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$10 off First Trip with Shebah Rideshare


Get $10 off your first trip with Shebah Rideshare, a rideshare service for women by women.
Download the app for android or ios, make an account and use the code ESSENTIAL10 to receive $10 off your first trip


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    • also need option for female drivers to select no male passenger
      many women are too scared to be a ride-share drivers because of the risk posed by male passengers

      • -1

        now that might be more tricky as the registered customer can bring companions

        That’s just taking it too far. If someone were that scared of men, ride sharing is the last job they should be doing.

        • +2

          single woman, in a car, with one or more potentially drunk men who has the right to direct her to drive to some quiet street - seems like a legit cause of concern

          I've read elsewhere that that's a reason why you don't see many female uber/taxi drivers

          • @Love a bargain: My reply was to your unedited comment that what if a woman brings along a male companion.

            • @Pricebeat: my response still hold, there's no telling what state they're in and what control she might have over her male companions who can be stronger - furthermore, she can even be booking a ride for others & not be taking the ride

              not to say this is a daily occurrence but it all goes towards why it's not going to help to offer the sense of security that female drivers need to do what their male counterparts wouldn't think twice about.

  • +9

    Negging since this business is in breach of at least the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984, and probably also discrimination acts in every single state and territory that I'm not going to comb through individually. Nowhere on their website can I find any mention of applying for, or being granted an exemption.


    22 Goods, services and facilities

             (1)  It is unlawful for a person who, whether for payment or not, provides goods or services, or makes facilities available, to discriminate against another person on the ground of the other person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, or breastfeeding:
                     (a)  by refusing to provide the other person with those goods or services or to make those facilities available to the other person;
                     (b)  in the terms or conditions on which the first‑mentioned person provides the other person with those goods or services or makes those facilities available to the other person; or
                     (c)  in the manner in which the first‑mentioned person provides the other person with those goods or services or makes those facilities available to the other person.
    • Check out Division 4: Exemptions:

      32 Services for members of one sex

      Nothing in Division 1 or 2 applies to or in relation to the provision of services the nature of which is such that they can only be provided to members of one sex.

      • +6

        Nothing in the nature of ride sharing is only able to be provided to members of one sex.

      • +1

        the nature of which is such that they can only be provided to members of one sex.

        Yep, my doctor is allowed to refuse to give me a pap smear…

    • Lol call the Copper's :)

      In the unlikely event that Uber doesn't kick there A$$ with there current model , a couple tweaks to the model will :)

    • +2

      Found the Bunnings Karen

  • +15

    Great business model and I hope this deal helps some of the ladies of OzB get around safely.

    I honestly feel bad for the haters… it must suck living a state of mind where you feel perennially misunderstood and indignant about things like Shebah. I hope you find peace.

    • +1

      Great business model

      Which is not legal…

      • +7

        You replied to my comment but didn't emphasise any of your words in bold. I feel robbed.

      • -1

        I challenged an immigrant who was going to offer a competing service called Queen. He asked a large bunch of lawyers and the consensus was as an immigrant DO NOT risk it! So he scrapped the service!

  • +3

    … just came here for the comments 😬😬


  • lol,
    (in 2021)
    we had to shut down services, Why?, we posted our services on Ozbargain and the bargains community forum escalated out of control !

  • -1


  • +4

    A true ozbargainer will acquire a sex change to take advantage of this deal.

    • A thousand dollar procedure for a measeley ten bucks lol

  • +1

    Mark this deal as targeted please

    Also this business is operating illegally in breach of the discrimination act. I have neg voted accordingly.

    • +1

      You should be ashamed. You are a rip off merchant after all.

      • I’m not even a merchant. All dressed up with no wares to go.

  • +10

    Ha damn, wish all these people would speak up the same way they are now when we talk about violence against women.

    • -1

      violence means discrimination for no reason. We are discussing a discount that discriminates.

  • +4

    Some people are asking whether the business model is solid, and it is a good question. According to Crunchbase they achieved $3m via crowdfunding as of March 2019, and went for more in late 2019. Stockhead says as of 2018 generated turnover of $2.3m (net earnings would be drastically lower, they estimate $270k, I say this is probably too high).

    IP based ventures (every tech company) have large upfront investment and need cash to run, and some just run on investor capital forever with no actual profit (see: Uber). That said, this company is not Uber and does not have nearly the same investor base. Unfortunately, they would probably have drained a lot of funds on development and have severe cash flow challenges due to COVID.


    note - I think the idea of a woman only ride share is fine, but not really a great business idea. Running startups is very hard.The company will probably kick around for a couple more years because some investors like the idea.

  • +1

    Hmm, if someone make one for men only or a particular race only it would have been a crime..

  • +12

    So many whingers on here, how about you check your male privilege. If a woman needs to use a ride sharing app late on a Saturday night and would feel more comfortable with a female driver, I am glad she has the option.

    • It's also interesting that it's such a hot topic considering the plethora of other ride share services out there that people can use instead…

      While I do understand why people might complain about discrimination, it's a service that has been around for a few years now. I'm sure if it was truly illegal, it would have been shut down already.

      It's also interesting to note that a lot of the focus has been on the customer side of things. Another point to consider is why there are relatively fewer female rideshare drivers? Could part of the reason be concern for their safety and this is an opportunity to minimise the gender gap within the overall rideshare market?

    • +1

      We're whinging because there should be a mens only ride session called Hebah. Dan if you're reading this I will take Hebah up on a ride but will expect $10 off for equality.

  • +5

    If men are upset about a women’s only service, they are free to use one with men drivers

    e.g. taxi’s or Uber

    Don’t think I’ve ever had a female taxi driver, and less then a handful of female Uber drivers. You’ll feel perfectly safe 98% of the time.

    • -1

      Uber has a 100% non discriminatory policy that means they are not alowed to ask your gender etc. In contrast to discriminating Australia intersex people are free of discrimination in the US whilst here some can legally force them in the press to belong to a group of body mutilators!

  • +6

    Looks like a lot of snowflakes have been triggered by this deal.

    • More like - white knights and soyboys getting triggered by legitimate objection to discriminatory and divisive business practices

  • Who is even using rideshare anymore?

    • Your on the money , not likely to be a pandemic growth story :)

  • Sorry but after all this talk about tearing down men for so long, we now have this… This is blatant sexism. Whats the point of arguing for equality when its not about equality anymore …

  • +2

    Genuinely staggering people can’t understand why a service like this exists. It’s not a personal insult to you as a man if some females feel safer using/driving for a service like this.

  • -1

    What if I identify as female?

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