Have You Ever Watched a Movie and Realized You Didn't Enjoy It? if So, What Movie?

I watched I'm Thinking of Ending Things last night after seeing the trailer on YouTube. The trailer made me hopeful - it seemed somewhat like the movie Get Out where a man is meeting his girlfriends family and strange things begin to happen.

What I got was two hours of pretentious dialogue and not much else. A suspenseful thriller becomes a 10 minute long dance number (apparently from the musical "Oklahoma"). The whole time I was waiting for something interesting to happen. The movie has a rating of 7/10 on IMDB and I just don't understand why. It's not a drama nor a thriller. It's a surreal movie that achieves nothing and I wish I had seen something else. You could argue that the point of a movie is to make you feel something and it achieved that by making me feel angry. It reminds me of the time I slogged through an hour of The Lobster.

Maybe I just don't appreciate art. I've never been one to walk into an art gallery and marvel at someone who has thrown paint at a canvas.

Anyway, what films have you hated/walked out of the theater/returned to the DVD store in disgust?

Edit If you disagree with people's opinions, write a comment. Don't just neg vote them because they hate a movie you like.


  • 40 Years Only Virgin.

    I like Steve Carell but just not in this one.

  • Waiting for the Barbarians


    An American Pickle.

  • In Time.

    Gattaca was great.

    • In Time

      I thought it had a great premise but the execution could've been a lot better.

      • And the constant whinge about how the time is stolen. Zero effort in the movie to explain how it is stolen. Zero evidence in the movie that it is indeed stolen.

        It's just, "take our word for it." And to justify the violence and ridiculous claims, they remind us by getting the lead characters to repeat it at random intervals, "it was stolen".

        Big step down from Gattaca.

        • Plus the never ending lame puns. I wouldn't have ever connected it to Gattaca until you mentioned it in this thread. Not even in the same ballpark.

        • Time was stolen by arm wrestles to the death.

        • I believe they were showing it was stolen by having the person with millions of years of life say that for somebody like him to live that way their system of economy had to have millions of those living in the outer zones die over a few minutes. They were literal vampires stealing the life from others. In time is a vampire movie where humans are cattle and they are kept in their pens by time keepers, or herders.

          It has similarities to gattaca in the way that we see pointless inequalities based on genetic differences being the driving reason for job hiring. They show a person without these differences achieving their dream and being capable.

          basically the privileged are often just thieves who step over the corpses of others to get what they want.

          • @sarahlump:

            basically the privileged are often just thieves who step over the corpses of others to get what they want.

            Lol. How typical a response.

            Envy at its finest.

            "Everyone who is more successful cheated to get there."

            • @tshow: im sorry, did you even watch the movies? literally everybody who is ahead in them cheated others to get there. you summed them up in a single sentence. Why are you arguing with me by agreeing with me?

              Are you the person who watches ww2 movies and complains when the nazi's loose?

              • @sarahlump: The comment literally spells out that the all the movie does to establish that the time was "stolen" is that the actors kept repeating it and expecting us to take it at face value.

                I'm just going to ignore your comments because it is pointless and you are starting to draw random comments about nazis which are historical and require no establishing scenes vs a sci-fi hypothetical scenario. If that isn't downright stupid (not a personal attack but a reference to the above comparison), I don't know what is.

                Maybe my ability make a valid arguments helped me in my financial success. Bah, who am I kidding. I stole my money. Hahahaha.

                • @tshow: 'our lives are being stolen' 'out lives are being stolen'

                  In film much like in reality the events happening are transmitted to the audience via speech. The words the actors use aren't just there to sound pretty from their obnoxious American accents. They tell the story.

                  The rich people: "we have to kill all the poor people by raising their taxes and cost of living so we can live forever"

                  the poor: "they are stealing our lives so they can live forever"

                  watch the damn movie

                  I can only assume you're like people who watch movies and wish the nazi's would win. what does this mean? you're wealthy and when you see other wealthy people doing something wrong you blame the poor people for existing and being hurt by the wealthy. Nobody's saying that if one wealthy person hurts somebody you are, we're saying in general wealthy previliged people are often shit people, you just happen to perpetuate that in your day to day actions.

                  Do you see people heating their houses with cow shit in sweat shops in India and think. Huh, maybe the absolutely devastating inequality between how I live and how they live means I've stolen from them??? because we absolutely have. Thats how they show that they've stolen. it's not just them saying it was stolen, learn how to watch a movie properly.

                  • @sarahlump: Lol. You're just green with envy that other people are able to make better lives for themselves.

                    I can see why they make the movie the way they did. Cash in on the envy brigade.

                    • @tshow: Tshow, get mad more, i'm trying to explain a movie and you're up here wishing for a 4th reich, grow up.

                      • @sarahlump: I'm not the one that's mad. 🤣

                        You're the one who's upset that others are more successful.

                        I am convinced you don't know much. The Nazis took the wealth from the Jews by claiming "they stole it in the first place."

                        I don't think you'll get the irony. Envious people seldom do.

                        • @tshow: tshow, at no point in my life have I been envious of others wealth.

                          im 27 and I've blown through millions of dollars on things that have interested me, and now I'm spending a few years living cheaply reading books. I live a pretty great life. I get angry at things like cops murdering people in their care, refugees being locked up and cis het men. Nothing makes me more disappointed in this world then cis het men. I'm sure you share my dissapointment.

    • Gattaca should be classed as a classic of our times.

    • I am a bit confused, are you talking about In Time 2011?
      That was a good movie for me, I really enjoyed it.

    • I really enjoyed In Time

  • The Room

  • Gone with the wind and The Notebook

  • +7 votes

    That latest charlize theron film on netflix, fell asleep after 10mins

    • The Old Guard? I thought it was a good premise. I'm sure I could have constructed a better plot for it though.


        That was it!

        Seems to be a trend of sticking an A lister with nobodies and pumping something out

      • I thought it was ok. Worth it for some of the action sequences (especially the axe bits). The ending sucked though

      • I thought the beginning was good, but then it just got dragged on and on.

    • Is it like Atomic Blonde? Decent action scenes, crappy story and pacing. I don't understand the rave reviews at all.

  • Wild Wild West, I walked out of the cinema half way through.

  • Deadpool 2, despite enjoying the first one.

    It just didn’t sit right, none of the jokes really worked for me. Ended up turning it off midway.

    • Yeah totally agree felt like it was trying way too hard the second time !

    • Its ok, definitely not as good as the first - a bit overboard with the jokes.

      Also Josh Brolin, though a good actor and perfect as Thanos, just didn't do it for me as Cable. Not burly enough and a bit too wrinkled..

    • Mulan - So bloody boring
    • The Old Guard - I had seen better action movies 20 years ago
    • John Wick 2 & 3 - I like Keanu Reeves, even though I don't consider him to be a great actor. Still, I have enjoyed a lot of his movies. I just don't get the hype around these
    • Dunkirk - Yes yes, I know Nolan can do no wrong and I'm a die hard fan of his works but this did nothing for me even though I usually enjoy war movies.
    • Agree re. John Wicks 2 and 3. Some of the dialogue…. sheeeesh. I get that it's an action movie so writing an amazing script isn't really essentially but some lines in JW3 were so cringeworthy, they sounded like a 5 yr old wrote them.

      Great action set pieces though, heaps of fun.

      • I thought they got a bit too complex on the fightscenes in jw3. You could see that there were times when the fighters were waiting for Keanu and vice versa. That could have been edited out but I suspect that they had a release schedule/budget to stick to.

        Also, Keanu can't beat father time. He's slower in jw3. Maybe from a bunch of training/overtraining issues inherent with being such a hands on stuntman/actor?

        I'll still watch them all once they're on Netflix. It's definitely still heaps of fun.

        • All 3 are on Netflix now. I struggled to get through the first one. Gave 2 and 3 a miss. Shame as I thought I would enjoy them after hearing all the hype.

        • I figured he was meant to be slower in the 3rd film. It picks up immediately after the 2nd and he was exhausted and badly injured by the end of that, so all through the 3rd he’s just running on fumes.

    • I gotta agree with Dunkirk and John Wick 3, especially Dunkirk, I do not understand why there is so much praise for it.

      • IMO, Dunkirk is good for telling a story through very little dialogue, but relies heavily on the viewer's understanding of the consequences and events that unfold on the early years of WW2. Majority of reviews come from American publications, and in America, WW2 is given a heavy focus in school.

      • Technically, it's a masterpiece, a lesson in film-making. I didn't care much for it though, but do appreciate the beauty of it.

    • I’m a Nolan fan too and haven’t watched the new movie Tenet and also Dunkirk. Other day a colleague , at his 50’s, actually said he loved Dunkirk so was going to watch,

    • +1 for Mulan. Was a father's day from the family, so it was paid premium on Disney plus.. what a waste of money and time.

  • Agree with you OP - The Lobster was absolute shite. Pretentious dribble masquerading as art. Turned it off with 30 minutes to go as I gave 0 cares about it.

    Now You See Me - Even worse. This movie actually makes me angry with how much I hate it. Just absolutely terrible. I wish we could re create the whole standard movie rating scale just so we can go into the negatives for this tripe.

    World War Z - Not a terrible film per se, but going into it expecting it to be even remotely similar to it's literary namesake definitely made me angry. It's not a bad film - give it its own name and do a proper adaption of the book!

    Everybody Wants Some!! - I think I must have watched this around the same time I watched The Lobster, as I thought "This is it, cinema is dead." Just boring crap, nothing happens, a slow moving (think glacial speeds) boring piece of film in which the viewer can tune out for 2 hours, look for their car keys, find them, subsequently lose them again, find them once more, get some chips from the shop and come home to the end of the film and realise they haven't actually missed anything of value. What genuinely irks me is that it (and The Lobster) got a positive reception and duped people into watching them.

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - My vagrant traveller mate absolutely loves this film and was spruiking it before watching. In its defence, it has phenomenal cinematography and an appropriate soundtrack. The rest of the film falls flat. I actually struggle to articulate why I hate this movie so much. It could be to do with the protagonist's severe reluctance to actually do anything with their life that feels unrelatable to me, but all I remember is thinking that it's a nicely shot film, shame about the plot.

    Lucy - A bus driver (in the typical sociopathic nature of bus drivers) decided to put this on for us on a trip. Wow, what a ride. I mean, just read the plot on wikipedia and you'll be able to determine from that alone that this movie will be terrible. But if you're a masochist, sit through it and feel your blood pressure rise at the sheer stupidity of this trash.

    • The lobster is great.

      • In what way is it great?

        Do we just not understand it properly?

        • I don't think it is as deep as everyone says, the surface level awkwardness and unnatural restraint is a feature of the movie and story, but that's it. It's not a slow creep, you either see the value in what the weird undertones bring, or you can also rightly say it's too weird and doesn't add or is unnecessary to the narrative. You can 'get it' and still not like it.

        • Lanthimos takes an absurd situation, but then has the characters react sincerely to the absurdity. He did a similar (but marginally less absurd) thing with Killing of a Sacred Deer.
          The suspension of disbelief is the fun in it.

          • @lord henry: Dystopic movies can be hard to grasp. I stumbled onto it on foxtel movies free month and was captivated by it and thus enjoyed the absurdity. If you go in with preconceived ideas, you will constantly be questioning things, which detracts from the experience.

      • I agree, I liked it, I thought it did a good job portraying that parallel world.

    • Now You See Me was so trite.

      World War z - i enjoyed it but hadnt read the book which probably helped. It had a terrible production and went through massive changes and turmoil.

      Walter Mitty - its an attractive film with a oremise that is tailor made for me but it did fall a bit flat. I think i makred it as something like 'okay'.

      Lucy - completely went off the rails fiasco but at least it fails spectacularly. I was very disappointed though.

      • I found Walter Mitty a little weird on first watching, but have watched it countless times since and love it. There's something really magical about a lot of it. It probably resonates differently with everyone though, depending on where you are in life…

    • Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my favourite films.

      It's gorgeous, soundtrack is by one of my favourite artists (Jose Gonzalez), and the story makes me want to go on an around the world adventure.
      It's not perfect; far from it, but it's an enjoyable little romp.

    • Couldn't agree more about Now You See Me. It actually made me angry. Then they made a second one which I assume must be the worst movie in the entire world.

      My other nomination. Face Off. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

      • If you hate the first Now You See Me, you'll hate the second one even more! A part three is in the works as well.

      • Face Off is hilarious. Take it as a comedy and you'lll enjoy it!

        • You are possibly right, but at the time I just thought it was terrible. I will never know because I will never watch that thing again.

    • I agree about Now You See Me. The only thing that makes magic slightly interesting is that wondering how the magician managed to make the trick work. Magic in a movie isn't interesting at all because there's no mystery. The whole movie was literally just one long Deus Ex Machina, it was possibly the most lazy and boring writing ever.

      I disagree with you on Walter Mitty though. I normally don't like Ben Stiller but that movie captured my imagination well.

    • Yorgos Lanthimos isn't for everyone. But basically every film hes made is nothing short of incredible, including The Lobster.

      But saying that, I understand for a lot of people its not going to be something they enjoy, its going to go way over their head or they aren't going to appreciate the weirdness of his stories/settings/characters/themes.

    • Only one of these I've seen is Now You See Me - and completely agree - one of the biggest piles of crap I've ever seen. You don't make a movie about people performing magic tricks, then do wanky crap like they did which couldn't be possible whatsoever. Wasn't expecting much from it to begin with… but ughhh, just thinking about how awful it was makes me mad I'll never get those minutes back.

    • Everybody Wants Some! is a kind of sequel to Dazed and Confused. I love them both but you’re right that “nothing happens”, it’s more of a hang out movie with smokey vibes than a plot-driven thing.

  • Keanu reeves newest bill and ted and the one about duplicating his wife and children. Watch half way and give up.

  • The new mutants just came out and it was woeful,

    • That one is no surprise. It is up there (in the crapfest rankings) as the "new" fantastic four and ghost busters.

      • I think those movies atleast tried, new mutants should of been released as a Netflix movie. It’s like they rented a mansion via Airbnb and filmed the movie in a week.