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Get $10 off your first trip with Shebah Rideshare, a rideshare service for women by women.
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  • +27 votes

    Wonder what would happen if there was a rideshare for males only.

    • +52 votes

      Feminists would be tearing it down on social media and the politicians would then be forced to follow suit…

    • +11 votes

      It would be illegal, and be fined out of existence.

    • Not sure if that business would be financially viable.. men don't generally fear the physical threat of a woman.

      I think people have the right to feel safe, even if does hurt the feelings of a few 'nice guys'.

    • If there's a market for it, someone should put it out there and see what happens…

    • Point here being missed is its more targetted for women who want to drive and want to avoid male passengers, especially drunk etc.

      • What about men who want to drive and want to avoid male passengers, especially drunk etc.?

    • After many parking houses in Germany made women only spaces one man created a man only parking space. It was the trickiest spot to park due to its shape but he made his point.

  • +8 votes

    a rideshare service for women by women.

    Sounds sexist and discriminatory…

    If you're excluding members of society from using this deal based only on their gender then it's No Deal…

    • You're not wrong, but I think the rationale for a female-only ride sharing service (in terms of safety) must acknowledge the inherent physical differences between men and women, something that third-wave feminists vehemently oppose. I think if I were a woman alone in a car with a man I didn't know I might feel a little uncomfortable, so I'm not sure the service has sexist motives as you suggest.

      • Also I don't see any reason why there couldn't be a ride share by men, for men, though most men would probably prefer a ride share run by women, for men… Again, men and women are different.

        • Nah, I feel safer with a male driver. No offence to females out there, I usually cancel my ride when I see a female drive (which is rare anyway).

          • @j0hnd0e: Those neg votes really do show how people actually think about a male-only service

            • -2 votes


              Those neg votes really do show how people actually think about a male-only service

              Which service is male-only? (apart from the Chippendales)

                • @thefinalproblems: Gyms are clubs, which are allowed to have terms which only permit membership by a single sex. That's why Curves and Fernwood are permitted without an explicit exemption to ban males. Living Valley is a charity (voluntary body), which are also allowed to discriminate on the basis of sex, but they don't only have men's retreats at all, they also have couples retreats and mixed gender retreats. Given the focus of that retreat appears to be mental health related, given men tend to have far worse mental health outcomes than women and not much access to positive mental health support (vs "find help to stop abusing" type support, which is not helpful) then it would tend to be a net plus for society anyway. Athenaeum club is also a club, again, permitted to discriminate in their membership criteria. Men's line, are you daft? There's an obvious reason they discriminate (and again, charity).

                  The barber has no real excuse, I've heard of some that claim they aren't "licensed" to cut women's hair because hairdressing is a licensed occupation, but that's a dodgy argument. However just because they don't advertise prices for women, doesn't mean if a lady went in there and asked for a short back and sides he wouldn't get the clippers.

                  • @Kyanar: No need to be calling people daft.

                    You're actually furthering my points later on the thread with the gym membership arguement.

                    Shebah's terms and conditions state "User Accounts – In order to use the Service you must register for and maintain an active personal user Service account (Account). The holder of the account is the owner of the valid credit card entered into the Account (Account holder). You may only obtain an Account if you are:

                    Female 18+ years;

                    Male 18+ years who must ride with a child in need of a child seat; or

                    Female under 18 years of age who is a dependent of an Account holder;"

                    It's sounding like the criteria for a single sex gym membership. Therefore not illegal, nor does it require an exemption.

        • There actually is a reason: it's illegal. Discrimination on the basis of Sex is unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Act without a valid exemption from the Australian Human Rights Commissioner. Unfortunately, Shebah does not have one of these because they refuse to apply for one citing some fake exemption issued by the NSW Government (which would not be valid outside NSW, even if the NSW Government did have the power to regulate discrimination - which they don't, given that's a federal power under the constitution given it's the subject of a treaty with the Commonwealth).

          • @Kyanar: Debatable if it's illegal or if an exemption is required.

            Don't know how good people on here at reading legislative documents(https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2018C00499), but this might apply:

            • "Nothing in Division 1 or 2 applies to or in relation to the provision of services the nature of which is such that they can only be provided to members of one sex."

            -Interestingly enough sport is also excluded, which also answers why single sex leagues are allowed and don't require an exemption

            • @thefinalproblems: Rideshare is not a service the nature of which can only be provided to members of one sex. The point of that is to prevent someone crying discrimination for not being allowed into, say, a brothel.

              • @Kyanar: Haven't looked at other states, but they do have an exception in NSW:


                Looks like I will have to revoke my previous arguments, but it does mean they are operating legally in NSW at least.

                • @thefinalproblems: The NSW Government has no authority to regulate or grant exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. Because the Commonwealth is a signatory to treaties regarding the reduction of discrimination, the Constitution's treaty power gives the federal government exclusive jurisdiction over that matter. An exemption from Commonwealth anti-discrimination issued by the NSW Government isn't even valid in NSW, meaning they aren't legally operating there either.

      • If it was a big deal could others not have an option to select same sex driver.

        • Underrated comment, uber could literally render the service obsolete with a tick box on their app.

      • So, you are a taxi driver…

        • No, it just seems if this is an issue its easily solved without being insensitve to either race

          • @shadowangel: Sorry angel, this was for djthornton

            • @bargainparker: I'm not entirely sure what point you're trying to make here but no I'm not a taxi driver.

              • @djthornton:

                I think if I were a woman alone in a car with a man I didn't know I might feel a little uncomfortable, so I'm not sure the service has sexist motives as you suggest.

                The point is, taxis have been in existence for a very long time, so your point is a bit moot. I could think of many things in this society where we could apply this sort of logic, like a rideshare service for women by women. It only opens a can of worms, because where do we stop.

                Sure, it is good on the surface, but how are threatened? Is it happening en masse?

                Why not have guards on every train and bus station? After all people have been attacked there.

                While I can see the logic behind it (feeling safer), so too, we can find many other things where we could apply in other areas of human life. And once you go down that path, there is no end.

      • Except that they don't acknowledge it… they blame the 'patriarchy' for creating and propagating a culture of toxic masculinity… one that all men are a part of and need to be redeemed from…

        So, for a feminist, it's (of course) the patriarchy that the issue… NOT inherent physical differences between men and women

        • Yeah, and I suppose if @jv had made the point that the propogation of the necessity for these kind of businesses was a consequence of believing in the evils of the patriarchy I would have agreed, but it's tangential to my point anyway because patriarchy or no patriarchy there's still a reasonably good case to be made for why such a service should be allowed. Heck there's a libertarian case for discrimination to be allowed in general (which I'm not entirely in favour of either because of our proclivity for in-group biases) so long as free markets are allowed to operate… I more just meant to say that I think there are motivations for the business that are not necessarily sexist- but you're right, many (though not all) feminists try to have their cake and eat it too!

    • They allow men, but they must be accompanied by a child.. whattt! Is the child there to keep the driver safe from predatory males on the loose in our society

      • Yeah exactly, according to Shebar paedophile with children in tow would be allowed. What genius thought this policy through?

    • Transgenders are highly encourages to chauffeur bored women. Even Adold Hitler had a magazine for lesbian women. It is a mandatory part of socialism!

  • How'd that Vic Coffee joint go charging men extra…. Pretty sure they went bust.

    The only merit I'll give here is the safety aspect.

  • Oh the total ignorance and lack of understanding of the 1st 3 posts…. Kinda reinforces why women would want an option to travel around cities safely at night

      • +27 votes

        I'm a male and i for one, am glad that it exist ✌️

        Bring on the negs, fellas.

    • +3 votes

      Kinda reinforces why women would want an option to travel around cities safely at night

      So what you are saying is that women can't travel around safely when they are travelling with a man, or that they should have a reason to fear men.

      • +20 votes

        This is pretty obvious - men are more dangerous than women. This is backed up by many stats e.g. 2011 arrest data from the FBI:

        Males constituted 98.9% of those arrested for forcible rape
        Males constituted 87.9% of those arrested for robbery
        Males constituted 87.6% of those arrested for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
        Males constituted 85.0% of those arrested for burglary


        • +9 votes

          Males constituted 98.9% of those arrested for forcible rape

          1. What percentage of the male population does that represent?

          2. Why should men that don't commit forcible rape get discriminated against just because they were born male?

          • +18 votes


            1. Dunno. I also dunno how many forcible rapes don't get reported, or sexual assaults etc.
            2. Because as a gender, we are more likely to offend. If you are afraid of being sexually assaulted, you will 98.9% feel more comfortable riding with a woman. If you're that desperate to work as a driver for women, I'm sure you could find other work in a male-dominated industry.
            • -4 votes



              Thought so… So decided to misrepresent a point using stats…

            • +4 votes


              Because as a gender, we are more likely to offend

              If you want to argue based on stats, then males are almost twice as likely to get murdered than females, so statistically, it should be males that should be more afraid of going about their business…

              • +2 votes

                @jv: I agree.

              • @jv: Who are they being murdered by? Those pesky Shebah drivers I bet!

                • +5 votes

                  @Bargain Hunter 007:

                  Who are they being murdered by?


                  • @jv: I thought you were about the stats?

                    "Specifically, the vast majority of homicide perpetrators are male. Available data indicate that this general pattern is also the case for homicide convictions, with men accounting for an average of 95 per cent of all persons convicted of homicide in countries for which data are available."

                    Imagine being upset about a service that makes some women feel safer.

                    • @Bargain Hunter 007:

                      Specifically, the vast majority of homicide perpetrators are male.

                      Maybe look up the definition of causality.

                      It's kind of important when you are trying to interpret what you are claiming…

                      • @jv: Huh?

                        You said men should be more worried going about their business.

                        I agree, but the threat is other men.

                        The threat is always greater from men, statistically.

                        • -1 vote

                          @Bargain Hunter 007:

                          I agree, but the threat is other men.

                          No it's not.

                          The threat is not other men…

                          The threat is people with some kind of mental disorder. The cause is not their gender, the cause is a mental illness…

                          • @jv: … what's your argument exactly?

                            That men are 9 times more likely to be mentally ill than women?

                            And that is directly related to men being 9 times more likely to murder someone than a woman?

                            That is.. pretty far fetched, and also extremely insulting to mentally ill people.

                            A good way to take any blame away from us men though, it's the mental illness that killed them your honour πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                            • @Bargain Hunter 007:

                              That men are 9 times more likely to be mentally ill than women?

                              I didn't say that.

                              What I said is that the vast majority of people who commit these crimes have some kind of mental condition. The gender they were born with is not the reason they are committing the crime.

                              Just because someone is born male, does not mean they are more likely to commit a violent crime than a woman, their gender is not a factor, the factors are their mental state and their environment.

                              Once again, if you just want to quote stats then I bet you there a many, many more safe men drivers driving in these 'ride sharing' companies than there are women….

                          • @jv: So, if a man rapes a woman it is a mental illness? You a psychiatrist?

                    • @Bargain Hunter 007: How does it make them feel "safer"?
                      It's just marketing BS..

          • @jv:

            Why should men that don't commit forcible rape get discriminated against just because they were born male?

            Yes, I will just keep reminding myself that there are lots of nice men out there who don't rape women next time I walk through a dark park at night… You would just never understand what that feels like if you are not a woman.

            • @Corgi butt: It's incredible isn't it, and staggering how many people share jv's attitude.

              How some people think they can just tell people how they should feel, who they should fear, and when they should feel safe.

            • +3 votes

              @Corgi butt:

              next time I walk through a dark park at night…

              I wouldn't walk through a dark park at night. It is just as dangerous for a man as for a woman.

              Not much a man by himself is going to do to defend himself if a gang of delinquents pops out of nowhere…

          • @jv: No chances when it comes to safety.

        • Err, we don't live in the USA, the whole Ameristralia thing fizzled out years ago.

          • +2 votes

            @Jolakot: In Australia at 30 June 2017, there were 2,100 female and 26,100 male sentenced prisoners in Australia.

            • +1 vote


              26,100 male sentenced prisoners in Australia.

              sentenced for what?

              • +3 votes

                @jv: "Females were more likely to have been sentenced for fraud, deception and related offences (10% compared with 2% of male sentenced prisoners), whereas males were much more likely to have been sentenced for sexual assault and related offences (14% compared with 2% of female sentenced prisoners)."
                https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject...

                • @MJ1: Those stats are skewed because:
                  1. Men don't always report assault perpetrated by women
                  2. The authorities don't always take such reports by men against women seriously

                  Once taken into consideration, the disparity between genders isn't as high as you think.

                  If you're going to use stats, then admit that the stats are not the end all and be all of this argument. Men also suffer financial abuse but there will never be stats on it because it's trivialised. Check some of the threads on high priced items here just to see examples of "ask the wife/partner for permission/forgiveness".

                  As for violent crimes such as robbery, we also have to consider that men might perpetrate these crimes more because they're seen to be the ones who are supposed to do the hard work, or provide for the family.

                  • @Trance N Dance:

                    1. Men don't always report assault perpetrated by women

                    Women don't always report assault perpetrated by men.

                    • @bargainparker: You forgot to also point out that authorities don't always take reports by women against men seriously either.

                      I'll admit it was one sided and poorly thought out, was just trying to point out that the stats that we do have aren't the end all and be all of this argument. There are so many factors that lead to these stats that have to be addressed before they become anywhere meaningful to say "men are bad, women are always victims".

            • @MJ1: If you were to use that same line of logic with literally any other protected class you would be called a bigot, so I'm not sure why you expect a double standard here.

              • +1 vote

                @Jolakot: I'm sure some people think I am a bigot. What's wrong with the line of logic? I don't mind changing my thinking if it's illogical.

                • @MJ1: Suppose it comes down to where you believe the line is between personal safety and demographic profiling. I would consider it wrong to cross the street because you see a normal man walking towards you on the same path, but I wouldn't consider it wrong to cross because a shifty looking guy is coming towards you. Statistically you're lowering your odds of being assaulted in both scenarios based on crime statistics, but in the first it's plainly at the expense of someone's dignity.

                  If you believe dignity should never be worth more than safety then stuff like Shebah makes total sense, as does crossing the street when x demographic is coming towards you, or preventing your children from interacting with x demographic, or refusing to let x demographic into your shop, etc.

                  I definitely think part of male privilege is being able to weigh dignity higher, but it all comes down to the same basic concept.

          • @Jolakot: United States of Australia is still live and well

        • You are aware of course that male victims are less likely to actually report a crime, and if they do so are less likely to be taken seriously? There's many stories in fact of law enforcement refusing to take rape complaints from men because they should just "harden up". I would personally take the statistics you've quoted with a refinery of salt in isolation as you've presented them.

        • @MJ1: Going to play the devil's advocate here as you seem to be relying heavily on "stats" to prove your point…

          Would you be supportive of a "whites only" rideshare service?… Because I think if you dig into those US crime stats you might find yourself in a bit of a moral pickle after going so hard on the "stats" justification for exclusion based on a physical characteristic.

          • @brad1601: Kind of hemmed yourself in there a bit.

            Didn't think anyone would want to touch this topic as you've either got to completely contradict your whole argument or come across as a racist πŸ˜….

            Completely fine to discriminate based on gender though… No moral issues there πŸ™„

      • Seems like you've spent a good portion of your life in the friendzone.

    • Oh yes I forget how all male taxi and uber drives pray on woman at night, rather then offer them a safe way home..

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