What Is ACL Warranty? Roborock S5 Has Broken at 20 Months - Does Warranty Apply?

Hey guys

I have a roborock S5 that I purchased in Nov 2018. It has been throwing a fan error code 18 the last month. It is now only working intermittently. I have contacted gearbite and they state it only came with a 12 month warranty but will service it for $99.

Do you think this falls under ACL and they should be made to service it as under warranty?

I have looked it up on ACCC's website and see no obvious language that states this would still have warranty, but I was always under the impression that all goods in Australia came with a default, at minimum, 2 year warranty. Am I wrong in thinking that?


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  • Would a reasonable person expect as $600 odd robovac to last longer than 12 months? Yes.

    • Yes, that is how the ACCC seems to put it. But how is this enforced and how can I use it to get my robovac serviced without incurring a penalty?

      • You have to fight for it, it doesn't seem to be actively enforced. Perhaps inform gearbite of their responsibilities under the ACL, and see how you get on.

  • There is no "default" warranty length, just that products are meant to be covered for a "reasonable" length of time with regards to their cost. In other words, if you don't think 12 months is reasonable considering what you paid for it then you have to be willing to get up in front of a judge and convince them why.

    • Well, I can't be bothered doing that. To be honest, $99 doesn't seem like much to pay if they pay for shipping as well (which I think they do). I'm just curious if I have rights here I'd be waiving by paying?

      • What does 'service it for $99' mean? Is it a full repair and replacement no matter what's wrong with it (unlikely) or is it just a service diagnostic check of the unit (more likely).

        This could mean any minor issues is resolved or if there's anything majorly wrong with it and needs parts or they determine it's user/wear and tear fault, you need to pay additional to fix it.

        Confirm this before you pay anything.

        • This is their initial email:
          “ Sorry to hear that you have error 18.

          In this case, please try to clean fan by following below instruction


          If you still have same problem, you may need to return to us, we will fix for you with around $99 if you over warranty.”

          The fix didn’t work and when I informed them that it should be under warranty as it is not even 2 years old, they said the warranty is only 1 year. I think I may have to push a bit for ACL. It does sound like they will fix it for $99 with shipping. Although, on rereading it on posting it here, this may not be the case and, if I have to pay shipping, I will definitely be pushing ACL.

      • Are they paying shipping each way?

        Do you access to a decent sized box, and bubblewrap?

        Depending on the size of the box, it may cost @$20-30 to send depending on your location, and where they are.
        Otherwise you could use Sendle, which would be cheaper, but not as reliable (They use Fastway and Couriers Please).

  • I don't know much about these robots. It also depends on if you purchased from an Australian store & if it's a grey import.

  • I would force the issue of ACL, as per Dept of Fair Trading .

    If you’re unable to resolve the matter with the business, you can contact us on 13 32 20, or make a complaint online.

  • Gearbite have an active rep (last online 20mins ago)

    PM them

  • Yes, you're wrong in thinking that.

    It will depend on the product and the price.

    Where did you buy it from and what did you pay for it?