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Dewalt 18V 4.0ah XR Triple Source Tyre Inflator Combo Kit - $199 Shipped @ SydneyTools


With the current lockdown in Victoria, I went looking for a tyre inflator to maintain my car tyres.

I initially bought the Repco one but found it poorly made, so went searching for a better alternative, and was recommended this DeWalt unit. The great thing about this unit is that it can be powered either by battery, socket or mains power.

The DeWalt Triple Source Tyer Inflator, DCC018N-XJ, is a compact, high performance and lightweight design - complete with digital gauge that allows the operator to pre-set the required PSI on the electronic display, plus auto shut-off safety feature preventing over inflation.

The DCC018N-XJ Inflator is perfect for jobs across the jobsite and assisted by the high/low pressure output. This Inflator can be powered through any of the DeWalt 18V Li-ion battery range, or plugged into a vehicle 12V socket, or a 230V mains power adaptor is available for this inflator (not included).

At $199 including the 4.0AH battery and charger, I think this deal represents excellent value. The skin alone sells for $209 at most places including Bunnings. I bought and received mine yesterday.

I was also interested in the Ryobi but that is battery only, and this video gave an excellent comparison of the features to the DeWalt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPy9m10gs-A

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  • Held up well in this comparison

  • I've used this inflator for about 9 months and I love it - it's very portable and the battery lasts for ages (I pumped up 6 cars and it was still on full battery). I paid $259 from Total Tools. $199 is a great price.

    • Does it come with a carry bag?

      • The combo kit that I bought was the exact same as this one and came with the bag. It's a tight fit to get the inflator and charger in, but it works.

        • Cool. Probably won't need the battery and charger because I already have my flexivolt batteries.
          The bag is a bonus though.

        • Bag, inflator, battery, charger and cig lighter attachment? It doesn't include the mains power adapter right?
          I use Bosch Blue gear but need an inflator and seems wise to have a Dewalt battery and charger lying around to be able to take advantage of any cheap skin deals. Not up to speed on Dewalt, the battery with this is decent, not outdated, and interchangeable with most 18v skins right?

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • Great I needed a tyer for my shoelaces don't need to do that anymore

  • I never knew you could spell tyre or tire this badly.

  • Is it really worth twice as much as the dual source Ozito one?

    • Bunnings used to sell an 18V Ozito, which would be more comparable in terms of power.

      But after you account for the cost of batteries, it's not really half price. They're actually about the same, whilst DeWalt is arguably a better quality unit.

      • They still do.

        And it's even cheaper! (but, yeah, sans battery)

        • Oh how interesting - I searched for quite a few days and it definitely wasn't online - I even emailed them. But looks like it's back!

        • This seems to be a better inflator than Ozito. But getting this might mean committing to Dewalt ecosystem which seems to have its premium in quality and price over Ozito. I haven't jumped in to any powertool brand, though I'm assuming Ozito to be one of the cheaper brands and might be good enough for my needs.

          TLDR: If I would rarely use any power tools, would it be wise to get this Dewalt inflator over Ozito or Ryobi?

          • @ledifni: Ozito for occasional user. They have some dud products (whipper snipper with plastic teeth, weed sprayer), but generally perform well. The 5 year warranty is just so good that you just replace things if they break then if it keeps happening just refund before warranty is out. That's fair enough too.

            Otherwise don't buy into a whole ecosystem.. Don't be afraid to mix n match based on when/if a cracking deal comes along. It's nice to keep it the same ecosystem but it's not value. And if you're not a tradie who doesn't want to cart too much about then who cares.

            I have many ozito and ego. I have dewalt but only a drill (dirt cheap and came with a 54v 6aH battery). Has worked out well to be honest.

  • Is it ok to use a 54v battery on this tool ?

  • Can I prepare Peking duck with this ?

  • Thanks for this.

    I've got heaps of DeWalt stuff already so will probably sell the battery and charger which will reduce the cost to maybe $100.

    Must admit DeWalt batteries seem to last really well. I've got a couple from 2014 that still work fine when compared to their newer equivalents. It might help that I keep my batteries in a (garage/bar) fridge when not in use…

  • Great deal. Thanks OP.

  • All, it’s a little bit confusing on the Sydney Tools website it says the above deal is a combo kit, however reading further down it’s mentions the following “ DeWalt DCC018N-XJ 18V XR Li-ion Cordless Triple Source Tyer Inflator - Skin Only”.

    Can you confirm if the inflator comes with a battery and charger? Thanks.

    • That's just the heading for the description of the features. Below are the other sections for battery and charger.

    • As per Review section in ST website, yes it come with

      • Battery 4.0aH
      • Charger
      • Dewalt bag
  • Does anyone have any ideas on making this inflate an inflatable rib boat which has a different connection?

  • Thanks OP. Just what I was after. Was thinking about buying the Xiaomi tyre inflator but this is much much better

  • NVM, found it.

  • Bought one OP. You will be cited in my divorce when my wife finds out - be warned!

    • Mate if that happens then we’re both sunk. Mine doesn’t know yet either!

      I did think of an excuse though. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will extend the life of the tyres, thus saving money in the long run! =)

      • Better fuel efficiency too…
        and it's safer to drive, you only bought it with your wifes safety in mind of course.