Redirecting Parcel When Delivering to Wrong Address

Hi all,
I ordered something on amazon and accidentally had it sent to my work address instead of home. It’s already been delivered. As I’ve been stood down and in Melbourne, I can’t collect it. In the past if a letter was sent to my address, I would put RTS or new addresses to be redirected. Can you still do this and can you do it with parcels (I’d only ever done it with letters). Or do you have to repackage it and put new postage on it? Has anyone been in this situation before?
I was going to get a workmate who can still go to the workplace send it to me, and trying to do it as cheaply as possible as I know it was my error.
I’ve tried looking online but can only find info about redirecting before it’s been delivered. Thanks

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  • If you do RTS it will go back to the sender and you will likely have to pay a second postage from them. If you’re ok with that - it’ll work - but you’ll need to tell the sender and also it’ll take time.

    If there’s a chance someone can collect it from the workplace and just deliver it to you - this would be easiest for you. Though I understand it would mean you would need someone who lives in your 5km (or if yours overlap somewhere and you can “bump into each other” in a supermarket car park?) and also can access the workplace - likely not that helpful).

    Your option of getting the workmate to pick it up and post it will be quicker than the first.

    • Workmate is happy to collect, was hoping she could just put the new address on it and the post would deliver it there without paying for new postage.

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        Wouldn't all postage be free if this was possible? Am I missing something?

  • Does your business use courier companies or Aus Post for parcels? Maybe your workmate could slap a new label on it and your shipping department could slip it in with other outgoing items?

    • Yeah I like your thinking. I’ve asked her is she can find their prepaid postage bags and pop it in one of them.

  • You've said it's already been delivered, so as far as Amazon is concerned, it's done and dusted…they delivered to the address you asked them.
    Its too late to refuse a delivery, and RTS without getting a return approval from Amazon, well good luck with that. And even if that happens, someone has to have access to the parcel to mark it RTS and get it sent back, in which case, as pjetson says, why not just get them to send it to you?

  • No I don’t want to RTS (that was just an example of what I had written on letters in the past), but was seeing if you could do something similar but put an address on instead of RTS and the postie will send to new address. Trying to save on postage cost. Workmate is happy to post it for me.

    • I think technically your work friend can black out the the return address, then put "Not at this address, should be: xxxx, yyyy". That way they can't send it back to return to sender and they have to send to your address (though you will definitely have to pick it up because they can't return either lol and could be risky, they could dump it? Or ask you to pay when it arrives at your post office which would be cheaper?).

      Keep in mind though that if they do just send it, I guess technically you're basically stealing postage from the post office I guess. Though they would have to do a delivery both ways. So depends on your ethics I guess?

  • What's worked for me in the past is just crossing out the current address and writing the new address to send it to and the LPO accepted it and processed it without any issues.

    • Thanks Hithere, Good to hear you’ve done this before and your LPO accepted it. I might get her to try this then and if any issues to pay postage and I refund her.

  • Did you get your parcel, Zippy? What method did you choose?