Brioche Burger Buns 4pk $1.99 (Was $2.49) @ ALDI

  • Made in France with rich butter and fresh eggs
  • Pre-sliced
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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  • really nice buns hon

  • Made in France with rich butter and fresh eggs

    I call BS…

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      I call BS on your claims of BS

    • What's the diff between 'rich' butter and 'poor' or 'middle-class' butter then?

      • The difference is rich butter has total different meaning in this instance. Nothing to do with wealth status.

      • Upbringing.

      • Rich butter would be pepe saya or Beurre d’Isigny. - $9 - $10 for 200g.

        Middle class butter would be your Lurpak. - $6 for 200g.

        Poor butter would be your Western Star / Coles butter, if you can even call it butter.. - $2.50 - $3 for 200g.

        • real question here: as someone who basically only uses poverty butter… what is the different between these different types of butter? i'm assuming all of them have the same minimum cream content etc.. what actually makes the fancy butter better?

          p.s. i can't afford to buy them to test them out yet… ;)

          • @osaya: Here in Australia our tastes are different.. we now want spreadable butter which is cut with vegetable oils and fats.

            Real butter is almost white in colour not a blatant yellow colour.

            It's a bit like the honey debate.. it's adultered to keep costs down.

            As for Beurre d’Isigny, it's only made in one region in France, so you can't replicate that taste as the cows feed on pastures in that region, that is exclusive to them. It's like how sourdough in San Francisco can only have that taste if it's made in San Francisco due to certain yeast and bacteria in the air.

            • @Combo64: thanks for the explanation! will definitely check some out next time!

              • @osaya: I'll add that French butter is smooth, has no salt (unless specifically salted) and the best ones are handmade, or "recette traditionnelle".

            • @Combo64: The irony of how we claim that we have the best croissant in the world (Lune Fitzroy, Victoria), but still rely on French imports to make something that involves roughly 5 ingredients.

              No wonder the government imposed so many taxations to prevent French wines from flooding the Aussie market. No wonder Australia is one of the few countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement with France, but does have a AU-CN FTA.

              • @Jojo-Ma: I wonder if that's why french champagne is $80 a bottle here, because of the tax?

                Such as Verve, Tattinger etc.

                • @Combo64: More likely the high excise we pay on alcohol vs just being from France.

                  • @OzzyBrak: Yes, they called it the sin tax; excise. This is a lazy way of ripping everyone off.
                    Let's just be conservative, assuming 80% of our population being savvy, sane, and are responsible drinkers; let's just say 10-20% of population have some degree of alcohol abuse issues. Why punish the majority 80%?

                    The same goes for tobacco smokers. Why punish high achievers that would sometimes want to enjoy a stogie after achieving a milestone? I don't smoke but I kinda miss the time when people were able to buy a pack of cigarettes for $10-15.

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      Dude Coles got in legal trouble for literally importing all their "fresh baked" bread loaves from Ireland.

      Somehow it was cheaper to ship stupid bread loaves on bunker fuel burning container ships than to actually make the dough locally.

      The frozen broccoli/cauliflower/potato bakes from Aldi? Those are made in Belgium. Which is over 17,000 Km's by boat.

      Minimum wage in Belgium is around €11-12 per hour (likely more in production jobs with unions) which is around $18-19 AUD.

      The modern globalised economy makes no sense what-so-ever.

      • Baked goods make no sense! Like belgian waffles too, really? Packaged in separate plastic bags. But sadly where do we draw the line as a civilisation. Asparagus from Mexico sounds wrong, but wine and cheese from France is ok? Until economics factors in externalities like pollution, no one will care man.

      • Tasted good though… Better than normal supermarket brand bread.

      • The 'Belgian' broccoli is only processed there and quite often imported from cheaper countries before final processing. Also the minimum wage doesn't really mean much if you can use undocumented migrants to pick your crop. Sure it's illegal, but who is going to check?

      • Reminds me of farmed fish somewhere in the world, to be processed in China.

      • i think it has to do with production equipment - as you know Australia isnt exactly famous for manufacturing much nowadays

    • Frozen dough. Defrosted and cut into shape and baked in Australia.

      That explanation could be slightly wrong, but it gives you a rough idea of things.

    • I believe they come frozen and are defrosted on the self.

    • I wonder if they bake them in france too or send frozen discs ready to be baked here.

  • Made with eggs and suitable for vegetarians ?

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    Suitable for vegetarians

    Not all vegetarians, just the lacto-ovo vegetarians…

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    Why the (profanity) do we import buns from France? Don't we have wheat and bakers here?

  • Bought last week, really good for the price

  • These buns shit on any fast food buns, get the sesame ones tho even better

  • Can't be fresh if it's really imported all the way from France.

    • It doesn't say fresh bun

    • The odd thing about these buns is that they don't go off. Perhaps they are irradiated?

      • They'd have to say if they were. From FSANZ Food Standard 1.5.3:

        How can I tell if food has been irradiated?

        A food that has been irradiated, or food that contains irradiated ingredients or components, must be labelled to show that the food, ingredients or components have been treated with ionising radiation.

        If the food is not normally required to be labelled such as fresh fruit and vegetables, then the required labelling must be displayed close to the food.
        The international Radura symbol (below) may be used in addition to the mandatory labelling.

      • Could be a bit like the Twinkie. Where something about it, probably the sugar, keeps it from spoiling.

  • I thought these were always $1.99…

  • Croissants 3pk also reduced from $2.19 to $1.99 (colesworth $2.50 but about 10% more grams per pack)

  • These buns are good but they are too tiny.

    • No artificial colours or flavours
    • No preservatives

    These most likely come via shipping lane which can take up to 45 days. I wonder how they do it?

  • These are really good, we buy a pack almost every week! I alternate between the 4 burger buns or 6 hot-dog buns.

    • Have you had Coles ones?
      Was disappointed, same deal frozen and defrosted in store. Tasted stake and were small size.
      Will give these a try

    • Buy in bulk and put in the freezer. They defrost the same or a light spray with canola oil and in the toaster or on the pan for a bit for a great crunch.

  • Yeah these are great, only issue is the local cafes also use them and purchase much of the local Aldi stock. Also swear these Woolworths ones are the exact same (just under different branding) but sell them for $5

    • No they are not the same imo. I like to make burgers and have every brand I've seen available. The aldi ones are my favourite.

    • I reckon they're the exact same, as someone mentioned above the dough is made in France, shipped over here in bulk where they're baked, sliced & wrapped.

      How Aldi sell them for half the price of Woolies and still make money makes my brain hurt. And how it couldn't be cheaper to make the dough here hurts it even more!

  • The best brioche buns around. Best for burgers and also egg and bacon rolls. Yum

  • These are so good with fried chicken to balance the oiliness (although fattier lol). I'd always bone out some KFC meat and add some lettuce into these.

    For people who wants locally supplied, Costco buns in QLD are all from local bakeries last time I checked.

    • This might sound like a stupid question, but do Costco do delivery's, food ect.
      I know there is one in Bris, and im on the Goldcoast an currently don't have a car, and have wondered if they ever did.

  • These buns are practically lollies, so much sugar in these brioche buns. Taste real good tho

  • If it wasn't for these Aldi brioche buns we would still be getting charged double elsewhere. Pretty much like most of Aldi's products.

    • +4 votes

      Would a 20% discount be considered a better bargain compared to a 10% off ebay discount that always makes its way to the main page?

  • tiger bread is the best, coles version, these Aldi ones taste a bit fake

  • the fact that they are made in France made me feel sick. how much preservatives would it have to stay looking fresh…
    same with their brioche loaves
    buy some brioche buns from your local baker and support them instead.

  • No.1 rule of French cooking - if in doubt add butter.

    Note that French butter is generally from grass-fed cows a bit like NZ butter - it's generally more yellow, slight higher in fat and to me tastes richer/better.

  • Made in France

    with 100% Chinese ingredients?