Good and Cheap Internet Service Provider?

What's a good internet service provider who can provide good speeds but is cheap?

I'm currently with Telstra on $90 a month unlimited on cable. Our area has NBN now so looking around. Any help will be appreciated.

I've always used Telstra just cause I don't know anything about other companies. I do want fast internet speeds with a preference for unlimited.


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    My picks:
    For good speeds Superloop or AussieBB
    For cheap 50/20 or 25/5 plan Spintel

    FYI, each page above has list of deals as well as a referral link that will randomly select one of the OZB members and gives you a bit of discount on sign up.

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    Just FYI, going for the cheapest option you can find isn't a good idea with NBN. I also wouldn't sign up to a contract. If the service ends up being sub-par, which is common, you don't want to be locked in for 12 months or more.

    Good luck.

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    Launtel. Pay per day, no contract.


    See if you can haggle with Telstra to give you Speedboost (100/40) without additional charges then they're the same price as everyone else. I'm surprised everyone's gotten more expensive when NBN should've done the opposite.


      Well we all get better speeds than ADSL2 so you know.


      When you spend nearly $50 billion on a new network they have to make you pay for it somehow… Too bad they wasted so much money that the real worth of the network is $10-15 billion and now we all have to pay much higher prices for barely better service.


    Mate is doing a good deal on 100/20 plan if you bundle your mobile with them. Haven't switched yet but want to!


    For some bias free advice on speeds and stability try the accc website.

    You’ll notice something like Aussie isn’t always fastest and seems to feature in the dropout figure frequently compared to some cheaper ISPs.


      There are a lot of issues with the "unbiased" data too, don't forget. It's not as black and white as it seems.


        Unbiased data issues is better than biased statistics. You can get a stat to support any argument you want to make. So motivation is important.


    Most providers have similar prices for data/speed tiers, imho go with a good provider that doesn't oversubscribe their network.

    I switched from MyRepublic to Superloop and have never looked back.

    Pm me for a referral code link that gets you a discount (goes for anyone really).


    I have signed up with Tangerine telecom, they have been very good and very reasonable prices.

    Also all below are unlimited usage plans

    NBN 25 = $49.90 per month for 6 months then $59 per month
    NBN 50 = $59.90 per month for 6 months then $69 per month
    NBN 100 = $74.90 per month for 6 months then $89 per month

    They have no contracts and a 14 day trial so you can switch out if not happy. Also if you PM me I can give you a referral code for $25 off first month. (Others welcome to PM for for code)


    spintel is not as good as tangerine in service.

    if you are on cable, find out your speeds and then compare plans.
    nbn might be slower.

    tangerine is cheapest so I switched to it, but make sure your cable speed is matched for the nbn.


    Check out Future broadband.
    Just going to paste what i said in the other thread and add some more..

    It’s cheaper and better value if you use less than 1000GB a month. Most ISPs are charging a bit higher to bump your upload up to 40 from 20.

    It’s not unlimited but their system is different, your unused data can be used in future months (databanking) so you can hop around different data plans to save, you can also prepay to save 8% - I’ll pay $79 for 100/40 first few months, then $82~ for 6 more, etc..

    Sign up does cost $55, to balance that out use a referral code to get $35 credit, 1000GB plus the 2000GB included databank for sign up. Also costs $25 to change speeds so best pick one plan and stay on it.


    Use belong its really cheap 55/month Nbn speed of 30-40Mb down/16-19 Up

    Combine that with free modem+ free 80$sim + 40 $referal bonus (20$sim,$20 nbn)

    They use Telstra network too
    Only downside is shitty customer service