10% off (up to $15) Your Pet Food Order at Petcircle.com


I can't find the details on this code, it popped up during checkout as a modal.
From testing, it appears to be 10% off any pet food order, up to a limit of $15.
It doesn't appear to work for snacks/treats or maybe there's a minimum spend involved.

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  • Existing customer here. Placed an order, proceed with payment but got a technical fault message at the end. Credit card seems to be charged… Hmm

    Edit: checked with live chat, order gone through. No issues

  • Thanks. Got $8.44 off my $75.99 order. So actually a bit more than 10%.
    Seems like it took off 10% of the pre-auto delivery discounted price.

    • Great catch, the coupon is indeed calculated on their item price, not the discounted auto-delivery price.

  • That's great

  • Knew I should have waited a bit later in the day to order dog food.

  • awesome thanks, ive grabbed some and setup some future deliveries!

  • Thanks, also works with Vet and prescription food, which is a rarity.

  • Unfortunately they have inflated price since of late. They used to be one of the fair/cheaper options not long ago. Now theyโ€™re like one of the most expensive online marketplaces (Eg. Ivory coat dog food)

    • That's a shame, for the prescription food I get they've been pretty decent.

    • Agree, they're not as competitive across the board as they used to be (and they're annoyingly going down the auto-delivery road where that's the only way things are cheaper), but I'm not sure your specific item not being a good deal is really calls for a neg.
      With the code it still makes a lot of items cheaper than elsewhere (e.g. Savourlife lite @ $67.55).

  • Thanks op brought forward an order with this

  • Great, just got some more food for the pup and cat.

  • Does the code still work for anyone? I typed in the code and applied, but there's no discount. Not even a message whether the voucher has been applied successfully

  • I found a $1 credit card authorisation fee on my statement from pet circle.

    Emailed them but no response as of yet.

    Anybody know what this is about?

  • Says coupon invalid now ๐Ÿ˜ž

    • Just used it then, no issues for me. As OP says, there might be a minimum spend or it only applies to certain categories.