • +3

    Thanks OP! This is one of the first books I read and still one of the best!

    • +7

      Is this seriously one of the first books you read?

      • +6

        Right after: Where Did I Come From? 🥚

      • +4

        Actually I wasn’t a reader. So technically this was the first book I read after school.

      • +1

        He/she could be right… I read my dad's copy about 50 years ago… I still have it and it is still one of the oldest self-help books around. It was still a best-seller 25 years ago when I owned a bookshop.

  • +14
    • Facebook friends don't count.
    • +3

      Not even if you paid for them?

  • Thanks OP

  • +25

    Chapter one: "You don't win friends with salad"

    • "You don't win friends with salad"

      • We should start a conga line

  • Thanks OP. I read this years ago. Look forward to reading again.

    • +10

      So it didnt help the first time? :P

  • +5

    Whats the point of having friends you don't like?

    • +3

      So your Facebook posts gets more liked.

    • Offers to do sponsored posts :P

    • +1

      To sell them Tupperware

  • +1

    Bugger! I just purchased this book.

    • +12

      Think of it as money well spent. Some books are worth every dollar :)

    • +3

      this is the book that you can read over and over, so money well spent, ebook is good but for this book, I definitely recommend hardcopy

  • +30

    Still waiting for the 2020 update "How to Win Influencers and Friend People"

    • +17

      I thought the 2020 edition was entitled "How to socially distance from friends and spot influenza people".

  • +1

    "how to ozbargain deals and influence retailers"

  • Can anyone recommend where to get the latest Audio Books? Or what service is the best value?


    • Search for Audible India VPN

      • It needed an Indian phone number last time I tried. Any solution for that?

        • +2

          I just registered recently, didn't need one. Maybe have another go

  • Does anyone know the anti-book to this one? I’m not recalling it as a memoir so I don’t think it was “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People”.

    • Maybe it was the Irving Tressler one not the Toby Young one (that got made into a movie)?

    • Rain Without Thunder by Gary Francione. Will ruffle feathers for sure.

      • Not free :(

        Well an interventionist can causes more problems than the problems they are trying to fix 😬

    • +2
      • Thank you! My googling was quite ineffective in trying to find it.

  • +8

    step 1: post good deals.
    step 2: wait for upvotes.
    step 3: get friends

  • Good book for the desperate. Personally I think is best to have a handful of real close friends than a bunch of fake ones that only follow you for not being yourself but trying hard to be popular and please everyone.

    • +6

      it's not about getting new friends per se, but how you should interact with people to get what you want

      very good, I highly recommend

    • +8

      I read this book back in uni days. Not to say that it's important, and like any "self-help" not to be followed as a set of rules, but in terms of general lessons it's quite good. If you haven't already, this book will make you think about the psychology of other people and how to have more positive and productive interactions. Its not meant to be manipulative, as in to necessarily "make friends" or "influence," but rather to improve your interpersonal skills. Everyone can find use in that.

      • +3

        Agreed, it's a misconception that this book is manipulative, i.e. it's not

        It's about how to build better and more positive relationships with people, and its quite good

    • +1

      I'd say it's excellent for networking.

    • +2

      Have you read the book? It has nothing to do with that

  • +4

    'Dont be a dick', saved you 300pgs

    • +5

      Actually it is “don’t talk too much, take an interest in people, let people talk over you”.

      • +6

        Actually it is “don’t talk too much, take an interest in people, let people talk over you”.

        Dont be a dick?

  • Does anyone know a way around this? (AU)

    This title is not currently available for purchase

    I can never redeem these freebies because of this.

  • Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

    I wonder if this is legitimate - this edition has illustrations by Team Prabhat Prakashan (illustrator). That is, are they paying royalties to his estate for the text?

    • +1

      The copyright to the book expires definitively in five year’s time, so I don’t imagine it was a very expensive license. The copyright on the new illustrations will remain for the rest of our lives.

  • +1

    The reviews suggest this is an abridged version. The original is ~291 pages and this is ~220 (including added illustrations).

    • +1

      The original version is USD 0.68 only on the US store here.

    • +1

      Considering it was written almost 100 years ago, it might be abridged for a reason.

  • +3

    Thanks letme finish how to stop procrastination first

  • +2

    This is OzBargain, buy/get now, worry about your friends later.

  • Yeh, friends are overrated…lol

  • I didn't like this book as much as other people, a lot of his stories felt a little sketchy, just a lot of 'of course that happened'. I don't know, just gave me the wrong impression as it's the entirety of the book.

    • +1

      Dale did rub shoulders with all the people he said he did in the book.

      • Not denying it, I just didn't like it I guess.

  • Is there a book on how to communicate and influence people via dm's after friending them through Facebook or following through other social medias? That's something I want to improve on. Obviously I met them in person before friending them on social media.

    • +2
      • +1

        sorry when i meant influence them. i mean better communicate, leave a positive end and gain closer friendships. haha not sell a product.

  • Already purchased. Oh no! Anyone else do the same? 🤦‍♂️

  • +6

    Everyone should read this book. The title is misleading, making it look like a self help books for people with no friends.

    Its actually a great insight into how people's minds work, how to work with people effectively, how to handle differing views, deal with children etc. And lots of other scenarios that aren't very obvious from regular life experience.

    Imo everyone should read this book, should be something that it taught in school.

    Highly recommended

    • Thanks for explaining it

  • +1

    I've had this book since the mid-80's and did the course as well. It's great to be able to re-read it any time I want on my Kindle instead of having to read the actual paper book, so thanks OP!

    I haven't opened areal book since I got my first Kindle Keyboard lol.

  • Hi All, am I doing something incorrectly here? When I click on the link - it says "This title is not currently available for purchase". How do I get it?

  • such a great book. read when was about 15. might read again

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