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Watch Love Guru for $9 at Hoyts



This week's $9 movie is THE LOVE GURU (M)

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    Good deal (haven't seen it but the movie got a panning by reviews - have you seen it?? Any good?)


    Article from: NEWS.com.au

    Is The Love Guru the worst movie ever?


    I like the quote from one critic
    "I daresay that even a splinter in the eyeball would be less

    painful than sitting through this debacle."


      Ignore the negative reviews, I've seen this twice and loved it! Everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon and hate on it, but if you like Mike Myers you will love this. So many one-liners, so much innuendo and a lot of cameos and cultural references.

      Don't go in expecting a movie with a serious plot. If you just go in with no expectations you'll come out pleased. It's definitely worth a watch.


    From the title I was expecting you to say Hoyts would pay US $9. And even then it'd be a tough sell!


    This movie is absolute dog shite.

    The only expectation you should have seeing this movie is to lose 2hours of your life.


    This movie is rubbish. I've seen it and they should be paying us to watch it.


    Has its moments but even for free its not really worth the time