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Moccona Classic Medium Roast Freeze Dried Coffee 400g X 6 $34.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+ Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Moccona Classic Medium Roast Freeze Dried, 400 g x 6 for $34.42 delivered (with Prime). Works out to be $5.74 per jar or $1.43 per 100g. Usually $24/jar at Woolies or $16 when on special.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Very short expiry date ?

    • +1

      If it's a short expiry date you can message support and get a refund, happened with that $5 gum before. I only ordered one pack of that so i didn't mind the expiry date.

  • +4

    Last time I bought this both jars were opened, which seemed to be a common complaint

    • +1

      Did you get your money back?

      • Yup money back, but didn't want to risk it again.

    • +2

      Last delivery of one jar they had rectified this by sending in my appropriate packaging, with Australia Post (rather than Fastway) and with fragile labels. And yes you do get your money back if broken.

    • Me too and I got a refund, they seemed to be overfilled

      • +1

        The first jar I ordered from a previous deal was open. I contacted support and they sent a second package. The second jar was smashed, and coffee and pieces of glass were coming out of the box. Amazon refunded me, but I wouldn't buy again based on this.

  • -1

    Urkh. Number 5.

  • +1

    Can't believe it hasn't sold out yet. An Amazon deal that actually lasts more than 20 minutes?

    • …and its gone.

    • ya jinxed it! (I wasn't 80 minutes late anyway…)

  • and its gone

  • Yep definately gone.

  • +2

    I hope the expiry date is at least half a year.

    • +3

      The bottles I've received from the other deal are dated May 2022.

      • Fantastic. I hope it will be the same for this deal as well.

  • I guess it's cheap because someone returns the items or short expired date?

    • +4

      I hope they are not reselling returned food items because that would be wrong.

      • +4

        When I had a leak with a soft drink can in a pack of 30, Amazon said not to return it as it is a food/drink item and issued a full refund.

        Turns out the leaky can wasn't even part of my case, must have been one stored above it or something because after rinsing all the cans off, none were leaky and all were still fully carbonated.

    • +1

      Close to zero chance. If anything's opened it's not intentional.

    • It's a pricing error I think. Often happens when a supermarket discounts the price of a single item (e.g. commonly shampoo or conditioner) but Amazon sell it as 6 pack. Not exactly sure how Amazon calculated this one but I can't imagine it's intended.

      • Plenty of similar deals in the past

      • +4

        Amazon is filled with these sorts of deals/opportunities. Also many item sizes are misrepresented. Makes for some great deals but you gotta be quick and know how to find them.

  • miss this!

  • Managed to grab one earlier, cheers.

  • +1

    400g X 6 $34.42

    Good price, but #5 isn't dark enough for that morning kick. It has to be at least 8 or 9.

    • Yeah I hear 8 is really good

  • Goddamn I need to set up an alert for these

  • I recommend the one with the Giraffe on the label. Kenya something-or-other.

    • +1

      Here I am most of my life thinking it was "something or rather".

      Never too old to learn anything new.

      • Happy to help.

  • I have received my order and am pleased to report that all 6 jars were sealed and had a 2022 expiry date.

    • Thanks, that's good to note. I'll have more faith next time, it's the only reason why I didn't purchase this time.

  • Got mine today, March 2022 expiry.

  • Mine are good until December 2021.

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