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Brioche Burger Buns 4pk $1.99 (Was $2.49) @ ALDI

  • Made in France with rich butter and fresh eggs
  • Pre-sliced
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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  • Brioche bread of all types are the best ever. Looove the butter rich ingredient. Aldi is the go to for affordable, good quality brioche and also for waffles. Yummm!

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    No, tell them they're horrible, and that they're not worth trying…

    … There is never another Aldi Brioche buns to go around. They are awesome! (Thanks OP!)

  • in for 20,
    i wish they had Hawaiian sweet rolls here.

    • i agree, im actually not a fan of the Brioche buns , but when i lived in the states, i realy loved the Hawaiian sweet rolls !

  • Weird has colour in the buns to make them look yellowish. Normally naturally butter that makes it yellowish. Taste weird, otherwise a nice bun.

  • These are insanely good, but gosh darn they're shipped all the way from France!?

  • let them eat brioche

  • If you feel like trying some home baking, these are delicious:

    How To Make The Best Burger Buns Of All Time - 2,376,098 views can't be wrong!

    • Agreed. I find Brioche a bit too sweet and most Aussie burger buns seem to approximate carpet.

      These are good and I've also tried pure milk buns. Just a lot of hard work to make unless you're into baking - although you can buy these from specialist bakers if you try hard. My local baker looked at me blankly when I mention milk buns…

  • These go well with them Mexican flavoured beef patties, god i love aldi.

  • How many hamburgers of this size do ozbargainers eat , considering a quarter pounder or whopper seems too small for meals form the voting…. the Aldi buns are a bit small for me for a 1 burger meal personally, by the time you pout 200gms on meat on one these, bacon, cheese, tomatoe and some lettuce it's a very high stack burger.
    Rather they made the buns wider,

  • This is the direct consequence of:
    - we want higher minimum wage
    - we do lip services promoting less plastics wastage
    - our younger generation appreciates $5 single origin sustainably harvested award winning coffee but do not care to know how to make a good brioche bun
    - our food and safety department successfully suffocate the industry by putting red tapes all over

  • Can anybody enlighten me on the duration of super savers? I have noticed some meat ones go on sale for about a week, wednesday to the following tuesday, but the pantry ones seem to be there for two weeks+ but I could never figure out when they end?