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[Pre Order] Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $79 + Delivery @ BIG W


I consider this a bargain since it's sold out everywhere else and going for $200+ on ebay.

Grab it quick before it sells out!

Description from BIG W

Get into the spirit for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., out November 13th! This special system includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Ball (Mario version) and a digital clock.

Product Features:
The original Game & Watch system was released in Japan in 1980 and was the very first handheld gaming console created by Nintendo. Now you can get your hands on a piece of history with a brand new entry in the series - a special golden Game & Watch that includes the original Super Mario Bros., a digital clock and more!
Jump over bottomless pits, stomp Goombas and enter Warp Pipes just as you remember - but with even tighter controls thanks to the system's +Control Pad. Go it alone or pass to a friend for some two-player competition!
Looking for more of a challenge? Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels comes packed in, but if you're wanting a more casual experience, then Ball (with extra Super Mario flair!) should tickle that fancy.
As time passes, the included digital clock may play 35 different animations - including some guest appearances from Mario's friends and foes! Keep your eyes on the clock when saving Princess Peach isn't on the current agenda.
*AC Adapter is NOT included.

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    • +2

      I still have the Game & Watch multi-screens Donkey Kong, Green House, Oil Panic and Mickey & Donald from my childhood - all boxed. Bought them with my paper round money.

      • Fond memories. None of mine are boxed, and only have Donkey Kong Jr, Parachute and Octopus. No double screens!

        I think there was a triple screen - may not have been Nintendo - called Treasure Hunt.

    • +1

      Managed to get one from EBgames and one from Amazon.

      I'm a collector, not a scalper.
      I always like one to play and one to keep mint.

      Here are some of my original Game & Watches.


  • -3

    These are really, really cute. I might keep one.

    • Loooool the downvotes mean they understand what I mean.

  • Got one! Thanks OP but saw this on the other thread.

    I have Zelda and Oil Panic at home that still works a treat.

  • Not sure it is of much help to many in here but, having missed out on the Big W stock, I saw they are still available for pre-order on Game UK. Have edged my bets and got one ordered to family I have in the UK who can then send onwards to me down the track. Hopefully can still pick one up in Australia but using this UK one as a backup just in case.

  • +2

    missed out on the bing bing wahoo machine :(

  • +1

    Just like the Nintendo mini. Relax they will stock more.

    • i really hope so i keep missing out !

  • +4

    Why are people thinking that this is a limited release and not mass manufactured just like every other "mini" console nintendo have recently released.

    • +1

      I agree the NES and SNES minis did get a bit of a second run after the initial panic and shortages but now we are a few years down the track they sell for about double RRP on Ebay so better getting one for RRP now if you want one and can find somewhere to order.

      • +1

        i just checked on ebay and bloody hell youre right. people are idiots.

        • I suspect this Game & Watch might fare the same… initially I suspect there will be more stock and people are currently losing their minds too much over Nintendo's 'limited production run' but it will be interesting to see where ebay prices sit in about 2 years time on these things. I hate the quick flip scalpers but if you are looking for a more long term investment where you stick a couple in your cupboard for a few years I think Nintendo's limited runs are perhaps becoming the new lego.

        • Especially since it's been out for awhile and we know the emulation isn't very good on them.

          • @Agret: I find the lag on Super Mario World on the Snes mini to be terrible, makes it virtually impossible to play IMO.

  • These are not limited release, there will be a flood of them being available after release date. Like the nes and snes minis, they're not going to limit their profits when they know they're onto a winner. Especially seeing with how quick the pre orders are selling out, they will definitely have more.

    Should even see some discounts after the initial hype dies down.

    • +1

      Possible because Super Mario 3D All Stars won't be available after March not even on eshop. So it's possible this is a limited release to celebrate 35th Anniversary.

      Besides, we all know Nintendo is capable of pulling such a stunt just like the Amiibos and Animal Crossing Switch.

    • The NES was hard to find for months post releases. The SNES was easy, but the NES was another matter. Many people missed the Xmas period too as the restocking went well into the new year.

      This product has already been flagged as not being produced past March at the best, so there’s likely a four month window at best and it’s unlikely they’ll flood the market with stock so that shelves are full of units well into 2021.

      • The way I see it is the NES was the first time they did this retro reproduction thing. They started with small amount of stock not thinking it would blow up, then those became rare while they made more. Then there were tonnes available.

        They learnt their lesson and started off with lots of stock available for the SNES, which is why we never saw a shortage, and the SNES was never massively popular with people scrambling for one.

        So they know these things are popular, and have created a "limited pre order" amount to generate buzz, and it's worked.

        Its going to be sought after now that people are hoarding and articles about price gouging are popping up. But like you said, we have until March next year to get one. So no need to trample over each other for it.

        A limited run for 6 months seems like an oxymoron. All things have a production end life.

        • It’s only around 4.5 months, not all that long and I don’t think the NES Classic stock had sorted itself out in that timeframe.

          I guess we’ll see. I wouldn’t be paying scalpers just yet, I wouldn’t be sure it’ll ever become plentiful though. I’d definetly jump on preorders at RRP if interested.

          Nintendo has a spotty track record. We seem to do better in Australia, but even today some countries like the US have issues with other Nintendo products like Amiibo which still have stock issues despite years of sale and demand for new releases.

        • "But like you said, we have until March next year to get one. So no need to trample over each other for it." Nowhere have Nintendo said this will be getting made to March. Only Super Mario All star 3D was stated until March. All the Game & watch officially specifies is limited production and no given manufacture period set only the release date of November 13.

  • order first, then comment.

  • +9

    For anyone who has missed out, there will be more stock available for sale according to a statement from Nintendo in Japan. This article states that the Game and Watch will be in production until the end of March 2021.


    • Thankyou 👍
      I'll go and pick one up when it's in store

  • +2

    Missed out as I was busy in meeting on retrenchment.

    • +7

      Probably a good thing.

  • Anything special? Or more of a collector's item?

    • Hark back to the old 80s game and watch. Colour this time aroumd.

      • -1

        But isn't SMB always in colour? And it was available on DS as handheld game, what's new here?

        • +1

          Game and Watch did not have colour, this is a remake of the original game and watch, you're more buying it for the nostalgia value over any real utility. Old Game and Watch devices are very collectable.

          • +1

            @Jasonissm: Yes the old ones are worth money.. these ones aren't worth money, maybe in 25 years time they might be, but generally reproduction consoles aren't worth anything.

            Original game and watch was never rechargable.

            • @DisabledUser319612: I don't know, plenty of people already bidding over retail value just because of the exclusivity. I think maybe even in just a few years these would definitely fetch a reasonable chunk over retail.

  • +1

    Thanks but too late. Hopefully I can grab one next time at that price for the Grandson.

  • Not being able to WFH sucks nuts. Too many people at home clicking F5 on ozbargain for me to get a deal 😂

    • This is not a deal, the Amazon one at 60.99 and then at 71 was a deal. This is just a preorder of something that will be in production til March next year.

      • Agree, the Amazon deal was a bargain. Look forward to getting one for RRP or less once back in stock.

      • The item in production until March is super Mario 3D all stars, not this.
        Once is gone, is gone.

        • From Nintendo

          "The new console will be chargeable, and Nintendo says that charging the product for 3 hours will allow for 8 hours of gameplay. Game & Watch will be produced for a limited time until the end of March 2021."

    • Just click F5 at work.

  • +1

    Not sure what the hype is. I'm sure I play better games on the DS lite or my old famicon than this

    • It's the the vibe of it.

  • +1

    NES Mini all over again. So many after a brand-name. But at least unlike other areas of odd price gouging like health insurance or buying a home this is completely optional.

    hmmm, wonder how much my Famicom is worth …

    • Original red and white Famicom? Not a huge amount due to the sheer number produced over its long lifespan.

      If you've got one of the Famicom AVs, they're worth a bit more ($200ish).

  • +1

    I love nostalgia, however, realistically how much time would we really play it before shelving it.

    • +3

      For me I suspect probably about 10 minutes then it will sit on a shelf in mint condition as a collectors item until I kick the bucket and my kids inherit it and sell it on Ebay.

      Hmmm…. still want one though!

      • Yeah, they know how to pull at our heart strings!

  • +1

    I've still got my original Donkey Kong and Octopus. Any offers? lol

    • -1

      I buy and sell these as part of my job.

      The originals are worth about $70 each if in good condition. A little more of you have the box.

      The buzz around these repos are self created. The original ones are not rare at all, there's hundreds available for sale online because they sold millions over the decades they were available. And reproductions are less valuable.

  • WTF is wrong with you people

  • +3

    This is just something that people will play once, & then never again. Honestly, just a waste of money.

    • Buy a 3dsXL, mod it and put in a 200gb memory card. The console will be worth like $2000, it would be worth so much you'll never want to sell it. Just an amazing console with so many good games!!!!!

  • +1

    For anyone happy to pay a bit more (but still not scumdog scalper prices) then check out Mighty Ape.

    • If you're in NZ, JB Hi-Fi are also taking pre-orders for NZD $99.
      Don't think there's a limit either. Added 4 to cart and got all the way to payment without any warning.

      • mighty ape cancelled the order due to "no international shipping" , I really hope we dont see them relisted at a higher price.

  • ARGHHH! I missed it!

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but Target haven’t had their drop yet?

    • +1

      Yeah I havent seen anything from Target. I'm sure they would be selling them as well. Just hope I can get fortunate with them.

      Edit: Just saw Target has All-Stars listed but no option to pre-order. Does Target do pre-orders or has stock dried up? Anyone know?

  • Am i the only one not hearing about these things when they're first announced?
    Happened with the Animal Crossing edition :(

  • +1

    Damn I wanted one of these

    • +3

      Some people here grabbed 25. Started to realise for all the abuse people give scalpers on OzB I think a lot live here.

      • +1


  • The only reason I’m hype on this is because I’ve got no solid dates on Xbox series x or ps5 to be hyped about. Supposedly they are coming out all at the same time (November), so as of right now, the game and watch is outselling PS5…

    • Nov 10th Xbox Series X

  • I'm waiting for Order Cancellations to come through just like they did when people ordered more than 1 switch

  • This console will only play Mario Bros or other games like donkey kong could be played as well?

  • Actually disappointed I missed out on this. I have original Safe Buster, Snoopy Tennis and Mario Cement Factory. Still enjoy playing them on the odd occasion.

  • 1) buy two for $158
    2) sell one for $160 (undercut scalpers)
    3) ?????
    4) profit.