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Spend $15+ & Get 25% off Your Order @ McDonald's via Mymacca’s App


Just found it under my reward section on the app.

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  • Sigh. PITA app. I have uninstalled it two or three times already now because it sucks so badly. CBF installing it again anymore unless they completely dev it from scratch again lol.

  • Anyone get been experiencing the app to fail to find the location? Been getting the 'We can't find any restaurants nearby' error for months now. Quite frustrating. Tried reinstalling and restarting with no luck.

    • I get that when I open the app at home on the wifi, then order and travel to the store, it says cant find store. I've learnt not to leave the app open before i get there.

  • ive only got a shitty $1 small fries… do you guys have multiple accounts and try your luck?