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Bissell Spotclean Turbo $263 & Spotclean Carpet Cleaner $175 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Great pricing for the Turbo
(Usually $370-$400) and the purple Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner 36984 ( Normally $240-$250) for those who are members.
Click and collect available

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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  • Membership wanted

  • how do u find good deals on good guys commercial. got membership but i dont see anything under promotions

  • I can see the Turbo has double the power - but also double the weight. Has anyone had real life experience with the two and can confirm if it's worth it for the Turbo?

  • Very good price for the spot clean turbo. Bought from catch with unidays Discount +15% gc for $20 more.

  • Same question here, still considering to get the turbo or just the standard one
    I do have the big Bissell Proheat x2 that has the spotclean attachment
    But the big one is just too heavy for a small spotclean

  • Bissell (these ones) or Miele C3 Cat n Dog ..any recommendation in terms of cleaning carpets ?

    • theyre completely different products.
      These are spot cleaners, whereas Miele C3 is a vacuum.

      • true … I was wondering if I can avoid buying one if I have the other

        • Seriously? You trolling

        • Yea… Try vacuuming up water with your c3.. see what happens lol.

          I have the Bissell Spot clean professional which was had for $146 from HN.

          Also have the Miele c3. Good vacuum but the bag sensor plays up

  • Well , I just got Shark clean steam mop from Costco for around 90 dollars. Had been searching for a decent steam mop and saw that Shark clean has got really good reviews ..I would probably upgrade to Bissell once I get to know how these things perform in practical life !

    Alright editing the comment now as I just realised the deal is for Spotclean Carpet Cleaner and not a steam mop !

  • But is it worth it vs other options that cover a bigger area?

    They do such a localised area. Then I presume the carpet around it looks relatively dirty. Maybe not a factor if your carpet is relatively new. Or maybe darker in colour too.

    Genuine question.

  • For those that doesn't have TGG commercial
    I think the one is Amazon UK via AU is identical

    https://www.amazon.com.au/BISSELL-SpotClean-Powerful-Upholst... $266.11

    Can also get cashback and use Amazon Giftcard

  • How does one get membership? I couldn't easily see anything on the site.

  • I've got the turbo, it's not the miracle clean you're hoping for, it's actually a lot of hard physical work and you need a sunny day 👌

    We cleaned the dining chairs and have been waiting for a hot day since March to do the couches. It's an absolute mess and I'd suggest towels and not to do it on carpet!

    This thing pumps water in and sucks it out, but it leaves a heap in there make no mistake, so you need a hot day for anything large like a lounge/couch!

    The clean water and soap actually spills out when you attach it, the design is perplexing. You fill it under a tap, then flip it to attach it…the flipping spills water derrr lol. No biggy, but it's dumb.

    I would even recommend a towel under/near the unit, sloppy af.

    I still love it, but it's such a stupid design I don't know why Dyson hasn't gone into this space..

    • I have the spot clean professional (orange one) and it's amazing!! It's a bit of a workout though for large areas! I do my couch all the time and have 0 stains on it.

      You do need to buy the Bissell oxypro and stain remover, but it got stains out of my girlfriend's car seats which were about 6 years old, stains you wouldn't think would ever come off!

    • As an idea for a different use case (not sure if it would work for you) but look at Detail Geek on YouTube - he basically sprays cleaner directly, agitates it, then uses his smaller Bissell with only hot water in the tank to dilute and extract - If it's throwing out that much water, perhaps using that as a rinse only would be better?

  • The head/sprayer is what makes the mess 😉.

    I was using the widest head, the smaller head would just take longer (but be less messy). A towel fixes it, just annoying tbh.

    It's like spray rinsing your car but indoors..when applying the cleaner to furniture.

    • Personally, I rather pay the extra $20 or so I don't need to fumble with an adapter and the ability to pick up locally.