What Are Some Nice-to-Have Items that I Should Buy for My New Home?

As per the title. Have been renting so I have all the essential things (fridge, bed, tv etc) but as I’m about to move into my first home, I’d like to hear about your household items that seem non-essential but now you’d highly recommend to others? I guess it’s a bit of a celebratory housewarming present to myself…

Eg. Airfryer. (I already have one but this is a non-essential item which is more of a “nice to have/make life easier” item)


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    a cat

  • Dyson handheld vacuums are one of the most used things in the house. I can't vacuum with a traditional vac ever again.

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    Solar Panels

  • Smart security cameras

  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned stripper pole

  • Massage chair

  • Ice addict, heroin addict, eshays, Karen's, CCP members, anyone really will do.

    Your place doesn't need money it needs love.

  • A very nice outdoor setting, a Balinese coffee table, robovac (a Roborock S5 or better).

    Having said that don't go out of your way to accrue stuff unless needed. Because stuff accrues quickly until you have too much of it, then that old couch or table etc.. becomes a problem to get rid of.

  • moccamaster classic id say, plenty of cute colours i particularly like the pink
    then you get heaps of yummy coffee

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    This is my shopping list, currently renting 1 bedroom so space is limited for now. Hoping to buy soon but plenty of other smaller items in my list

    Air purifier
    Coffee machine
    Air fryer (I really want this!)
    Slow cooker
    Good cast iron pots and pans and pizza stone
    Proper house plants and raised veggie patch / box
    Lamps, nice vintage lamps (need some op shop hunting)
    Aboriginal art
    Frame my fave travel photos over the years

    You might to also consider

    Good vacuum cleaner (esp if carpet)
    Smart light / home kit
    Wifi speaker / Sonos / Nest Mini
    Home camera (more so to check on my furbabies)

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    Surprised no one's said - A home gym

    I'd been holding out to go back to my gym in June/July to do contact sports, this never happened so I've basically given up this year and spent a bit extra to get myself:
    -Squat Racl (pull ups, bench press, squats etc)
    -Barbell +olympic weights
    -Rubber mats cuz need to look after the concrete floor

    I can basically do most exercises I would've done in a commercial gym, less cable stuff or dumbell exercises but I'll probably make those purchases when stuff isn't as expensive or hard to come by.
    Commercial gyms in VIC at least aren't likely to open until the end of the year, and even then I'd expect that you'll need to book in your sessions on a limited time slot, constantly have to santise every piece of equipment etc etc.

    I can still fit my car in my garage, and I've basically set up a man cave that I can use to get away from the house when I need some alone time. Heck, I even have an old sofa and TV set up in there so its basically my home away from home at home now.

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    Nothing! Just buy what you need as you need it.

    This thread will only give you ideas of stuff to waste money on.

  • Great Thread,

    Anyone have recommendations on:
    Security Cameras? (Preferably a non subscription service)
    Quality Frying Pan?
    Smart Door Bell?

    • Eufy for wireless cams are great. Plenty of great reviews online. Good bang for buck on EUFY 2c. Currently no deals however :(
      Doorbell - Eufy again - no subscription and plenty of features. Ring's doorbell system is a subscription.

  • A dwarf Butler and a grand piano

  • Bowling alley.

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