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Kirkland Signature Queen Sheet Set 6pc Ashley Blue $49.90 (Was $114.99) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Bought a set of Tan variant from the previous deal at $69.97 here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549933

They have been OOS for a while and I noticed today that the blue one is back at even lower price. While I am a fan of linen sheets the price of these make them irresistable and great as gifts/guest room linens. If you like cotton sheets then rush in and grab a few sets, they are great quality and the price is incredible.
Pima cotton, sateen weave, 680 imperial TC, 4 pcs pillow cases and only $49.97!

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  • is delivery free?

    • Yes but a Costco membership is required.

    • Delivery is included in the price so it's jacked a bit.

      • Not really, they only jack selectively (mostly on cheap items/food/really bulky items) Most items actually are the same price. What I normally do is buy with a card that comes with price protection and use the in-store price to claim later. They have the same ABN and website says "free delivery" so never had a problem. In that way you can get free delivery on almost everything unless it is online only items.

      • Not sure why you got downvoted, people love that - . It is jacked for products that are also available in-store. On

  • and are these any good compared to bed sheets from kmart?

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  • That was quick!
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    • No offense but I would suggest you do some research first. I am not blindly against China made products but high TC cotton sheets is not what they are good with. I can guarantee you that MIC 1200TC cotton sheets are going to be rubbish. On the other hand if you wanna buy high quality (such as 25/30 mm) mulberry silk fabrics then China is a good place, but they are still going to cost you an arm and a leg.

      • Kogan is selling Mulberry silk pillow (cover?) iirc

        • Yeah so do ebay/catch/other marketplaces, but at a markup. You are more likely to find 16/19 mm ones than heavier 25/30. That is why I think getting brandless silk sheets from China is a good deal. You are looking at $1000~ish for a 30mm queen/king sheet set and slightly more for a quilt cover set. If you buy a branded one locally or from other first world countries it easily costs you $3-5000. Chinese Mulberry silks are amazing if you find a good supplier.

      • I'm only getting voted down because people are jealous and generally have a love-hate complex with China product. I get it lol.

      • Let me tell you something, most Australian brands are made in China, Sheridan, bed bath and table, you name it. so get used to it.

        • You are not getting the point. If something is simply made in China it can be alright, but if something is marketed by a Chinese company to sound (unbelievably) amazing, then better dont believe it. In the old days when we still use Creative/Sony mp3 players you could buy mp4/mp5/mp10 players in China. You can find 10000mah/100000mah battery and 64/128/256 core powered mobile phones in China. You should apply the same caution when they say 1200/1500TC. Obviously you have not done the research I have suggested, so before you question our motives, pls grab a quick read about the problems with so-called high TC sheets. There are real and good ones, but not from China and not for just 50 bucks.

          • @truetypezk: You are not the only one who has discerning eyes to tell the quality stuff as you assumed. Spend as much as you like to buy Australian Made then:P

            • @SheepshearingReyrey: I am certainly not suggesting you to buy Australian made cotton sheets (do they even exist?). All I am saying that is different countries have different manufacturing capabilities in different areas and high TC cotton sheet is not China's cup of tea. If you are not price-sensitive and just want the best sheets then European (Italian/French/Belgian) weaved sheets are the ones to get. Otherwise for the average joes like us Indian ones are reasonably good. Unfortunately, China is focusing on lower quality ones primarily due to the lack of domestic markets. I am not going to waste more time convincing you as clearly you still have not done the readings I have suggested.

              • @truetypezk: I don't know how your little research is conducted and if your data is reliable. all I can tell is that lots of American, British, Australian brands have outsourced their manufacturing to China. But I have never lived in Europe so I have no idea if the European sheets are actually made in where they claimed to be.

                • @SheepshearingReyrey: lol you did read correctly that I was suggesting you to do a little research? I am not asking you to accept anything I am saying, so please draw your own conclusions from any research that you might want to do. I am not going to stop you from buying crappy sheets it is really not my concern.

        • Speaking of Sheridan, have you seen them claiming any 1200TC sheets? Maybe they still value their brand somehow although it is a little questionable with them nowadays.

  • Actually India product, and are good value and are very comfortable

  • any deals on a king size bed, queen is to little.

  • Anti wrinkle agent might be formaldehyde. Maybe Google.

  • These are great. The elastic they use to hold the bottom sheet in place is much better than on normal sheets. Unfortunately I missed out because I had something else on the cart, from previous, so by the time I pfaffed around they were gone.

  • These are beautiful sheets. I ordered some white ones online and then found the grey I wanted for the same price in store. I planned on returning the white ones but after sleeping on the grey, I’m keeping them. They are incredible quality.